Iconic Books And Films Reimagined As Handmade Works Of Art

Some of the world’s most iconic books and films have been reimagined in stunning style, with a series of beautiful handmade covers and posters.

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4 Useful and Beautiful Mockups for Designer


When it comes to a mobile user interface design presentation these phone mock-ups will really come in handy. One of the important points to consider in UI design presentation is to make it looks natural as possible. To give a real preview of the original product to thee client or the public is really time consuming and need a lot of effort. Here is the set of iPhone 5 mockups. They served us well, hope you will find them useful too.

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The OFFBITS are Kickstarting To Fund The New Generation Of Toys!

01_All_Product 2

The OFFBITS are cool little model robots which come in build-it-yourself kits, originally designed with unused and unloved bits and pieces which were upcycled and transformed into something so much greater. The kits’ open-source modularity means you can add any of your own “spare parts” to the robot figure, tweak it, and create a whole new robot design of your own!

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Scrapwood Decor Tiles

Wall Tiles with Scrapwood Effect - InteriorZine
Scrapwood is a porcelain stoneware interpretation of the genuine feel of reused wood, currently very much in fashion. Scrapwood boards are a practical way of covering tables, worktops, decorative panels and other interior design features, with amazing results.

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All New Free Business Card Templates by Cardzest.com

Stylish Minty Green Business Card Template
A newly launched site that provides high quality business card templates for free download. If you’re thinking of creating business card either for yourself, your business or clients, do take a look at our site. From corporate to modern minimalist designs, we’re pretty sure you’ll find one that fits your style.

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Mtnglo Tents


Remember when tents didn’t have lights? Introducing the Big Agnes mtnGLO Collection, a series of tents and accessories designed to light up your camp and backcountry experience. Illuminated with patent-pending mtnGLO Tent Light Technology featuring LED lights integrated into the tent body, this collection is a source of not only convenient ambient light at the click of a button, but all the comfort and security that comes along with it. The LEDs are bright enough for you to sort gear, play cards, change clothes, or simply get up in the middle of the night without blinding your tent mate with a bright beam of light.

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12 Most Inventive Rings Ever


A ring signifies who you are — it can be a symbol of power, of love, or of inner beauty. Therefore, when artists take the time to truly express themselves in the form of a ring, the result is often a sight to behold.

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Dr. Fibonazi’s Plastic Surgery Clinic

Now we can make your face look gorgeous, thanks to Josef Fibonazi’s new surgery technique! During the surgery we arrange your face features to match the perfect “Fibonacci ratio”. Yet another Fibonacci homework by Igor Kkk.

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PolyWall – Low Poly Wallpaper

PolyWall - Low Poly Wallpaper

PolyWall is One Slick Low-Poly Wallpaper. Haeck Design made April’s wallpaper with high definition textured vectors, a minimal look, and several color varieties. Available as a free download today.

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Superhero Post-It Mural made of 8.000 Sticky Notes in an San Francisco-based Office


San Francisco-based designer Ben Brucker decided to freshen up the boring plain walls of his workspace and created this Superhero Post-It mural by sticking more than 8000 square sticky notes on the walls. Final result is pretty awesome even tough it’s a temporary artwork.

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Hyperrealistic Icons by CreativeDash

California-based design studio CreativeDash creates hyperrealistic icons of an amazing beauty.

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SHIBUI – the anatomically correct belt

BUNA (1)

A Kickstarter project by Bogdan Isopescu, attempting to reinvent the leather belt. A craftsman’s take on minimalism and ergonomics and his response to ‘planned obsolescence’.

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Tentsile Trillium Hammock


With the Trillium hammock, the tree set-up configurations become almost unlimited. Stack 1, 2 or 3 under your tent to create the multifloor outdoor living environments. Trillium hammocks can be used to add sleeping space for additional numbers of fellow campers, or simply to expand the space of your tree tent for extra gear, shoes, dogs and wet stuff.

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Fallen Tree Bench by Benjamin Graindorge

Fallen Tree is a minimalist bench created by the designer Benjamin Graindorge from a glass slab and a carved oak tree.

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Sand Light by alien and monkey

The Sand Light lamps were designed by the alien and monkey studio. To create this lamp were used traditional ceramic processing technologies and sand.

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