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Tcheaz Records Covers Design

Diapositive nightwalk tcheaz1 650x650 Tcheaz Records Covers Design
Tcheaz is a Marseille based electronic music label, covers design is simple, clean, stylish : pictures are shooted by the release’s music producer, or by a friend of them, graphic design is made by Tcheaz’s graphic team.

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Diapositive – Nightwalk EP

diapositive nightwalk Diapositive   Nightwalk EP

The vintage synth addicts duet Diapositive delivers a first EP full of synthetic arabesques, hazy rythms and romantic subsonic waves. Nightwalk takes you through timestreching pads on a rolling and dusty beat, then dive into rolling and sweaty toms. Victory theme is all about arpeggios and lowrider driving beats, like a slow motion imaginary flying-skateboard part. Remix from Nasser cheers up the EP with a panoramic view remix, driving from melodic techno to a warm road-movie soundtrack.


Seven Academy – Concept video

A little animation which explains the mission of Seven Academy in a sequence shot.
Motion design and animations by SPAZM BURO (Seize Designers).

Diapositive – Nightwalk EP Teaser

diapositive nightwalk EP teaser 650x650 Diapositive   Nightwalk EP Teaser

Here’s the teaser of the upcoming EP “Nightwalk” by Diapositive, released on Tcheaz on Feb 25th.
>>Soundcloud Diapositive


Installation at Marseille Saint-Charles train station, Jan 11 2013

EAZIEER – Digital power for talent

eazieer pics 650x495 EAZIEER   Digital power for talent

Great motion design for this new music service called “Eazieer”. Nice looking transitions, asset integrations, type animations..

Clemens Behr – Seize Gallery – 2012

Video report of Clemens Behr’s exhibition at Seize gallery in July 2012.

Marsatac Teaser 2012

Official teaser of Marsatac Festival 2012

Model / Flair : Aurélie Corizia
Scénario / Direction Artistique : Cédric Malo / Tabas
Shot by Eve Le Cardonnel et Nicolas Ouvrier ‘Spazm
Montage : Eve Le Cardonnel
Sound design : Matthieu Pernaud / Ebene Studio
Post Prod : Nicolas Ouvrier / Spazm
Assistant : Laura Mascarello

>> Marsatac


Cool motion in this party teaser
via spazm

Discotexas x Burnin Music

Cool motion on this party teaser.

Illustration by CROS2 “Hiber Nation”

 Illustration by CROS2 Hiber Nation
Very cool illustration by CROS2 – french art director from Marseilles – for the sweet electronic podcastblog TCHEAZ.
Podcast by KESKI.
More illustrations : CROS2


KENOR – Seize Gallery

KENOR ‘s exhibition at Seize Gallery, Marseille (France)
Subtitles in french.
L’exposition de Kenor à la galerie Seize, Marseille (France)

16 x SEIZE Exhibition

Twilight – Date With Elvis

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