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These Funny Animal Selfies Will Make Your Day

Taking selfies has become one of the most popular trends now days. Peoples from all walks of life including celebrities, pop star, models even children love to take selfies. But have you ever seen animals taking selfies? If not, here we have put together a very funny compilation of animals taking selfies. Continue »

Cute Photos of Tiny Animals on People’s Fingers

tinny animals on fingers4

adorable baby animals

tinny animals on fingers 3

The Flickr group named ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’ features different types of tiny animals range in size from a half human fingernail to not more than an average hand.

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Toddler Naps Every Day With His 2-Month-Old Puppy

dog and toddler napping together 4

cutest friendship

dog and toddler napping together3

The adorable photos of 23-month-old, Beau and a two month old puppy, Theo have become the most lovable things on the internet.

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15 GIFS That Prove Russia Is The Most Bizarre Place On Earth

crazy people

Russian people

funny Russian pictures

Russia is an easy country to fall in love with, because it is the place of most bizarre and funny things. Although America has fare share of it but Russian tends to be more crazy, weird and funny.

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Cute Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Filmmaker

Williams was in Sri Lanka when he found this little palm squirrel. He left it in a safe place near a tree so his mother may found him easily but the next day he was still there.

Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Wildlife Filmmaker 7

Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Wildlife Filmmaker 4

tinny squirrel Rob

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Childhood Nightmares Recreated into Real Life

Nightmares may vary person to person but they are very common amongst young kids.Horror photographer Joshua Hoffine recreates some of our childhood fears into a visual reality including his young daughters as subjects.


childhood fears

horror photographer

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Amazing Before and After Makeup Photos by Vadim Andreev

A 28-year-old Russian artist Vadim Andreev has got some really amazing make-up skills and it is hard to believe that the resulted pictures aren’t retouched.

Before And After Photos

makeup before and after

stunning makeup transformations

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Dog Rescues And Takes Care Of Trapped Kitten

Have you read the cutest story of a missing dog and a tinny kitten? If you are a pet lover you’ll definitely enjoy it..

Rescued kitten

Dog Nurses Kitten

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Badass Leggings Cover You In Beautiful Armor

Armor Leggings

hand-printed leggings

Vancouver design studio

Real armor may be a bit stiff and uncomfortable to wear, but these hand-printed leggings by Vancouver, British Columbia design studio, “MITMUNK” have totally changed the concept.

Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Scientists are always in search of amazing and unusual species and every year unveil variety of animals that are lesser known to the general public. Below we have put a selection of animal that you probably never even knew existed.

The Gerenuk

The Gerenuk

Snub-Nosed Monkey

Snub-Nosed Monkey

Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat

The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

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Photo-realistic Digital Paintings of Celebrities

With the use of high-end digital technology in combination with amazing tools and techniques, the designer and digital artist are able to create mind-blowing artworks that look exactly like the taken photograph.

Christina Ricci Painting

Christina Ricci Painting

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

 Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

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23 of The Most Perfect Kissing Moments Ever

Kissing can be hard things to do until you get comfortable doing it. The joy and innocence of a first kiss is priceless. Below are some beautiful kissing photographs of sweethearts, which made the moment absolutely wonderful to watch.

FIRST TIME  kissers

animal kissing

hot kissing moments

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Dita Von Teese Looking Sexy in Stylish 3D-Printed Dress

Stunning burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese mocked up the first fully articulated 3D-printed dress at the Ace Hotel New York.

3D-printed dress

Dita Von Teese

Style Icon Dita Von Teese

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Most Hilarious GIF Collection to Inspire You

If you have a dull and boring day then a collection of funny and interesting animated gifs can immediately change your boring day into the most inspiring one.

funny animal gif


animated gif 3

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Wonderful Photos of Japan’s Recent Volcano Eruption

German photographer Martin Rietze is behind this spectacular series of photographs of an exploding volcano erupting in southern Kyushu, Japan.

electrifying lightning

amazing electrifying lightning

Volcano Eruption Japan 1

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