Nut Hammer


Have fun cracking some nuts with the Nut Hammer by Menu. It features a a soft silicone cup that pops in onto the cast iron hammer head with the nut in it, hit it hard against a hard surface, and enjoy. Now you can enjoy some nuts while relieving stress at the same time.

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Manufacture of Hand-Blown Christmas Ornaments in Poland

A worker blows a glass bauble at the Silverado manufacture of hand-blown Christmas ornaments in town of Jozefow outside Warsaw December 2, 2014. (Photo by Kacper Pempel/Reuters)

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Gerber Blade Money Clip


Slim down the contents of your pockets with Gerber Blade Money Clip. It holds up to 5 credit cards and cash; and it comes with a built-in 3.7 inch knife. All of these inside a titanium nitride coated steel body.

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Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle


The Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle is a perfect companion for camping and outdoor adventure. It features a molded top and bottom that snap together for easy carry. When you need it, simply squeeze to release, remove the screw cap and fill it up with your drink. Once you are done, it collapses into a 2 inch height making it super portable.

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Edifier Prisma Encore


Complement your computer with the Edifier Prisma Encore. This stylish and modern looking speaker features a 40W subwoofer, 2 12W satellite speakers, touch sensitive volume and playback controls; and a remote control. It connects via the auxiliary input or Bluetooth for your mp3 player and smartphone.

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Armed Notebook


Weapons are converted into means for peace with the Armed Notebooks. Each notebook features a 3D printed image of a weapon and unique pages on the inside. For example, the grenade has a “1 second” sign on the first page to remind us that time is not to be wasted. The rest of the pages contain identical light grey plaid patterns to make notes and sketches more organized. The knife has slightly bigger spacing and a blank portion on the bottom to allow different visual experiments with your imaginations. The revolver has blank pages to let your creativity soar, and the nunchuck pages resemble the commonly used yellow legal pads.

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HOKU – The LED Lamp that brings Natural Light to your Desk


Are you in desperate search for a table lamp that can bring to your desk the characteristics typical of sunlight, and close the gap between innovative design and functionality that has always separated Design Lamps from Task Lamps?

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Perpetual Calendar


The Perpetual Calendar is a stylish, innovative and modern way to keep track of the date. It features two magnetic balls to mark the month and date; and can be adjusted to be used year after year. It can be wall mounted or simply placed on a desk so everyone can appreciate its design.

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The World’s Largest Pen Drawn Maze

The world’s largest pen drawn maze is brought to you by the designers at The Labyrinth. It is a giant maze that is printed by hand, by a robot. The 30 by 22 inch maze taunts it’s challengers to find it’s relatively obscure solution.

The Labyrinth boasts playable line area equal to the height of Godzilla, and the solution is over the length of half of a football field, and will take you the duration of the first half of a football game to complete.

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Realistic Fake Food Fashion Accessories

The Japan-based manufacturer Fake Food Hatanaka decided to combine the beauty and the food, and presented a series of jewelry imitating food. The products become popular among the local population.

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Knight Frank Cities Report

Here’s an editorial project for Knight Frank, Global Cities 2015 Report. Containing layout design, photography, illustration, infographics and data visualisation. The main area of focus throughout the design surgery’s project concentrated on creating an authoritative, seminal reports on the global commercial property market.

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Spicy Resumes – Your one stop shop for creative resumes

Spicy Resume Templates

You know how it feels when you send tons of resumes and hoping for phone calls from recruiters, then you’re waiting and waiting but… nothing! If you do, well it might be the time to spice up your curriculum vitae.

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Fabric Saddles


Fabric saddles are designed to maximise both comfort and performance. Choosing your correct saddle width will improve your cycling experience by offering the correct support for your sit bones…

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Edison Light Globes Steampunk Lamps


We rarely follow any preconceived rules when comes to decorating our private spaces. But how do we actually manage to keep a personal touch while decorating empty spaces with objects that boldly stand out, and all of this, in an aesthetically appealing manner? Going against the usual with resurrected classic, but polished designs, such as one of a kind Edison Light Globes Steampunk Lamps.

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Sewing thread card style handmade business card


Limited Edition Sewing Thread Card style handmade business cards designed by Burak Kaynak for Montreal-based fashion label Matière Noire Studio.

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