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Tcheaz Records Covers Design

Tcheaz is a Marseille based electronic music label, covers design is simple, clean, stylish : pictures are shooted by the release’s music producer, or by a friend of them, graphic design is made by Tcheaz’s graphic team.
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Diapositive – Nightwalk EP

The vintage synth addicts duet Diapositive delivers a first EP full of synthetic arabesques, hazy rythms and romantic subsonic waves. Nightwalk takes you through timestreching pads on a rolling and dusty beat, then dive into rolling and sweaty toms. Victory theme is all about arpeggios and lowrider driving beats, like a slow motion imaginary flying-skateboard part. Remix from Nasser cheers up the EP with a panoramic view remix, driving from melodic techno to a warm road-movie soundtrack.


Seven Academy – Concept video

A little animation which explains the mission of Seven Academy in a sequence shot.
Motion design and animations by SPAZM BURO (Seize Designers).

Diapositive – Nightwalk EP Teaser
Here’s the teaser of the upcoming EP “Nightwalk” by Diapositive, released on Tcheaz on Feb 25th.
>>Soundcloud Diapositive


Installation at Marseille Saint-Charles train station, Jan 11 2013

EAZIEER – Digital power for talent

Great motion design for this new music service called “Eazieer”. Nice looking transitions, asset integrations, type animations..

Clemens Behr – Seize Gallery – 2012

Video report of Clemens Behr’s exhibition at Seize gallery in July 2012.

Marsatac Teaser 2012

Official teaser of Marsatac Festival 2012

Model / Flair : Aurélie Corizia
Scénario / Direction Artistique : Cédric Malo / Tabas
Shot by Eve Le Cardonnel et Nicolas Ouvrier ‘Spazm
Montage : Eve Le Cardonnel
Sound design : Matthieu Pernaud / Ebene Studio
Post Prod : Nicolas Ouvrier / Spazm
Assistant : Laura Mascarello

>> Marsatac


Cool motion in this party teaser
via spazm

Discotexas x Burnin Music

Cool motion on this party teaser.

Illustration by CROS2 “Hiber Nation”

Very cool illustration by CROS2 – french art director from Marseilles – for the sweet electronic podcastblog TCHEAZ.
Podcast by KESKI.
More illustrations : CROS2


KENOR – Seize Gallery

KENOR ‘s exhibition at Seize Gallery, Marseille (France)
Subtitles in french.
L’exposition de Kenor à la galerie Seize, Marseille (France)

16 x SEIZE Exhibition

Twilight – Date With Elvis

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