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ROAR – Limited Edition Artwork

FACE POSTER 001 RED 650x780 ROAR   Limited Edition Artwork
Roar is 10 minute supernatural drama; a sober take on the superhero genre, told through real themes and experiences. It’s a film about generational bonds and disconnects, exploring the commitments of two brothers divided by pride, brought together to fulfill their Grandfather’s final wishes. In doing so they question each others motives as they struggle to come to terms with what has been asked of them.

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The 10 best, and unexpected, Icon Packs for designers

11 650x439 The 10 best, and unexpected, Icon Packs for designers
Icons set are now a must have in any designer toolkit.You already know the famous ones: Font Awesome (the official Bootstrap icons), Foundation Icons (the Bootstrap competitor), Entypo or Iconic… But icons are like food, you need variety! So I’ve created for you this list of my favorite icon packs, created by the best icon designers in the market.

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1209 MokassarArt
Hi, MokassarArt is my new Instagram account, I use different kinds of nuts to create all my Ideas. Here are some of the ideas I already posted. Stay tuned for my new Ideas :)

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Discover Britain’s Best Bites along the John O’ Groats to Land’s End Route with Europcar

Europcar BritainsBestBites Feature Discover Britains Best Bites along the John O Groats to Lands End Route with Europcar

Europcar UK recently launched a fully interactive map built in HTML5 featuring great local produce along the John O’Groats to Land’s End route – Britain’s Best Bites. The scrolling map created by the illustrators from DigitasLBi is currently being used to encourage tourists and British residents to discover and visit these hand-picked producers when driving along the famous British itinerary for short-term holidays or trips in the country.

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Сeramics by Marta Turowska

bowl 01 650x684 Сeramics by Marta Turowska

Marta Turowska is a Polish artist. Marta creates these fanciful ceramic bowls and plates that look like our favorite animals – cats, hedgehogs and whales.

“ I am passionate for clay, glazes and paints. Each mug, bowl or dish coming out of my workshop has its own story, different inspiration. Each of my items has its individual character that I want to share with their future owners. ”

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Hand-Painted Graffiti Tables

Table 1 Hand Painted Graffiti Tables
Graffiti is a great way to add some urban flair to any space, and these hand-painted tables show exactly what we mean. Each table was made by Australia based artist Vans the Omega, and are perfect for the bachelor pad.

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Nordic Grip Mini

nordic grip mini large 650x799 Nordic Grip Mini

The Nordic Grip Mini is developed to especially for those who don’t usually wear ice grips. The Mini comes in a small and handy box that fits in your bag, purse, or jacket pocket, and are very easy to use, so you are always prepared if you encounter icy conditions.

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Highly Detailed Dark Knight Armory Toy Set

Bat 12 Highly Detailed Dark Knight Armory Toy Set
Now this is the ultimate action figure set for any Batman fan. Not only do you the Dark Knight himself, but you also get a highly detailed armory to swap out all of Batman’s gear and gadgetry.

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15 Amazing IOS Icons for Applications

Nikon Camera iOS Icon 15 Amazing IOS Icons for Applications

I am going to present today 15 amazing IOS Icons for applications. These icons are perfectly designed in Adobe Photoshop. There are thousands of applications using in IOS and all the applications having its own icons.

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Hobo Nickel Carvings by Paolo Curcio aka Mr.The

Hobo Nickels by Paolo Curcio 2014 01 Hobo Nickel Carvings by Paolo Curcio aka Mr.The

Skulls and other images of death feature most commonly in hobo nickel art, but Artist Paolo Curcio aka Mr.The also etches impressively detailed illustrations of figures from literature and pop culture into his coins.

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Realistic Cakes by Debbie Goard

1337081566 1 Realistic Cakes by Debbie Goard

Thanks to Debbie Goard, Koreans can eat dogs, Alf can eat cats and Big Muzzy can stuff his belly with alarm clocks. Debbie bakes really incredible cakes

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Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

Business cards have been in use for a long time as a fast and compact way to give someone your contact information. Even with the rise of social media and the increasing ease in ability to find a person’s information quickly online, they still have a place in business. However, having a plain, bulk printed business card may not cut it quite like it used to.

Over time, the humble business card has evolved, with greater emphasis placed on creativity, innovation and the intertwining with technology. Here are six great ideas that you might want to consider for your business card.

QR Codes

fgcard m11 650x461 Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

Mobile and smartphone technology has seen an increase in the use of QR codes being placed on adverts and information. The concept behind it is that you can use your mobile device to scan the code to download your contact information or be taken to a website. QR codes are increasingly being used on business cards because it simplifies the look of the card, without having to use too much information. It also shows your recipient that you are technologically savvy, which might be an added bonus if you’re trying to show these skills.

Lenticular imagery

cards111 650x418 Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

Printing of lenticular imagery on a business card is a fantastic way to add a sense of depth and play on illusion on the card. It can give the impression of motion, which can be used to great effect on the card. This most popular motion is to either skip from one image to another as the card is tilted, or to have the image appear as though it is moving or slowly transforming. Using this technique will mean the person who has received your card will have to interact heavily with it to see the effect of the imagery meaning they are more likely to remember you and be impressed by your creativity.


businesscard0911 Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

The use of holograms on a business card can add real visual appeal, as well as make it particularly eye-catching. It can mean the difference between someone casually tossing the card in their pocket and actually taking note of the design and image, and forming an impression of how professional it looks. Using hologram designs can be beneficial for anyone working in an industry where image is important or where they’d need to show off particular design skills.

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BYDŁO i POIDŁO Meat-ing Place – New Restaurant in Warsaw

1137 BYDŁO i POIDŁO Meat ing Place   New Restaurant in Warsaw

BYDŁO i POIDŁO (in english „Cattle and Beverage”) Meat-ing Place is a Warsaw restaurant serving prime beef specials and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages from all over the world.

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Toys Inspired by Child’s Drawings

1336381080 1 640x477 Toys Inspired by Childs Drawings

It all started from the fact that the unemployed mother Wendy Tsao decided not to allow her child to bring to school his favorite toy, afraid that he would lose it. So she proposed him to draw a toy himself, and then they would make a stuffed copy of his drawing.

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New Year Card by Karakter Studio

IMG 028411 New Year Card by Karakter Studio
Handmade-cut New Year card by Karakter, and independent design studio based on Barcelona. Made with 260 gramm black cardboard, half a dozen blades and lots of patience.

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