Lotus Belle Tent

lotus belle tent large 650x867 Lotus Belle Tent

The Lotus Belle is a brand new approach to luxury camping. Combining the best qualities of the bell tent and the yurt. It’s stronger, more water proof & funkier than your average bell & more affordable and portable than a yurt.

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30 Charming Flat Logo Designs

Flat design is a hot trend right now. It all started when companies like Microsoft went all in with flat UI design. Now we see Google and Apple joining the flat design bandwagon as skeuomorphism fades away.

Color in flat logo designs ranges from the minimalist two-color scheme all the way to multiple colors. The logos typically consist of clean lines, classic graphics, and simple fonts. The focus is mainly on distinctive colors instead of elaborate color gradients and shading. It is not unusual for a two-color design to use a vibrant color with white as the second color. Typically, flat logos revolve around lovely fonts and typeface instead of eye-popping elements.

Additionally, flat logos allow logo designers to strip away the flamboyant to focus more on conveying a concise idea. The thought behind these designs is that the company logo is at the forefront and is strong enough to communicate the corporate ideology. Some attribute the desirability of flat logos to ease and cost-effectiveness for small companies and start-ups.

To get you inspired, we collected 30 outstanding examples of flat logo designs. Enjoy!

Croissant by Jonas

Croissant by Jonas 30 Charming Flat Logo Designs

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stayhold large 650x846 Stayhold

Stayhold is a clever plastic wall that grips the carpet in your car and stays in place to stop your items from moving around.

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Creative Styling by Susanna Vento

1384627026 1 640x480 Creative Styling by Susanna Vento
Helsinki based stylist Susanna Vento works with the so called quintessential Scandinavian look. When designing interiors she easily integrates organic materials with minimalist white surfaces.

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Famous Graphic Designer Chip Kidd By Inkbot Design

Chip Kidd Famous Graphic Designers 650x397 Famous Graphic Designer Chip Kidd By Inkbot Design
Chip Kidd is a Pennsylvania born author, editor, and graphic designer, well-known for his work on book covers. After he graduated from the Pennsylvania State University’s Graphic Design Programme in 1986, Kidd was hired at Knopf as a junior assistant. This was at a time when book covers were replacing record albums as the “cool, neat thing” for graphic designers to make.”

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LED Lighted Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo

ksmainimage1 650x487 LED Lighted Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo
KWIB with LED night lighting, spotlight and knife & utensil storage area.

Many of us are never without a mobile device, taking our gadgets everywhere, even in the kitchen to retrieve recipes. Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo (KWIB) was designed to help individuals use their smartphones and tablets in the kitchen, while cooking or preparing a meal and keeping devices mess-free; the KWIB is now in funding stages at Kickstarter.

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6 famous paintings recreated using Lego bricks

mona 650x401 6 famous paintings recreated using Lego bricks

Lego Masters is a print advertising campaign featuring the work of five painters recreated in Lego blocks by Milan art director Marco Sodano. Personally managed to name only 3 of them on top of my head so I challenge you to help me with this by leaving a comment. Surprise award for the first reader who names all of them in the right order.

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Handmade Business Card Designs

howjoyful business cards 4 1 Handmade Business Card Designs

Business cards is an important and useful marketing tool, a well designed business cards can make the difference when attracting new clients, specially when it’s handmade!

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Glowtime – let your Macbook glow!

tabtag template02 650x325 Glowtime – let your Macbook glow!
Making the world a more colorful, diverse and inspiring place… this is the motivation of the tabtag team.

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Now On Kickstarter- Popup Lighting Light Fixture- When Light Meets Art

animated deer Now On Kickstarter  Popup Lighting Light Fixture  When Light Meets Art
Popup Lighting is an elegant aluminum wall LED light fixture inspired by pop-up books. The light’s magical effect completes the icon, adding instant ambiance to any space.

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Extravagant Workplace Desk Evfyra

1384276225 1 640x3601 Extravagant Workplace Desk Evfyra
This futuristic desk Evfyra took shape in the office of talented designers of the Istanbul studio NUVIST.

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100 pieces of advice for creatives

no 650x401 100 pieces of advice for creatives
239 days ago, Gui Menga – a designer and calligrapher from São Paulo – started the Daily Advice for a Creative Life tumblr blog, where he’s using hand lettering to illustrate quotes, tips and pieces of advice from various sources around the web.

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Colours In Logo Design By Inkbot Design

Colours In Logo Design 1080x6752 650x406 Colours In Logo Design By Inkbot Design
A well-chosen colour scheme is the finishing touch to a logo design and can take it from being a good logo to being a great one. Your colour scheme is what makes you stand out, what makes you recognisable and what makes you you. If you get it right it can attract an audience and gain you a following. It will also make people remember you, which is one of the most important functions of a logo; without that there isn’t much point.

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Brasil’s Romero Britto And His Art For The World Cup

FIFA britto 01 Brasils Romero Britto And His Art For The World Cup
The well known brasilian artist Romero Britto brought the best of his art for the FIFA World Cup edition 2014 that it is going to be play in Brasil in some few days.

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Freedom Calendar 2014

afroreggae ngo segunda chance employment agency freedom calendar 650x433 Freedom Calendar 2014
“Each day of prejudice is another day without freedom.”

Even after doing time, former convicts are still seen with prejudice by the labor market. Each negative response that an ex-convict receives in a job interview makes him feel trapped to his past. There are so many and so frequent stories that it would be possible to fill in a calendar with all of them.

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