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50 New Flags for America

A collaboration between MGMT. design and SFMOMA

The History of Olympic Games

History of Olympic games by

Illustrated guide to U.S. Blue Laws or why you can’t buy a rice cooker in NJ on Sun.

NCAA March Madness winners by color

Infographic by MGMT. design via (NOTCOT)

Exhibits and Books

New Exhibition and Book design by MGMT. design @mgmtdesign

New Work by Triboro

US Space Travel illustration

US Space Travel Timeline Illustration by MGMT design

Plaid’s 2010 Merry Newsinator Holiday Newsletter Generator

My Holiday Newsletter

This year Plaid has done it again. Creating a holiday newsletter generator that let’s you add friends from facebook, and insert them into a mad lib style holiday newsletter. This year features stories about Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Conan O’ Brian and many more.

NYC GREENPRINT Infographic: the greening of New York City

This infographic poster designed by Thomas Wilder for Plaid-Creative illustrates some of the many green initiatives currently taking place in New York City.

AC/DC music video created in an Excel spreadsheet

UPDATE: The Perfect Pour Coffee poster is now for sale

The Perfect Pour coffee poster by Plaid-Creative was posted on DYT a little while ago, but now you can buy an updated version through their blog… Glad to see some of the recipes have been corrected. Looks like they did a 500 limited offset print run, and it’s printed on Mohawk one of my favorite paper companies. Order it here…

Fads for the ages…Find out what happened to slap bracelets, pogs, beanie babies, and trolls

This info-graphic about fads was created by…to get a more in-depth look at the fads go to…

DESIGN LOVE: Couples who live and work together (via idsgn)

Triboro William Rast display sign (2010)

Design couples who live and work together are being featured all week on…featured couples include,,, WORKSHOP, SML Studio and Vignelli associates.

The perfect pour: An info-graphic for any coffee lover

A info-graphic guide to coffee by Plaid-Creative. Great idea! Now to try them all!

Breaking Down Obama-care