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Amazingly Imaginative Playgrounds by Monstrum

For many years the Danish studio Monstrum makes the life of parents of their country a little easier by creating unique playgrounds. Moreover, each one of them is different.

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Amazing Collection of Homeware Made from Vegetables and Fruits

It became a usual thing to create environmentally friendly household objects. So, Melbourne-based design studio Mathery decided to bring a new trend in the industry by creating a collection of dishware from vegetables and fruits entitled Fruit Ninja.

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Words of Wisdom: 50 Highly Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Going

Sometimes life will get you down. This post is meant to inspire and motivate you to get up and dust that dirt off your shoulder. No matter where you are in life right now, I promise you that things will get better. Whatever you’re struggling with, I promise that there will be a rainbow after the storm. Just keep your head up and keep moving. To help you do that, here are some incredible quotes. Enjoy!

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Topography Tea Tray

This beautiful Confluence tea tray was designed to mimic topography, and will definitely help get the conversation started at your next tea party.

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Concept Car Photos for Bertone by Benedict Redgrove


Photographer Benedict Redgrove took these beautiful concept car photos at the private museum in Italy for the legendary car maker Bertone. He has a unique way of turning anything he photographs into a striking, intelligent image with a retro feel that makes it timeless and therefore permanently potent.

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Penguin Email Design


Hatch Inc were hired by Penguin Books to produce a suite of email templates to promote their products and drive success rates. Whilst adopting the overall brand of the company and required key elements we integrated new ideas to modernised the templates to try to push the company forward from their previous set up. The overall visual identity and layout is strong yet simplistic which sticks the brand values of Penguin Classics.

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D&AD Black Pencil Winner – the CSPD Annual Report by WAX Partnership


The CSPD (Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities) is a not for profit organization that provides individualized residential services to persons with disabilities.

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Maria Chair by Raul Herrera Téllez

An amazingly beautiful chair Maria was created by designer Raul Herrera Téllez of Arquiteknia studio.

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Beautiful Wood Throw Rug

Carp 1
This beautiful rug was designed by Elisa Strozyk, and is crafted from wood to add some dimension to any room in your home.

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Clothes Designed for Chairs by Bernotat&Co


A team of Dutch designers named Bernotat&Co presented a series of clothing. Nothing unusual until this point. There is one interesting thing about this collection, though; all clothes are made for pieces of furniture.

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Fantasia Lamps by design MID

The designers from design MID studio created a lamp called Fantasia that is interesting for the fact that as a stand for it you can use anything that fits the required diameter.

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Unusual Refrigerator Smeg500

Sometimes, joint efforts of completely different companies can lead to very interesting results. Italian car manufacturer Fiat and appliance manufacturer Smeg put a fridge under the hood of the legendary Fiat 500.

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Beautiful Furniture Made From Aluminum and Wood

furn 1
Designer Hilla Shamia has experimented fusing both aluminum and wood into one piece of furniture, and the end result is nothing short of amazing.

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Town Of Springfield from The Simpsons in LEGO Form

spring 1
LEGO master builder Matt De Lanoy loves 2 things, The Simpsons and LEGO. Which is exactly why he’s recreated the Simpsons home town of Springfield in LEGO.

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Sparkle Geometric Table by John Foster

This amazing table was created by American artist and designer John Foster.

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