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A Trumpet and a Feather

“A Trumpet and a Feather” the new graphic novel by the award winning filmmaker and artist Lorenzo Fonda is out for Terracava.
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vivaUltra: Etchings / Lion of least

Lion of least

Etching and aquatint, lithographics colors, water colors and coffee. Printed on Hahnemühle paper during the etching course of Moreno Chiodini at 74b printshop in Milan. More at

A Cosmogony of Myself / New screenprinted zine by Terracava

Ricky Butler ~ Crier Havot

Author: Ricky Butler
36 pages 16×24, b/n, photocopied, 160 g paper – 200 g hardcover, contains a xylographic print. 30 numbered copies, 2012.
A collection of drawings suspended between introspective visions and psychedelic interpretation of the society.

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The Great Saunites – A zine inspired by the psychedelic Italian duo

New handmade zine by Terracava

The Great Saunites
A zine inspired by the psychedelic Italian duo

Author: vivaUltra

28 pages 26×17, colors, inkjet, clear acecate sheets and 200 mg paper – 300 mg hardcover.
30 numbered copies, 2012.
Drawings printed on clear acetate sheets overlapping on photos.

Red Hook Criterium Milan 10.2012

Jazz Colombo – DIY Coffin Bento

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Jazz Colombo X QB*Tavolo riservato

Food design, creative sewing, alternative printing and much more. This is Jazz Colombo aka Gaia Giunta e Valeria Foschetti, 2 bentoboxers and friends who share the passion for DIY and every formo f creativity applied to life.

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Antonio Davide Storelli x Milano Bike Polo x QB*Tavolo riservato

Antonio Davide Storelli a.k.a. Bozo is a graphic designer with a huge passion for bikes. 5 years ago he discovered bike polo. He founded Milano Bike Polo with some friends of his and today he plays and organizes local and international bike polo tournaments. He cooked pink rice with prawns in saffron batter. Rough on the field, gentle in the kitchen.

Francesca Romana Mezzadri

Francesca Romana Mezzadri is a food journalist and writer. She cooked spaghetti with clams, light pesto and lemon peel. Enjoy it!

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Il verso del cinghiale Fest, 09.03.2012, Bloom di Mezzago, Milan – Italy



an Inquiry into Eidolatria and
Contemporary Drawing in Italy

vivaUltra – updates

New website and new works.

Ink and watercolors on coffee stained heavy cotton paper x QB*Tavolo riservato

Lizzie and Sabri, friends, knitters and bloggers on, talk about their passion for crochet and knitting. They cooked coconut cakes for QB*Tavolo Riservato.