Homemade Furniture Held Together by Tension

1385236518 1 640x480 Homemade Furniture Held Together by Tension
American designer and sculptor Robby Cuthbert creates unusual furniture for the building of which he does not use any hardware in the usual sense of the word, he uses only counterweights.

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Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

hydro flask insulated beer growler large 650x444 Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

The 64 oz Hydro Flask Growler, the world’s first vacuum insulated beer growler, is 64 ounces of pure insulated joy.

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Nathan Barry’s Photoshop for Interface Design – 50% off

md3 650x609 Nathan Barrys Photoshop for Interface Design   50% off

Photoshop’s a complex beast and because of that, you may’ve stayed away from it in the past. Every other book or tutorial on the planet seems to run down every little feature of this powerful application. But you don’t need it all, you just want to use Photoshop for some interface design work. That’s the reality that faced author Nathan Barry, and that’s exactly what led him to create the incredible Photoshop for Interface Design video course.

Through 24 videos, spanning some 2 hours of content, Nathan walks you through the key Photoshop tools you’ll need to successfully put together an interface design. You’ll also get 5 hands-on exercises to test out your skills, 16 PSD files to follow along during your lessons, and some additional case study videos, detailing how a number of real-world applications were created. For a limited time only, you can snag this unique resource at a 50% off savings!

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Balkan Floods by Cause.works

7b722362d389526990c92e4d69ebd1fd 650x650 Balkan Floods by Cause.works
Cause.works is an initiative working on building a platform for anyone in the world to create their own cause, charity or awareness campaigns. It will provide templates and resources for this and will make it easy and straightforward.

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10 Best Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Blue Tie Dads Day Card 10 Best Father’s Day Greeting Cards
Father’s day is celebrated in every part of the world on third Sunday of June, and it’s a celebration of fatherhood.

Raising a children isn’t an easy thing, It’s one of the biggest responsibility of lifetime, and also the toughest. There comes a time in everyone’s life when your father is fighting the biggest battles outside the boundary walls of your home, but when they come to you, they wear the biggest smile and make you believe that every thing is super awesome.

For all the sacrifices that your father have done for you, here’s something you should gift them to convey how much you respect them and how lucky you are to have a father like him.

Here are some of the best printable greeting cards for father’s day.

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Design worthy of the world’s largest market – call for entries

golden pin 800x300px web1 650x243 Design worthy of the world’s largest market – call for entries

For the first time in its 33-year history, the Golden Pin Design Award opens its call for entries to international brands, manufacturers and design firms selling and working in the Chinese-speaking market.

Chinese-speaking consumers demand products and designs tailored to their needs and desires. Given the variety of economic classes, lifestyle choices, and business opportunities in Chinese-speaking countries, astute design is crucial if brands want to remain competitive. Companies selling products and undertaking design projects in this complex arena must couple an understanding of centuries of civilisation within a keen sense of local trends.

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Apidura | Ultralight Cycling Bags

apidura cycling bags large 650x887 Apidura | Ultralight Cycling Bags

Apidura produce ultra-light rackless packing systems to enable cyclists to travel farther, faster and more comfortably. Their packing systems are designed to optimize bike handling and weight distribution, enhancing the bikepacking, distance road cycling, and lightweight bicycle touring experience.

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Artists Zoey Taylor Create Imaginative Scenes Made Entirely out of Cardboard

Zoey Taylor and David Connelly alternopolis 12 Artists Zoey Taylor Create Imaginative Scenes Made Entirely out of Cardboard

Zoey Taylor and David Connelly implemented a distinct idea of creating a fully cardboard house using only cardboard objects. Collectively both artists are known as Dosshaus.

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Hypoallergenic Dining

Hypoallergenic Dining 1 650x365 Hypoallergenic Dining

Speculative design is about trying to satisfy the needs of a forecasted world. With the number of allergy diagnoses rising consistently every year, we are being forced to imagine, and design for a world where everyone could have a dietary requirement. Is Hypoallergenic Dining a probable future? What if the process of dining was forced to become as sterile and precise as a medical operation?

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Lotus Belle Tent

lotus belle tent large 650x867 Lotus Belle Tent

The Lotus Belle is a brand new approach to luxury camping. Combining the best qualities of the bell tent and the yurt. It’s stronger, more water proof & funkier than your average bell & more affordable and portable than a yurt.

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30 Charming Flat Logo Designs

Flat design is a hot trend right now. It all started when companies like Microsoft went all in with flat UI design. Now we see Google and Apple joining the flat design bandwagon as skeuomorphism fades away.

Color in flat logo designs ranges from the minimalist two-color scheme all the way to multiple colors. The logos typically consist of clean lines, classic graphics, and simple fonts. The focus is mainly on distinctive colors instead of elaborate color gradients and shading. It is not unusual for a two-color design to use a vibrant color with white as the second color. Typically, flat logos revolve around lovely fonts and typeface instead of eye-popping elements.

Additionally, flat logos allow logo designers to strip away the flamboyant to focus more on conveying a concise idea. The thought behind these designs is that the company logo is at the forefront and is strong enough to communicate the corporate ideology. Some attribute the desirability of flat logos to ease and cost-effectiveness for small companies and start-ups.

To get you inspired, we collected 30 outstanding examples of flat logo designs. Enjoy!

Croissant by Jonas

Croissant by Jonas 30 Charming Flat Logo Designs

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stayhold large 650x846 Stayhold

Stayhold is a clever plastic wall that grips the carpet in your car and stays in place to stop your items from moving around.

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Creative Styling by Susanna Vento

1384627026 1 640x480 Creative Styling by Susanna Vento
Helsinki based stylist Susanna Vento works with the so called quintessential Scandinavian look. When designing interiors she easily integrates organic materials with minimalist white surfaces.

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Famous Graphic Designer Chip Kidd By Inkbot Design

Chip Kidd Famous Graphic Designers 650x397 Famous Graphic Designer Chip Kidd By Inkbot Design
Chip Kidd is a Pennsylvania born author, editor, and graphic designer, well-known for his work on book covers. After he graduated from the Pennsylvania State University’s Graphic Design Programme in 1986, Kidd was hired at Knopf as a junior assistant. This was at a time when book covers were replacing record albums as the “cool, neat thing” for graphic designers to make.”

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LED Lighted Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo

ksmainimage1 650x487 LED Lighted Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo
KWIB with LED night lighting, spotlight and knife & utensil storage area.

Many of us are never without a mobile device, taking our gadgets everywhere, even in the kitchen to retrieve recipes. Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo (KWIB) was designed to help individuals use their smartphones and tablets in the kitchen, while cooking or preparing a meal and keeping devices mess-free; the KWIB is now in funding stages at Kickstarter.

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