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Handmade Game of Thrones Action Figures

Game 1 650x433 Handmade Game of Thrones Action Figures
Dublin designer Mick Minogue took his love for Game of Thrones to the next level, creating an entire series of hand crafted action figures inspired by George R.R. Marin’s books – and the HBO show of course.

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The New Barbie: Meet the Doll with an Average Woman’s Proportions

156 The New Barbie: Meet the Doll with an Average Woman’s Proportions
Pittsburgh artist Nickolay Lamm, launched a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture Barbie-inspired dolls with average measurements as an alternative to the Mattel original.

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Original Bookshelves

1370326070 1 640x640 Original Bookshelves
Designers continue to amaze us with their fantasies. Today we will talk about bookshelves.

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Vinicius Araujo’s Portfolio

138 650x424 Vinicius Araujos Portfolio
Vinicius Araujo (aka Vinny) is a Brazilian Designer and Art Director currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.

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Bu Proje Olmazsa Olmaz!

03 seks SON1 650x920 Bu Proje Olmazsa Olmaz!
New project of Turkish graphic designer Furkan ŞENER.

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45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

tumblr mvsa0rbe9n1qh2jkmo1 128011 45 Creative Gig Poster Designs

If you didn’t know by now, gig poster collecting started out in the 60′s and the tradition is still going strong today. In fact, the community is bigger that ever. Indie music fanatics around the world have turned into collectors. This isn’t some small fad or trend, there are entire online communities/marketplaces solely dedicated to buying and selling custom gig posters.

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Feelings and thoughts

PFast1 Feelings and thoughts
Feelings and thoughts are new series of graphic design and typography posters by Adi Dizdarevic.

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Creative Coffee Rack “Days of the Week”

Coffee 1 Creative Coffee Rack Days of the Week
Inspired by the day of the week pill boxes, Meriwether Montana created the Days of the Week coffee rack. This handmade apparatus puts your weekly caffeine dose on display in a beautiful way.

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30 beautiful ecommerce websites

12 650x419 30 beautiful ecommerce websites
It’s no secret we’re big fans of Shopify here at Inspired Mag, especially because it raised the bar quite high for ecommerce sites. As we’ll see below, you simply can’t go wrong by using their templates.

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Contracts and Documents: Free Legal Resources for Freelancers

free legal resources1 Contracts and Documents: Free Legal Resources for Freelancers

We all know that sometimes it’s tough when employers refuse to pay you, claim your work, and ask you to go far and beyond what your initial job entailed. So, what can we do to protect ourselves from scams, terrible employers and other annoyances while we are just trying to make a living?

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Marvel & DC Underwear Print

il fullxfull.519789364 f2md 650x650 Marvel & DC Underwear Print
Can you guess them all without looking? These bright and colourful prints feature 60 of the post popular Superhero and Supervillain undies. Created by Toronto based art shop Design Different.

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Chess Set Made From Tools

Tool 12 Chess Set Made From Tools
Chess sets come in all shapes and sizes, but a Michigan based father and son team decided to create a set made specifically for the man cave. This chess set features 32 handcrafted pieces made from actual tools.

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Urban Beehive | by Philips

philips urban beehive large 650x517 Urban Beehive | by Philips

The urban beehive is a concept for keeping bees at home. The beehive is designed to allow us a glimpse into the fascinating world of these industrious creatures and to harvest the honey that they produce.

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Mini Museum

mini museum large 650x793 Mini Museum

The mini museum is a portable collection of curiosities where every item is authentic, iconic and labeled. Each mini museum is a handcrafted, individually numbered limited edition.

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Save your valuable time – Assistor PS

as header en 650x422 Save your valuable time   Assistor PS

When we work on a design, we waste more time than we think. Especially as our job nears its end, we must find out the figures for each layer (size, coordinates, spacing, etc.), mark them according to unit, and cut out each layer one by one.

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