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30 new tools & resources for designers (September 2014)

freebies 650x401 30 new tools & resources for designers (September 2014)
As you guys know, if you’re into web design, you always need to be on top of the newest technologies, apps and whatnot. So we’re trying to be useful by compiling the most interesting freebies and tutorials aimed at web designers out this month. Enjoy!

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Unusual Rolling Pins by Zuzia Kozerska

1403711357 1 640x427 Unusual Rolling Pins by Zuzia Kozerska
Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska came up with a great idea how to make great looking cookies at home. These rolling pins are made from wood and decorating by laser engraving.

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Furtif Evercut Knives

furtif evercut knives large 650x749 Furtif Evercut Knives

The laser-bonded titanium-carbide surface lasts 300 times longer than standard steel and 5 times longer than ceramic, according to third-party testing. In layman’s terms, that means the average user should only need to sharpen it once every 25 years!

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Live Making for The London Design Festival

Making Poster Glue Gun 650x919 Live Making for The London Design Festival

Ever wondered how a designer comes up with a particular theme? Or how a piece is created from start to finish? Now’s your chance to see it first-hand as some of the most exciting names in design host a special ‘Live Making’ session this month at London-based resource studio Material Lab.

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Awol x Poler Bike

awol poler bike large 650x750 Awol x Poler Bike

Outdoor brand Poler have collaborated with Specialized for this awesome adventure bike. The Poler X AWOL bike is an off road touring machine that comes with a custom front Pizza rack and Poler panniers.

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Creative Résumé Set

portfolio resume Creative Résumé Set

Looking for a creative way to get noticed and finally received this so expected phone call? Here’s a very attractive resume set that includes 2 resume versions and a cover letter template that will help you standout among the other candidates.

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Beautiful Steampunk Pub in Romania

1402500515 1 640x427 Beautiful Steampunk Pub in Romania
The small Romanian town of Cluj-Napoca now can become a place of attraction for the fans of HG Wells and Jules Verne. The design of this pub was created and implemented by the employees of 6th Sense studio.

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Creepy Tooth Soled Shoes by Fantich & Young

1401978717 1 640x452 Creepy Tooth Soled Shoes by Fantich & Young
Designers Dominica Young and Mariana Fantich from Fantich & Young design studio added to their line of footwear a unique model of shoes the sole of which is covered with dental implants.

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Stunning Design Superyacht

design superyacht 01 650x433 Stunning Design Superyacht

Take an exclusive look in this stunning Design Superyacht. 65 metres long and enough space for over 14 guests and other party-people. Yakuzi and a high-quality interior are only a few reasons to buy this superyacht. This yacht is perfect for the monaco casino and a long vacation stay.

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10 high quality crowdsourced logos

crowdsite 650x401 10 high quality crowdsourced logos
While still a very controversial concept, crowdsourcing has become extremely popular within the last two to three years. It used to be that if you needed something completed, like the creation of a company logo, then you would have to hire an expensive design company who would then return with a few ideas. And it’s still the right way, if you can afford that!

But today, however the world is much different and some are using crowdsourcing to get fast results for smaller budgets. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means that instead of using the traditional methods of hiring a company or a single freelancer, you are obtaining the needed services or content by collecting contributions from a large group of people or an online community.

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Handpicked Creative Logos for Your Business

nurse logo Handpicked Creative Logos for Your Business

Need a professional, unforgettable and eye-catching logo for your brand or just looking for inspiration? has selected the most creative handcrafted logo templates that follow the current industry design trends. The result is beautiful.

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Brillionaire jewelry

brillionaire gallery 650x431 Brillionaire jewelry

Flash site for Moscow Jewelry company – Brillionaire.

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Giveaway: Win a Ziiiro Eclipse watch

Giveaway Ziiiro feeldesain 01 630x320  Giveaway: Win a Ziiiro Eclipse watch
Feel Desain partnered up with Hong-Kong brand Ziiiro to gift one of our newsletter subscribers the black Eclipse watch, with a commercial value of 197$.

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Shoe Bakery – Shoes That You’ll Wanna Eat

1401296549 1 640x544 Shoe Bakery   Shoes That Youll Wanna Eat
Each pair of shoes released under the brand name Shoe Bakery is made by hand. The process takes between three and six weeks.

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The Science Deck -Playing Cards

courtsmmmtstraightc 650x344 The Science Deck  Playing Cards
A deck designed by combining art, science and games.

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