Homemade Furniture Held Together by Tension Designed by Robby Cuthbert

American designer and sculptor Robby Cuthbert creates unusual furniture for the building of which he does not use any hardware in the usual sense of the word, he uses only counterweights.

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Madra Log Basket


Madra not only has an attractive appearance but is also practical to use. Simply pick up the textile basket, go to the log pile or down into the cellar, carry the wood easily to the fireplace and place the textile basket in the elegant stainless steel stand. It is simple to attach the log basket using the clip fixings. Plastic gliders protect the floor and the easy-care synthetic-textile cover is hardwearing.

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Suspended Object Installations by Nicola Yeoman


Nicola Yeoman contemporary artist from London. She creates cryptic installations by altering and rearranging mundane objects.

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Extra Fresh Resume Designs That You Need to Discover


Your success rate in getting landing a job will greatly depend on the quality of the resume that you submit. If you still use a plain and dull design then your chances of even getting an interview is most likely to be slim regardless if you have the best skills and qualifications for the job. In these times, you have to find a more creative way to make your CV more inviting to read and will ultimately result in a job interview invitation. If you need some help then these extra fresh resume designs could just be what you need:

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Satechi 10 Port USB Hub


Satechi 10 Port USB hub seeks to expand the limited number of ports that your computer has by adding an extra 7 USB ports and 3 charging ports. It features USB 3.0, providing fast data transfer rates and it is very easy to install. Simply plug it in and you are good to go.

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Powerful CV Designs to Knockout Your Competition


The current job market is no doubt more challenging than ever before. If you are not exerting any effort then your chances of getting hired or even the probability of getting an interview invitation are very slim. With so many applications these days, recruiters are on the lookout for something that will easily capture their interest. They want something that will break the monotony of plain and boring pieces of documents that basically look the same. If you want to knockout your competition then you certainly need to check out these powerful CV designs:

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Beautiful Creative Styling by Susanna Vento

Helsinki based stylist Susanna Vento works with the so called quintessential Scandinavian look. When designing interiors she easily integrates organic materials with minimalist white surfaces.

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The making of the Tower Poppies


UK tile manufacturer Johnson Tiles played an integral part in ensuring that the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation at the Tower of London totalled to 888,246 ceramic poppies – each representing a fallen soldier from the First World War.

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30 Beautiful Christmas Card Designs for Inspiration

Here, we roundup 30 beautiful Christmas card designs are compiled to give inspiration for you to start thinking for your design. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Don’t forget to share your comment in our comment section.

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Extravagant Workplace Desk Evfyra by NUVIST

This futuristic desk Evfyra took shape in the office of talented designers of the Istanbul studio NUVIST.

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Colorful Resume Designs That Will Fuel Your Creativity


Landing a job these takes require more effort and ingenuity. Those black and white resumes are certainly a thing of the past and it surely won’t maximize your success in getting the attention of recruiters especially when you’re competing with a large number of applicants. If you want to stand out from the rest then you need to add some spice and creativeness on how to present your CV to employers and hiring managers. Here are some colorful resume designs that you could use to fuel your creative side.

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Kenu Stance Tripod


Stance Tripod by Kenu is a compact tripod designed for the iPhone. It boasts a sturdy lightweight zinc alloy that connects directly to your device’s Lightning port. Each leg features a non-slip plastic material that makes it stable on any surface. Once you are done taking a group picture, just fold it up and put it in your pocket. It also doubles as a kickstand and bottle opener for when you need it the most.

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Trunkster Zipperless Luggage


Say Bye to your old luggage and Hello to Trunkster Zipperless Luggage. This rugged, yet functional luggage, not only incorporates modern features such as GPS tracker, built-in scale and USB charger, but also, a new design; a sliding door instead of a zipper. In this way, you can have quick access to your things, without the need of unzipping and flapping it open. Trunkster Zipperless Luggage combines modern design and functionality, making your trips a lot easier.

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Polar Magnetic Pen and Stylus


Tired of your plain and boring pen? Why not try Polar Magnetic Pen and Stylus?. Made of 13 neodymium magnets, this modular pen provides vast tinkering entertainment as well as functionality. Simply take it apart, and let your imagination take over.

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Vespa Daniella is a Hand-Crafted Wooden Scooter

Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto has an undeniable talent for woodworking. The proof of that is the fully functional Vespa Daniela scooter that he made out of wood.

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