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The Urban Storage Unit

USU 1 The Urban Storage Unit
Anyone residing within the downtown city limits knows just how limited space can be, and that’s exactly why the Urban Storage Unit (USU) is so great. Simply set it up over your parking spot, and you’ve got a metal locker capable of holding 1,000 pounds of stuff.

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10 fantastic free thin line icon sets

1197 650x487 10 fantastic free thin line icon sets

With the emergence of the flat design trend leading the way for the past year, thin line icon sets have been increasingly popular. We all love icons, especially those well designed, clean and minimalistic icon sets that seem to work just right in our layout. So it’s a good idea to have a good collection of icons at your disposal.

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The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

the mason jar cocktail shaker large 650x939 The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

The classic Ball Jar has been turned into a cocktail shaker! This Mason Shaker features a real 32 oz. glass Mason Jar and a 3 piece stainless steel strainer lid, so you can whip up 2 to 4 cocktails whenever the moment strikes. Measures 8.5″ tall.

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LEGO Unveils Official Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Set

Buster 1 LEGO Unveils Official Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Set
After a few unofficial LEGO Ghostbusters sets hit the scene, the iconic toymaker decided it was time to give fans what they’ve been asking. The brand will release the first ever, official Ghostbusters LEGO set this summer, complete with minifigs.

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How to Make the Move into Freelancing

how to make the move into freelancing1 How to Make the Move into Freelancing

If you’ve been working for awhile and feel the need for a change, you should considering taking a shot at freelancing. Almost everyone that I know has thought, at one time or another, about working independently. Some have a passion that they want to develop while others dream of being able to use their work time creatively.

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Edible Pantone Pairings by David Schwen

1362481281 4 640x640 Edible Pantone Pairings by David Schwen
American artist and designer from Minneapolis, named David Schwen, created a series of images, using meal attributes to offer us his own vision of colors.

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Floor Plans of Movies and TV Shows Apartments and Houses

1362386239 0 640x640 Floor Plans of Movies and TV Shows Apartments and Houses
Spanish interior designer Inaki Aliste Lizarralde wondered how would look real filming locations of well-known TV shows and movies.

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Toolbox by Aurelien Barbry

leibal toolbox barbry 1 650x649 Toolbox by Aurelien Barbry
Toolbox is a minimalist design created by Denmark-based designer Aurelien Barby. The Toolboxes are designed to be serving trays and magazine & newspaper boxes, they both works perfectly as storage for numerous things in every room of your house. The design has an immediate emotional attraction with the clear reminiscent of an old carpenter toolbox, transformed into contemporary design. The toolboxes are in Ash and handmade in Denmark.

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The Furies Knife Set | by Base Camp X

basecampx the furies knife set large 650x444 The Furies Knife Set | by Base Camp X

Consisting of 3 forged throwers and a hand crafted knife roll, the Furies are a blend of perfect balance and rugged aesthetic. 2 Frontier inspired knives and 1 Pro X Thrower that will be sure to assist you in becoming an expert hurler in no time

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Spooky Skull-Shaped Doorknobs

Skull 1 Spooky Skull Shaped Doorknobs
A doorknob is just a doorknob right? Well not exactly. Seeing how popular skulls have become in home decor these last few years, it only makes sense that you would outfit your man cave with some awesome skull-shaped doorknobs.

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Zeus | Snow Shovel and Rush

zeus snow shovel and brush large 650x583 Zeus | Snow Shovel and Rush

Zeus is a vehicle cleaning tool that’s light on its feet, combining a shovel, brush and reflectors into one compact design. The ergonomic handle contains reflectors, which can serve as an emergency beacon. Best of all, these features all break down to fit neatly in your trunk.

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Tissue Case Cover by Oji & Design

leibal tissueboxcover oji 11 Tissue Case Cover by Oji & Design
Tissue Case Cover is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Oji & Design. The designers wanted to create a tissue box that was ostensibly a regular wooden box. Only by opening the flap do users reveal the hidden tissue box inside. The box can also serve as a storage compartment for accessories used in conjunction with tissues such as nail clippers or cotton swabs.

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How to Rebrand Your Business

branding logo design1 How to Rebrand Your Business

The world is constantly changing, and so is your business. No matter how great your values and ideals were twenty years ago, if they don’t need an upgrade, at the very least you should consider marketing them differently. Since nothing stays the same way for too long, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you need to rebrand your business at some point.

Rebranding isn’t something you do on a Saturday evening. It take time, patience, and brain power to implement. Like many procedures, this one requires some baby steps. Today we will take a look at how you can successfully rebrand your company. All you need is the motivation to do it and some extra time, costs come later but you’ll make them back in no time.

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Square Icons – Download Free PSD

square icons 650x393 Square Icons   Download Free PSD
These Square Shape Icons is very useful to use in any of your personal or commercial project. All the icons are vector based designed in Photoshop. Download Free PSD from WebDesignHood. Download Here


Getting Your Design Priorities Right in 2014

responsive psd shot11 Getting Your Design Priorities Right in 2014

Web design, for a long time now, has always been about the looks. It’s been about the colors, the typography, and the language used to build a website or the core platform the website is based on. With a judicious mix of concepts, wireframes, graphics, content, and overall planning, websites would come alive. They’d make it to the “designers” hall of fame or gain massive recognition among the design community, but are these websites worth the money being spent on them?

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