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The Vault- Art Collector’s Paradise

Switzerland-based Oppenheim Architecture+Design, in partnership with Javier Lumbreras of Artemundi & Company, have designed an art storage facility or as art insiders calling it,”The Vault” in the trendy Wynwood Design District, Miami. The Vault is 11 storey high, with 14000 square foot of storage facility and ‘blank canvas’ exterior which will serve as an important public art installation. Click here for more pics & info.

House in Romeirão by ARX Portugal Arquitectos

House in Romeirão– the site’s natural beauty dictated the entire house design. View more info & photos here.

Vitra Mi Casa VolB:: The Raw Concrete Showroom

The Vitra showroom in Sao Paulo is free of detailing, the raw concrete is visible throughout, with even the construction workers’ chalk markings left intact inside. One of the facade is an expose steel frame, that normally used to reinforce concrete. Read more here!

The Most Hippest Dormitory in The World by Students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

A writer for the New York Times called the Taliesin Shelters perhaps “the hippest dormitory in the world.” The “shelters,” as they are called, dot the natural landscape surrounding the campuses, and are offered to students as options for living while attending school. More photos after the jump!

Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies

Nottingham University has opened a new campus in Ningbo in the heart of the Zhijiang district. The Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies (CSET) will focus on the diffusion of sustainable technologies such as solar power, photovoltaic energy, wind power and so forth. The lantern-inspired Sustainable Research Building is China’s first zero carbon university building. Click here for more info & pics.

Rundle Lantern–Illuminating The City ofAdelaide

As the only non-architectural firm invited to participate in a six-way pitch for the opportunity to invigorate the corner of Pulteney and Rundle streets, Fusion were the ‘wild-card’ winners. The Rundle Lantern is a unique canvas that uses computer controlled LEDs to illuminate 748 square panels to deliver a platform for digital art. The project was initiated as a response to a recommendation within Adelaide City’s urban master plan to create a convergence point at the described intersection. The vision for the Rundle Lantern was to create an urban design solution that ‘Adds Beauty to People’s Lives’. Click here for more info & photos.

Hotel Sezz Paris offers Personal Butler for Your Stay

Once you through the door, there was no front desk, simply a low-key lobby and this marvellous person or your ‘personal butler’ who will take cares of all your needs throughout the stay.
Click here for more info & photos!

Elephabet Typeface for Children Literacy

ELEPHABET is a beautiful handdrawn typeface features 26 elephants-shape alphabet by Malaysian-artist Yusof Gajah for children literacy. See more here.

The Airport Hotel– Crowne Plaza Changi

Designed by multi-award winning Singapore-based architectural firm WOHA Designs, the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport is less an airport hotel than a superbly comfortable and stylish hotel in an extremely convenient location – a contemporary urban resort ‘Where the world meets Singapore’. More info & pics after the jump!

C4– The Artistic Multi Resolution Multi Scale Light and Media Facade

The winning competition entry for the “Espacio de Creación Artística Contemporánea” by Nieto Sobejano architects (Madrid) proposed the integration of a low resolution light- and media façade on the building surface. Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos have always been admirers of the hidden geometric laws of creating a multiple and isotropic space within the Mosque, a building facetted with vaults and muqarna windows, permutations of ornamental motifs with lattice windows, paving and ataurique decorations, or the rules and narrative rhythms implicit in the poems and tales of Islamic tradition.
Read more here!

Experimental Hotel- The Tree House Project

The Treehouse Hotel is an experimental project of architecture and design that addresses essential topics to the future of our society. The theme of the sustainable city seeks from the beginning a reading of the footprint of the city, in the present and the future, in order to make it neutral in all respects: energy, carbon emissions, food, tradition, employment, housing, moving , waste, diversity, nature … Read more here.

Mandarin Oriental @ Dellis Cay

“My inspiration was the light. I have designed all the buildings trying to capture this light, I have tried to have the light going through all the spaces like a blade. The design is sophisticated but based on simplicity.”–Piero Lissoni

View more on Mandarin Oriental here.

Pixel-like Winery Building Designed by Santiago Calatrava

The Bodegas Ysios winery’s roof, when seeing from exact 90 degree, giving us a pixel-like visual, thus create the effect of an unreal building when photographed. Designed by Santiago Calatrava. Read more here!

The Lotus Tower– A homage to centuries of Hanoi culture and history

The Malaysian firm Thinkscape Team3, beat competitors worldwide to win the design of The Lotus, soon to be the tallest tower in Hanoi. Named “The Lotus’, the design was inspired by the lotus bud, a homage to centuries of local culture and history. The flower, which blossoms from mud, is symbolic of pureness and elegance. More photos & info after the jump!

Impressive Pharmacy Design With Non-Traditional Approach

Spanish architecture firm Mobile M, has renovated the Conde Lumiares drugstore in Alicante, Spain, offering an innovative, non-traditional approach to pharmacy design . The 256 tubes hang from the centre of the shop, without doubt, the originality of this interior architecture. More pics & info on this project here.