Bold Calendar Letterpress Project

Letterpress 17
This clean and professional set of letter-pressed cards is intended to be used as a weekly calendar. Created by Graphic Designer and Art Director Paul Dersidan, this amazing outcome shows off a set of custom crafted letters that beautifully illustrate each day of the week. The 3 letters that are repeated (D,A,Y), create a full clockwise rotation throughout the overall outcome. This suggests the passing of time, whereas the letterpress creates a crisp impression of the designs. More recently, Paul co-founded BLAU Creative, a small design studio in Bucharest. Be sure to check it out.

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Homeware Made from Vegetables and Fruits

Melbourne-based design studio Mathery decided to bring a new trend in the industry by creating a collection of dishware from vegetables and fruits entitled Fruit Ninja.

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Double O Light


Double O is the most simple, safe and secure bike lights around. The array of LED lights is specifically designed to be ultra-bright without being blinding. A hard-wearing, flexible strap attaches to the Double O’s to any part of your bike, bag or helmet. Uniquely, Double O’s are magnetic to make them clip together and, when not in use, thread them on to your bike lock to keep them virtually theft-proof.

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Young design talents on swartlab: Formaliz3d

FORMALIZ3D is a workshop in Milan, a laboratory of ideas, in which the three young designers Dario, Matteo and Simone, using prototyping technologies, give substance to shapes experimentation and to the most ambitious projects of contemporary design.


An innovative production process that revolves around the 3d printing: the products are handcrafted in Italy, without waste and stock, in a limited number of pieces. In this way was born the suspended lamps series Skeleton and Rumbles characterized by the dense network in which the light creates really special games. Available in different colors, they per fectly suited to any environment, making it unique and original.

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Tiny Guide To Huge Success: Your Business May Be Small, But Your Brand Can Be BIG

Tiny Guide To Huge Success: Your Business May Be Small, But Your Brand Can Be BIG

Branding your small business is vitally important, particularly in the current state of the economy. Branding includes everything from your website to your logo to the message you share on social media networks. You know branding is critical to your business, but where do you start? Your logo, your website, social media? With so many means of communication and social networks on the rise, it’s hard to find the most effective strategy.

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Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work


Founded in 2006, Behance is the world’s largest creative network, where millions of people showcase and discover creative work. Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work takes you inside the trends driving today’s most exciting art and design creations…

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Infinito LED Suspension Lamp


The Infinito is a LED suspension lamp by QisDesign for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Serves both as illuminating and atmospheric lighting. Inspired by the symbol of infinity “∞”, the Infinito LED ceiling lamp is segregate for different functionality through an elegant and simple twist; the big loop delivers warm white light for reading, while the other splendid neon allows you to create your own atmosphere freely.

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Ban Hun Lek’s Amazing Scrap Metal Sculptures Of Famous Movie Characters


If you want a cool and unique sculpture, then Ban Hun Lek might be your best bet. This metal workshop in Thailand has a number of artists who make amazing sculptures out of scrap metal. The workshop’s specialty is creating characters from sci-fi, comics and pop culture in general, but you can also find more abstract pieces. One of their best artists is Phairote, who created the awesome 8 and a half foot tall Hulk sculpture that you’ll see below. However, there are several great sculptors working out of the Ban Hun Lek workshop, all of whom produce excellent work. Let’s take a look at some of these incredible sculptures.

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Light Bulbs Adorned with Cityscapes

Designer David Graas created an interesting 3D-printed LED bulb featuring city skyscrapers emerging from the light.

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32 Absolutely Inspiring Examples of Typography

Great typography is always the soul of a brilliant design. Over the years, typography has become much more than just letters presenting content. Amazing typography combined with other graphical elements can take your designs to the next level. There are so many great typography designs out there and we have collected some of the best among them. So In this article, we are presenting 32 Absolutely Inspiring Examples of Typography. Thanks to the graphic designers for such great pieces of creativity. Go ahead and have a look!

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LuminAID PackLite 12


The LuminAid PackLite 12 is a very compact solar powered lantern that twists flat for easy portability and inflates to become a lightweight, water resistant lantern. It only weights 3.5 ounces and offers 12 hours of stable LED light or 32 hours in flashing mode for emergency situations. It has the perfect size for any tent or home in case of any power outage. Once used, just twist it flat and let it recharge with its high-efficiency solar panel.

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3D-Printed Dolls Of The Beatles Dressed In Their “Abbey Road” Outfits


Abbey Road is one of the world’s most famous cultural landmarks. Taipei-based studio producing film and graphic design, Bito recently created Bitoy, 3D-printed figurines. The first series to be released under this label is a set of four models namely the legendary musicians Beatles.

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Dazzling Ceiling Installation with Threads by Artist Gabriel Dawe


Texas-based artist Gabriel Dawe doesn’t stop impressing us with his installations of colorful threads Plexus. Dawe has arranged and pulled the individual strings taut, giving the illusion that they’re simply a projection of light.

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JUSTA, Experimental Identity


JUSTA legal group launched its business under the circumstances of fierce competition, unstable situation in Ukraine and target audience’s total distrust of the judicial system. After the revolution 2014, a lot of cases call for exceptional flexibility. The principal message is communicated by the slogan FLEXIBILITY WITHIN THE LAW. No advertising activity was planned.

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Ööloom sleeping masks


This project won the Grand Prix in Estonia’s most prestigious design awards competition “The Golden Egg” (Kuldmuna), taking gold medals in package design, illustration and corporate branding category.

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