Cardsharp 4


With only three ingenious origami style folding operations, the James Bond style credit card sized gadget converts into an elegant pocket utility tool…

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Bull & Stash Notebooks


With a Bull & Stash notebook, the only thing you’ll ever need to replace is the paper and your genius notes inside…

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Die Welt Campaign 2015


Print Campaign 2015 for “Die Welt”.

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Luna Concrete Skin


Introducing Luna concrete skin for iphone6. Each unique concrete skin features one-of -a kind crater. Thickness of concrete skin is thicker than last edition, you can now touch better texture of real concrete.

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Scribble Furniture by Daigo Fukawa

These scribbled couches and chairs from the Rough Sketch Products series were thought up by a student of Tokyo University of the Arts Daigo Fukawa for his graduation project.

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Jewelry made of sugar

These pieces of jewelry are made by Studio Moniek and are created by making a solution of sugar and water, wherein there is a maximum saturation of sugar. This sugar will eventually grow on the jewelry. Through this process, every piece of the jewelry will become unique.

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Le Petite Brioche Coffee Shop in Valencia

The warm and welcoming interior of the coffee shop Le Petite Brioche in Valencia, Spain was created by designers from Binomio Estudio.

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Origami Leather – SELF 2015 by Toyish Projects

The concept is inspired from origami, playful but sophisticated. Using cleverly cut leather piece with exquisite slotting system and brass details, a stylish bag is presented. The revolutionary element is added in traditional leather making process. With your favourite combination of colors and sizes, it is your own style for every refreshing day. As time goes by, it can be your lifetime companion.

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Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino


Mr. Milk is a branding project created by San Francisco based graphic designer, Justin Ross Tolentino. He has a knack for making logos, websites and… doodles. Mr. Milk was created as a school branding project that has got him quite the notoriety. As you can see, the design is clean and very relevant to the theme. What got me was the presentation. Justin has taken every aspect of the Mr. Milk collateral and made it work beautifully together.

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Nike & Air Jordan Slide Out Wooden Sneaker Box Storage by Designer Woodist Punk


Woodist Punk, a London Native and Woodsman, crafted one of the most convenient and sick ideas to store sneakers. Inspired by the Retro Jordan Box, the case features a Black Top with a Red Jumpman. The size of the custom Jordan Box is 100cm x 70 x 46 High, making it convenient for your kicks.

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Streetwear Icons Recreated in LEGO by Adly Syairi Ramly


After recreating iconic bands, streetwear brands and historic World Cup moments in LEGO, self-proclaimed LEGO junkie Adly Syairi Ramly is back and this time he’s turned his attention to some of our favorite streetwear icons. Immortalizing founders of streetwear brands that he looks up to, Ramly’s latest LEGOlized series includes the likes of NEIGHBORHOOD’s Shinsuke Takizawa, FUCT’s Erik Brunetti, maharishi’s Hardy Blechman, fragment design’s Hiroshi Fujiwara, Supreme’s James Jebbia, JUICE’s Kevin Poon and Edison Chen, Black Scale’s MEGA and Alfred De Tagle, NIGO, SSUR’s Ruslan Karablin, Shawn Stussy, Shepard Fairey an more.

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Amazing Metal Business Cards That Will Get You Noticed


Metal business cards really make a statement. This little piece of metal gives your brand a credibility that is hard to replicate. If you ever hand a metal business card to a potential client or customer you’ll see exactly what I mean. Chances are they will keep it and most likely show it off to all their colleagues. is in the business to impress and these amazing examples from their portfolio don’t disappoint.

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Jeeves Table Lamp


Inspired by a classic British cultural icon, the Bowler Hat, the Jeeves Table Lamp features a minimal base that supports a classic bowler hat that is adjustable so you can tip it…

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Spooky Skull Chair by Vladi Rapaport

Skull Chair is an unusual skull shaped chair created by the Netherlands-based designer Vladi Rapaport. The author was inspired by Dutch pictorial art from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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5 Modern Resume Template Designs to Entice Employers


A lot of applicants are now realizing the importance of resume templates. It makes the whole process of building a more personalized self-marketing document without the need to hire a professional graphic artist to do the job. All you have to do is pick a design that suits your personality and industry, input your details and you’re set. Choosing one however can be a tough task so we’ve provided a few interesting samples that are sure to give you inspiration. Check out these great and unique modern CV templates that are sure to give more boost in presenting your qualifications to employers:

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