The Rubber Barber Eraser

Designer Chen Lu Wei designed a fun set of erasers for Megawing that lets you feel like a barber when you use them.

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Mesmorizing Crystal-esque 3D Printed Pieces by Iris van Herpen



Dutch designer Iris van Herpen created his latest fashion collection in collaboration with Prof. Neri Oxman, Julia Koerner, Stratasys and Materialise. She combined traditional handwork techniques with modern day digital technology such as 3D printing and laser cutting.

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Young design talents on swartlab: MICROmacro

Sara Bernardi worked in the fields of architecture and design for many international renowned companies such as Fuksas, Graft, IaN+, between Italy and China before founding her own practice in Beijing.


Her work focuses on contradictions and dichotomies, grafting different scales and materials, mixing different identities and cultural influences.

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GQ Redesign Concept for Tablet

GQ is an international monthly men’s magazine based in New York City. The publication focuses on fashion, style, and culture for men. So i decided to give this magazine a redesign for the web experience. Main Platform for the Design, a tablet. Lets see how it works.

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History of Commerce: From Cattle to Bitcoin

Forget about ecommerce for a moment! Imagine trading one of your prized cattle for a piece of land to raise your family in 7000 BC. That’s how it was done back then. Boy how times have changed. Now think about the first ATM in 1972, and how remarkable it was for people to walk up to a magical machine that spewed out physical cash after a few button clicks.

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United Nude’s Shoe Concept At Milan Design Week 2015

United Nude+3D Systems presented innovative and unusual shoes at Milan Design Week 2015. Created by a select group of the worlds leading architects and designers.

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Johnson Tiles partners with ceramic artist Daphne Carnegy for London Craft Week

Johnson Tiles has announced an exciting new partnership with ceramic artist Daphne Carnegy and Contemporary Applied Arts to decorate The Crafted City pavilion, a new public commission funded by the Arts Council England. A series of beautiful porcelain murals produced at the Johnson Tiles factory in Stoke-on-Trent, will adorn a unique new arts space in London being unveiled for the inaugural London Craft Week (6-10 May).

The Crafted City Pavilion CAA LCW A&M

The Crafted City pavilion, image courtesy of Allies and Morrison & CAA

The Crafted City pavilion is the brainchild of Contemporary Applied Arts, London’s premier multi-disciplinary gallery devoted to fine British craft.

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Foldylock is a premium folding Bike lock that combines a high security level with a great look and fresh design. It is remarkably compact making it easy to carry. FoldyLock is a folding bike lock that combines the toughness of a U-lock with the versatility of a cable lock.

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Floral super bundle to spruce up your spring

If you are looking for a bundle that will spruce up your spring designs then this is definitely something for you. The guys at The Hungry Jpeg have an amazing deal. This HUGE floral bundle includes over 1900 illustrations and graphics, as well as 17 beautiful fonts. With this offer, you will save 96% on the original price, so you really need to check it out, hurry though as the bundle will only be available for the next 10 days.

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Below the Boat Wood Charts


Below the Boat Wood Charts lift the surface of the water away like a veil, exposing the often-overlooked, under-explored, awe-inspiring world that lies below. To those familiar with the floor of the ocean or the bed of a lake, it’s a beautiful reminder of the deep channels, sharp drop-offs, and mountainous landscapes that are hidden from normal view.

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Beautiful inspirational quotes for designers

Below are some of our favourite quotes for designers that we find especially inspiring. But there are hundreds more up there, so stay tuned for more.

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5in1 mega bundle v.15: vintage graphics

The guys at Dealjumbo are at it again, with their amazing 5in1 Mega Bundle volume 15. Can you believe its been 15 amazing bundles already, we can’t wait to see what the future brings. If you’re looking for some illustrations, Shapes, Graphics & Textures in one mega bundle, then this Jumbo Deal is just for you! With this offer, you will save more almost 94% on the original price, so there really shouldn’t be anything to consider, you need to get this bundle while it is still available.

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Organic Inspired Furniture: The Arboreus Bench By Rota Lab


Italian studio Rota-Lab created organic inspired forms made of solid ash and american walnut, begin to expand apartment in Rome. With its wooden rising and waving branches, this bench has been entirely made by hand with American walnut tree and massive ash.

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Graphic Screen Printed Posters

The launch of Studio January celebrating the love of print and design. Some beautiful posters to get our hands on.

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Playing Arts


A beautiful deck of unique playing poker cards individually designed by one of the 55 selected international artists… in their own individual style and technique.

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