Red Bull Energy Drink Playful Mario Packaging


Mario appealing to the world of fungi to rescue Princess peach from the evil bowser pixel needs to leave and move to a more active and stronger way so a bottle of Red Bull grant him the strength to get out of the box and save the princess. Designed by Jhonatan Ayala

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The Toy Résumé: a Creative Way of Getting Noticed

Paper and electronic résumés are a thing of the past. We’re at a time where you have to set yourself apart creatively! Graphic designer, Evan Light has come up with a unique way of offering his services to potential employers. Evan Light has been a freelance designer for nearly a decade and has recently decided it was time for a change. His goal was to create a small version of himself to be around when he’s wasn’t.

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The Coolest And Most Creative Coaster Designs

Coasters can be made out of so many interesting materials like, cork, wood, cardboard or cloth. Drink advertisements are the perfect pairing for this medium. You can give the consumer a message, special offer or merely brand awareness while they support your product. These coasters are extremely useful for keeping moisture off any surface and will surely be entertaining while enjoying your refreshing drink.

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30 Examples of Packaging Designs that Scream “Buy Me!”

The Fine Cheese Co Toasts for Cheese

Let’s get one thing straight. Packaging design is very important, whether you like to admit it or not.

With tons of different products available to the average consumer, companies are constantly fighting each other to get your dollar. From pricing gimmicks to product placement, food companies are trying to get a leg up on the other guy each and every way possible.

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30 Fresh & Creative Product Packaging Designs

Creative packaging whether if it’s for a consumer product or for marketing material can mean the success of downfall of your product. Here are some fresh and creative product packaging designs we’ve found scattered throughout the internet. Perhaps some of these examples will inspire you when it comes to creating that unique direct mail piece or street marketing handout. It never hurts to get a little creative and try something new and out of the box!

Hope you enjoy!

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The Paper Skin

Leica X2 special edition with an amazing Constellation Jade paper skin by Fedrigoni.

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How The World’s Armies Are Fed In The Field


The German ration pack contains several sachets of grapefruit and exotic juice powder to add to water, and Italian biscotti, but also more familiar treats such as liver-sausage spread and rye bread, goulash with potatoes, and for breakfast sour cherry and apricot jams.

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Volkswagen | The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Calendar

Thousands of calendars are sent out every year. We didn’t see a need to make another one. Especially when nowadays most people actually use calendars on their phones or computers instead.

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25 Sweet Jam Jar Labels & Packaging Design Ideas

Today I am showcasing 25 sweet jam jar labels & packaging design ideasfor the inspiration so the designers can get the notions how the packaging designs should go with the product that is, to be precisely an eatable. Have a gaze at the following collection.

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Underwood Wine in a Can

It’s hard to keep your pinky up when you’re drinking wine from a 375 mL can. This is the most approachable and ready-to-travel anywhere wine, whether you’re sitting in a hot tub after a good day of riding or heading where other wines dare not travel, this wine has you covered without sacrificing the craft taste Union is known for.

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Fruit Juice Packaging Designs for Inspiraton

When we talk about food packaging, it should be pleasing, appetizing, tempting, delicious, tantalizing and of course scrumptious.  An alluring food packaging grabs the buyers and boosts its selling among the masses. So packaging ought to catch ones attention to be precisely. It should be designed in a way so as to satiate the aesthetics of the consumer that he won’t go for any second option and will become a forever costumer of the product.

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Soviet Blood Candy with a Real Blood

The Soviet Blood Candy has been known for 70 years now! Restless decades of salvation from starving and hunger. It is all about sweet candy of blood.

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Examples of Attractive Packaging Design

Packaging Design Inspiration
Effective packaging design breaks away from the standard rules and conventions that we are accustomed to, giving the product a unique edge to stand out from the rest. Marketing and designers have tremendous power to grab customer’s interest with their skills and creativity ideas. With the use of illustration, color, typography and even various packaging materials, a beautiful and attractive packaging can boost the selling and stands out from the rack of competitors.

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“Twister Sisters” Package

“Twister Sisters” is a female cosmetics complex for teens’ skin care. “Twister Sisters”, for girls, who have just started or already use decorative cosmetics. It gives an opportunity of individual choice of cosmetics for daily cleaning and caring of young face skin (facial washing gel, make up remover, lips toner). “Twister Sisters” visual idea is based on representation of best friends, who do everything together and share everything. “Twister Sisters” gives a girl a chance to make her own, individual combination of cosmetics depending on the type of skin and features of the chosen product.

Student project by designer Olkas Voron.

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