‘Famous Guitars’ by Federico Mauro

In his new project, Federico Mauro, Italian Art Director & Multimedia Designer brings us a selection of Famous Guitars . Just for fun

0d1a2b006a26e5ad6f51da172372c3c8 1 Famous Guitars by Federico Mauro

0482ea99a3ab91705358fb2f2fe06c8c Famous Guitars by Federico Mauro

d4488f581be9fd64b1bbebed8b933247 Famous Guitars by Federico Mauro

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10 Free High Resolution Leather Textures

What we have for you are 10 high resolution leather textures exclusive to Inspiration Hut, half of which have been edited to a lighter shade, the other half is darker and higher in contrast. The colors we have made available consist of Sepia, Red, Blue, Emerald Green and Original Grey, of course the color choices are endless with a little tinkering in Photoshop. All of which have been conveniently compressed into one file (.zip) for easy downloading.

social 650x509 10 Free High Resolution Leather Textures

Dark Leather Blue 650x510 10 Free High Resolution Leather Textures

Dark Leather Grey1 650x509 10 Free High Resolution Leather Textures

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Amazing Mac Wallpapers

beautiful apple mac inspired wallpapers mac wallpaper download resource 2013 600x280 Amazing Mac Wallpapers

Show off that Mac Love with one of these Amazing Mac Wallpapers! All these wallpapers contain the awesome Apple logo that we have all grown to love. Putting up any of these wallpapers will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and show off your mac pride (not that your co-workers didn’t already know about it). Enjoy!

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Design Co.Mission

Inspire people to collaborate for a better country.
037 650x431 Design Co.Mission
056 650x459 Design Co.Mission
095 650x431 Design Co.Mission
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30 Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes

brennuis wordpress magazineblog 30 Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes

Magazine is a most popular eCommerce platform for online applications. showing the best platform to modular architecture and is extremely flexible for out sourcing platform for eCommerce websites. It is very easy way to customize your configure and it has more popularity among e-business owners and web designers. There are hound’s of …Read More

Free Red & Yellow Themed FaceBook Timeline Cover

Download this free red & yellow themed facebook timeline cover from Entheos. You can change your facebook timeline cover by adding this free cover design.

ryfbcover1 Free Red & Yellow Themed FaceBook Timeline Cover

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Elegant Ro chair * Jaime Hayon

0. ro chair by jaime hayon Elegant Ro chair * Jaime Hayon


Jaime Hayon‘s creativity has allowed him to take on new challenges what has allowed him to work with clients as diverse as Established and Sons and Moooi, Metalarte and Swarovski, Bernhardt Design, Piper Heidsieck, Gaia and Gino and Bosa Ceramiche. Also, has made two important collections for Bisazza.


His latest work has been with Republic of Fritz Hansen to create the Ro chair that was launched at Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan. Ro is much more than an easy chair. It’s a 1,5-seater where you can relax, change positions and have your newspaper, computer or child next to you and create a new comfort zone.

1. ro chair 2 Elegant Ro chair * Jaime Hayon

The design of the shell is elegant and simple, pleasing to both the eye and the body and offers the promise of tranquillity in both its visual expression and its comfortable functionality. Furthermore, the form of the shell gives you the choice of being part of what goes on in the room or relaxing in your own private space.


“We put a great deal of effort into the form of the chair, which is inspired by the human body. We wanted a chair that was comfortable as well as beautiful. My goal was to create a slim and elegant chair that encourages reflection and comfort,” says Jaime Hayon.


2. Ro by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen Elegant Ro chair * Jaime Hayon

“Ro” means tranquillity in Danish. The name was chosen because it captures the point of the chair in just two letters, thus reflecting the Nordic approach and concept of beauty.


The easy chair will be available from September 2013 i 9 colours. The traditional options (black, grey and taupe), three bright colours (violet, blue and yellow) and three soft colours (light pink, sage green and sand). For a more vibrant look, the chair features two different textures: one for the seat shell and one for the cushions, which support the contrasted expression of the hard shell and the warm and soft interior.


3. ro chair by jaime hayon for republic of fritz hansen Elegant Ro chair * Jaime Hayon


4. 3191 Elegant Ro chair * Jaime Hayon


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Web Typography Rules That Designers Should Not Be Ignoring

Since you claim to be a designer [please forgive my insolence in case if you are not], you must be aware of the importance of web typography. Web typography, as you and I both believe, is the building block of web design and that means, if you have not nailed it properly, chances are that users experience of your website is going to take a tailspin. There are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow religiously if you wish to make your website stand out tall among the competitors. Here we are going to give a roundup of some common Typography Rules that can make or break your career as a designer –

motocms web template 650x417 Web Typography Rules That Designers Should Not Be Ignoring

Fonts – Use them Carefully

It is tough for a designer to remain contented with a few selected web safe fonts while designing a template. They take the ideal of restraining the number of fonts is an unwarranted encroachment on their creative freedom. But in order to make the website clean and more readable, you have to put some restrain on the number of fonts being used on a template. Never use more than three fonts on a template, as it goes against this cardinal typography rule and might turn turtle the concept of clarity.  Moreover, it has been observed that when you are using multiple fonts, it distract the visitors and therefore, you might see a drastic fall in the number of conversion. So, focus on readability and try not to make any kind of compromise on this front. Say for example, if you browse the section of website templates by MotoCMS, you will come to realize how awesome template can be designed without going extreme with fonts.

kernjs 650x615 Web Typography Rules That Designers Should Not Be Ignoring


Before going into details about why you should be giving more attention to it, allow me explain it in simple English what Kerning is all about. Kerning is the white space between letters. Yeah, it is amazing that such a small thing can have such massive impact on users’ experience. It has a direct bearing on web typography and therefore, you have to be double sure, when you are to tinker with kerning. The best and probably the worst part of Kerning is that there is no hard and fast rule. You have to decide and then manually adjust the white space between letters. You have to do it on regular basis to get a feel about it and once you are sure about it, kerning will be a piece of cake. Now, if you are really have to no idea where to make a start, you should use this amazing resource – Kernjs.com. This website rightly says it ‘puts you back in control of your website’s typography’. So, what are you waiting for you. Go give it a try.

Large Texts Does not Means Fancy Fonts

It is quite common for web designers to use fancy fonts to show their creative side especially when it comes to large texts. They suddenly have a feeling that whenever they are to use large texts, fancy fonts should be used. Now, I have no idea where this belief came from but I am quite certain that if you decide to go with fancy fonts for large texts, you are certainly going to do a disservice to your visitors. Do not give your readers a headache. So, please stop using fancy fonts for large texts.

ComicSansCriminal 650x511 Web Typography Rules That Designers Should Not Be Ignoring

No Comic Sans Please

Unless you do not mind giving a cultural shock to your targeted audience, you should stop using Comic Sans font. Okay, I understand that you have a thing for this font or may have fallen in love with it but believe this has got nothing to do with the typography. This is one of those cheesy fonts that make you look unprofessional. Do the world a favor by picking up other fonts. Okay, here is the deal. If you are still unable to restrain yourself from using Comic Sans, you need to check this website – ComicSansCriminal. Hope this website will help you get over your obsession with this cheesy website.

Break or Bend the Rules Whenever Necessary

Yeah it may make you feel that I am going to do blasphemy but the fact is that sometimes, you have to go beyond the rules, or bend them to some extent to create something awesome or at least awe-inspiring. However, I am not asking you to forget everything that you have been taught about typography, users’ friendliness or readability. What I am asking you is to bend them a little to suit the purpose. Like if you have a feeling or something of that sort that by using fancy fonts you can make dramatic improvement on the typography front, you can go ahead and use it. Designing is about exercising your creative freedom and not the other way around.

drinklittlemiracles 650x420 Web Typography Rules That Designers Should Not Be Ignoring

Maintain the Hierarchy

Hierarchy can help improve the readability of a website to a significant extent. It makes it easier for general visitors to scan a web page easily and thereby simplifying the browsing experience. Hierarchy guides visitors visually as to which elements are most important requires more attention. For example, it has been a norm or something of that sort to use H1 tag for important section of the website like page headers etc and for highlighting less important sections, we can use elements like h2 or h3 and sometimes <em>. Just remember one thing that you need to maintain hierarchy at both site level and page level otherwise the impact would not be that strong. DrinkLittleMiracles has done a credible job by maintaining hierarchy throughout the web page. It is a single page website yet it manages to strike perfect gold when it comes to maintaining hierarchy in the design.

10 Photoshop Actions For Professional Photographers

color corrections featured image 650x227 10 Photoshop Actions For Professional Photographers

Photoshop is an amazing software for designers and photographers. It is very time consuming for photographers to do the edit work of photographers. Sometimes they don’t have much time for post production. This is the time when Photoshop Actions has a great role to play. A Photoshop Action is a set of some instructions that we can play with just a single click. You don’t need to perform all the instructions again and again. You can do it with just a single click of mouse. In this post I compiled some professional Photoshop Actions. These actions are ideal for professional photographers.

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New Bicycle Shop in Valencia, Spain.

Vuelta de tuerca is a new place where you can restore your old bike, repair your road bike or build a fixie from scratch.

Vuelta de Tuerca 3 Nacho Dura1 650x433 New Bicycle Shop in Valencia, Spain.

Located in the sunny Valencia, on the Mediterranean sea, they offer you the best service and all kinds of solutions for your personal needs.Vuelta de Tuerca 1 Nacho Dura 650x433 New Bicycle Shop in Valencia, Spain.

The shop is painted by the Spanish artist Nacho Durá, who designed the logo too, as an old bike badge.

Vuelta de Tuerca 2 Nacho Dura 650x433 New Bicycle Shop in Valencia, Spain.

Check their website: www.bicicletasvueltadetuerca.blogspot.com.es

Check Nacho Durá’s website: www.nachodura.com

Here is a promotional video done by a local TV Program for the shop. Enjoy!

30 Creative Photoshop Texture Brushes

chinese painting chrysanthem 30 Creative Photoshop Texture Brushes

Photoshop is a one of the best graphic editing software for designer. Always providing various tools sometime it can get quite frustrating when you can’t find the tools you need to satisfy your specific design needs but brushes are fantastic time saver and quickly create without having to draw any design elements.

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Super Mario Ice Pops

1258 Super Mario Ice Pops

What better way to escape the summer heat than with ice pops…make that super mario ice pops!

Chungkong has created a fun series that takes some of our favorite mario game charters and turns their likenesses into frozen treats. The catchphrase? Simple. “Frozen Bros. on a stick.” (Wonder if Mario tastes like strawberries.)

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10 Inspirational Uses of Pink in Web Design

Pink Web Designs 10 Inspirational Uses of Pink in Web Design
Not only is pink a warm, sensuous and romantic colour, it is bright, affirmative and friendly, and can really bring a design to life. Here are 10 examples of websites that have made a strong and tasteful use of pink to make their pages stand out from the crowd.

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Wallpaper* Handmade 2013

1255 Wallpaper* Handmade 2013

Welcome to Wallpaper* Handmade, the annual documentation of the show-stopping exhibition we present in Milan during the Salone del Mobile. For more of the stories behind the designs, turn to August issue (out now) or download the iPad edition.