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WordPress Church Themes Showcase

Church WordPress Theme Green Grunge
WordPress Church Themes Showcase. Showcasing 20 Best Free Premium wordpress Themes Variety of idea for one niche.

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25 Beautiful Bold WordPress Themes

Today we have a nice collection of 25 good looking bold WordPress themes from various developers and providers. Bold WordPress themes are those that usually come up with something new or different from the vast majority of the themes and have a good looking, solid layout with large typography, when needed. They are meant to impress with the design while also providing the much needed good user experience.

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Garvan WordPress Grid Theme

Garvan is an amazing WordPress Grid Theme.This free wordpress theme works relying on a plugin called Featured video plus. This plugins makes it easy to add featured videos to your posts, articles and videos, just like featured images. The video screenshot is  automatically generated by the plugin. You can add videos from different video sharing sites and also can use self hosted videos.

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Top 30 WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

Simple WordPress Themes Roundup to showcase most Popular wordpress themes released on Themeforest Marketplace.Top 30 WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

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30 Girly WordPress Themes

Girls bloggers this for you Our roundup today is dedicated to pink style wordpress themes, Girly style wordpress themes with feminine touch most cuties wordpress themes on the web 30 Girly WordPress themes Best quality wordpress themes. In this roundup we include 30 WordPress themes in two section first section will be Free Premium WordPress themes and the second section will be Premium wordpress themes and also we didn’t forget to add some Responsive WordPress Theme and Html5 WordPress themes for interesting Web2.0 Lovers.

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WordPress News Roundup – Apr 2013 – NO 2

Weekly WordPress News Round up about every new Tutorials,Tips, Showcase Giveaways and Event concerned about wordpress world. Read This week WordPress News And Resources

WordPress Security Tips and Tricks

All You Need to Know About WordPress Security , Need More WordPress security For your blog it is very important to keep the following advice in mind.

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WordPress News Roundup April 2013 No 1

This Weekly roundup where we collect all news and tutorials Made during this week in one place so you don’t get lost.
Wish you like it.WordPress News

Explorable Travel, Location Based WordPress Theme

Explorable is a location-based Premium WordPress theme that pins your posts on a map. Listings become part of a journey, and exploring your website has never been so fun. With the ability to create location-based listings, the theme is transformed into a tool for building travel blogs, local business directories, travel guides and more. Combined with user star ratings, a full fledged blog and a fully responsive design; the possibilities are endless!

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Newest WordPress Themes You Must check

Newest Premium WordPress Themes You Must check released during Oct in different categories you must check.

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30 WordPress Themes for Creative Websites

To be creative you need to have acreative ideas and creative website designs to showcase those ideas, check those amazing 30 WordPress Themes for Creative Websites

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20 Retina-Ready WordPress Themes you Should see

20 Retina-Ready WordPress Themes

20 Retina-Ready WordPress Themes

Amazing collection of retina-Ready WordPress Themes With two Parts ” 20 Retina Ready WordPress Themes ” and “Beautiful Responsive Retina Display Ready WordPress Themes

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Amazing Drag and Drop WordPress Themes

Amazing Collection of Drag and drop wordpress themes in two categories free WordPress themes and premium wordpress themes. Know the new revolution of wordpress themes.

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WordPress News Roundup – Mar 2013 – NO 4

Hey everyone, it’s time for a new round-up! We’ll try bringing you up to speed with the latest WordPress news, tutorials and resources that came up this week. Seems like people are excited about the next WordPress release (which we already discussed about). Also, I noticed that people are now more interested to share their knowledge. Many bloggers recommended that you start helping others in WordPress forums and as I can see, more and more people start doing that. Which is amazing!

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Clippy Pinterest Like WordPress Theme

Simple, responsive, pin-style theme for your personal blog. Clippy is a clean, responsive wordpress theme designed in a pinning motif for your personal blog! It contains a user-friendly options panel so that you can easily customize your blog exactly as you wish!

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