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Nightscapes Of Big Cities In B/W

The London-based photographer, Martin has shot fascinating landscapes who is also a Managing Editor of Neutral Density Magazine. From China to South Korea to London , I like the way of Martin stavars’s great eye captures the nightscapes in black and white.

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Innovative Paper Graphics By Yulia Brodskaya

Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya worked on this paper graphic illustrations. She has swiftly gained an great reputation for her innovative paper illustrations from international audiences and continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs for clients all around the world.

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Panorama House: Irregular Resdence in Korea

The Panorama house is arranged with an upper and lower spatial organization, which has a central multifunctional area features like a large wooden staircase, reading nooks, a place for cinema and slide for a quick and fun method maneuvering through the interior.

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30 Beautiful Pictures Of Beach

Dissolved feet, unerasable memories, even the micro second reminds the blue waves. Beaches give a big amount of exposure to photographers with its natural beauty, color and incredible light.

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Photography Inspiration Week-28

In Pokkisam inspiration showcase series today we glad to present Photography Inspiration #28.This is the post of weekly inspirations for your present and future projects.

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Simplicity of Abu Samra House

The house Abu Samra House is located in Amman, Jordan along with the dry landscape, The residence is separated from the street covered by an empty plot of land, which is most probably eventually will be built up.

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Massive Beach Art By Andres Amador

The American Artist Andres Amador spending hours for carving giant artworks on the beach sand, some intricate artworks and spirals can be up to 300 by 500ft wide but they stand only a matter of hours before they are washed away by the sea.

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Innovative Watch Sculptures In Time

Watch sculptures by Dominic Wilcox is a series of miniature time-based art using a collection of vintage mechanical watches and customized model figures.

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Beautiful Newborn Captured By Carrie Sandoval

Carrie Sandoval has been photographing babies for more than seven years, and her photos are famous for soft texture, creamy newborn skin that has been likened more closely to fine art than photography.

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Photography Inspiration Week #27

In Pokkisam inspiration showcase series today we glad to present Photography Inspiration #27. To get the best updates for photography inspiration subscribe to our free RSS feed , Connect with twitter.

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Megaphone For Iphone

Megaphone is a passive ceramic amplifier designed to amplify the better sound output from Iphone. This retro dock has no batteries or cords, just a big ceramic horn to boost your iPhone’s sound.

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A Beautiful Private Residence Dupli Casa

Dupli Casa, a private residence in Ludwigsburg, South Western Germany, is a beautiful example of geometry and archaeology.

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Dreamlike Oil Paintings By Peihang Huang

Taiwanese young painter Peihang Huang, her painting depicts western pop culture to portray her feeling about being Taiwanese.

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Stunning Illustrations By Sabine Ten Lohuis

The quirky collection of illustrations by visual arts graduated Sabine Ten Lohuis is phenomenal and stunningly drawn, her pencil drawings are somewhat cultural, fashion and nature.

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40 Best Examples Of Abstract Photography

Here, finally, I present 40 Best Examples of Abstract Photography in which only exact things seem to be present.

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