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Motion Photography

Photo © Lynn Lane

The feeling of motion can be difficult to capture in a photograph. While a still figure gives us the opportunity to study a subject, an image that tries to recreate movement gives us the ability to examine the frenetic nature of the world and wonder what will happen next? Continue »

Dali’s Skull Illusion Still Inspires

skull with zombie boy

A skull formed by seven nude women is an optical illusion by Salvador Dali
, who first made a gouache painting of it—titled “In Voluptas Mors,” translating to a desirable death. In 1951, he adapted the work to a live photo shoot with Latvia photographer Philippe Halsman, as shown in the pictures below.

This visual has maintained popularity throughout the years—it has been tattooed on people’s bodies, printed on t-shirts, and artists have re-created it for film posters and magazine covers.
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Coolest Pieces of Modern Art

Top: Yayoi Kusama’s “Obliteration Room.”

In an age where it is possible to find and view new artists at the simple click of a button, it’s easy sometimes to get lost in an avalanche of contemporary art.

But fear not, as I have gathered here a small list of some of the coolest pieces of modern art out there for you to enjoy…

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Q&A with Picture Illusionist Kevin Corrado

American artist Kevin Corrado dips his hand in blue paint and places it in front of a sea backdrop to create an interesting visual effect. This simple yet clever image is part of a new series titled “Transfer,” which includes a green version with a forest and a white one with clouds. Corrado’s passion for nature is apparent in these pictures, and others of generic locations that are unclear which area of the world they were photographed in.

During my interview with Corrado, I was curious to find out what inspired him to make this series, and where he actually took the pictures?
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Photographers to Look Out for in 2014

2013 is coming to an end. And with that comes the dawn of a new year and new artists to look out for. All fields of photography from landscape to architecture will have their own stars—people who will define the coming year with exciting exhibitions and projects.

In the photographers selected here, you’ll find everything from colourful fashion imagery to documentary realism. May these individuals inspire you to pick up a camera and take your own pictures.

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Tattoos Inspired by Painting Techniques

In recent years, it has been noticeable a new wave of tattoo artists that are connected to fine art enthusiasts and students.

It is obvious that drawing on a flat piece of paper is different than inking on someone’s body. These visual artists are fascinated with the challenge of inking on a complex surface such as the human skin—textures varying from smooth to scarred and wrinkled. Plus the diverse tonalities and body shapes. It is also incredible to see a work of art on a person’s body and know that it may be permanent for a lifetime.

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5 Brilliant Modern Movie Posters

A great majority of movie posters are uninspiring. You know it’s true. They are, by and large, utterly routine and photoshopped affairs with little more to say than “Come and see this new film!” They all look the same too.

However, a few lucky ones break away from the unadventurous monotony and stand in their own right as pieces of graphic art worthy of a place on any cinephiles’ bedroom or office wall. Some of them are actually released and others exist as “alternatives” that, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we can still get to view and admire.

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Contemporary Artists That Defined 2013

It’s a hard thing to do, compiling a list of the greatest visual artists the year has thrown at us. For one thing there’s the sheer volume of practising artists out there in the big, wide world to sift through. From the famous faces selling their art by the thousands in auction houses, to the lesser known ones toiling away in their bedrooms or rented studios.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Warhol

Tackling Andy Warhol is like tackling the Bible. Both remain eternally open to interpretation, offering more slants than there are cable channels. You get one take from the faithful, one from the faithless, and then all those shades in between.

Warhol stories, like those found in the Good Book, present a mix of facts and myths that are difficult to distill. It makes for a fascinating pastime, distinguishing the significant from the trivial. Chew on the following entries and decide for yourself—which are substance and which are fluff?

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5 Most Visually Stunning Films of 2013

We’re now reaching the tail end of 2013 and its been a stellar year for cinema in general. So it feels like an appropriate time to look back on this year’s highlights, focusing on films that really went the extra mile in terms of visual panache.

Soon enough, it’ll be awards season and who knows if the movies selected here will be nominated for best cinematography category at the Academy Awards or the Independent Spirit Awards. From black and white homages to the French New Wave and dayglow crime sagas set in Bangkok, to the seedy underbelly of Florida’s Spring Break culture, we’ve got all the best looking movies of 2013…

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Tattoos in Motion!

This feature includes the work of both Chaim Machlev and Madame CHäN, tattooers who have different art styles but a natural ability to make animated tattoos; i.e. “the process of creating the continuous motion, and shape change illusion by means of rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other.” [1]

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Famous Musicians Turned Fine Artists

Music is an art form like any other, and as such, there’s always going to be those who thrive in multiple arenas, from music to painting, drawing, sculpting and more.

It’s always inspiring when you find out your favourite musician also moonlights as a fine artist, exhibiting in galleries and getting published in the Arts Journal. I’ve curated a small selection of such musicians who might make very different music from one another, but who are united by their passion for art. You’ll find everything here, from the ones you’d expect all the way to the more obscure.

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Incredible Still Images that Move!

Having recently featured one of Gianni Sarcone’s optical illusions in our social network pages, it received a tremendous response from readers. As a result of the interest, I have conducted an interview with the artist to understand the creation process of these static (moving) visuals, and what led him to work in this art style?

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Saul Bass: Anatomy of a Poster

Saul Bass changed everything when he designed the poster for “The Man With the Golden Arm.” In 1955, so many film posters read like a paperback cover or a magazine ad. Plenty of those designs conveyed all the refinement of a ransom note collage.

Go ahead and run an image search for 1955 movie posters. Between the beefcake and cheesecake, and assorted, lurid layouts, “The Man With the Golden Arm” is just plain revolutionary. Depending on your eye, and monitor, the artwork leaps right off the page.

Bass threw out the whole history of one-sheet design. His approach centered on symbolizing a movie, boiling it down into a basic, essential representation. His work turned the film poster and title logo from bad commercial design into the realm of visual substance. A framed print of “Rebel Without a Cause” is memorabilia; “The Man With the Golden Arm” is a piece of Art.

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Greatest Movies About Photographers

Photography and film are both artistic mediums that are bound by the camera, one captures moving imagery, the other still. And while photography plays a critical role in film production (after all the cinematographer is essentially the movie’s photographer framing and shooting all the action for the director), cinema doesn’t have a great record of making films about actual photographers. There are exceptions, naturally, as you shall see from this list. But the number of awful films made documenting the lives of photographers is plentiful.

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