World Class Athletes Pose Nude for ‘ESPN the Magazine’s’ “Body Issue”


In what is becoming an annual tradition, ESPN the Magazine has just unveiled the images from their provocative but tasteful body issue. Stripping down and showcasing varying physiques from that of football players, swimmers, boxers, motosports competitors, tennis players and more, the likes of Venus Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Coco Ho, Nigel Sylvester, Megan Rapinoe, Travis Pastrana, Serge Ibaka, Prince Fielder, Ginger Huber, Angel McCoughtry, Michael Phelps, Danyelle Wolf, Omar Gonzalez, Aja Evans, Tomas Berdych, Amy Purdy, Bernard Hopkins, Marshawn Lynch, Jamie Anderson, Hillary Knight, and Jimmy Spithill are all on display in their respective birthday suits. While select images appear above, head here to see the entire photoset.

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For the Love of Football!

Argentina fans cheer before the 2014 World Cup Group F soccer match between Argentina and Iran at the the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte June 21, 2014. (Photo by Sergio Perez/Reuters)

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Epic Event, Rad Trophies to Benefit a Great Cause

First, Second and Third Place Recycled Skateboard Trophies by Deckstool for Skatefest 2014

The guys at Deckstool decided to do something a little different this year when it came time for their annual donation to SkateFest / Sk8 for a Cause in Fairfax, VA. Rather than give products to be raffled as they have the previous years, they decided the design and build custom recycled skateboard trophies for the event.

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ArticSilver Fly Rods


The world’s most exciting and innovative rod concept is now a reality. With the internationally patented Free-Flex℗ concept, a whole new category of fly fishing rods is born. To be able to withstand great stress and power exertion, the handle is cast in high-modular carbon-fibre based materials that provide extreme strength and stability.

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Sensor Packed miCoach Smart Ball Improves Your Game


Kick the ball and see results. The sensor in the miCoach Smart Ball provides near–instant feedback on speed, spin, trajectory and strike point, so you can learn from every kick. With coaching tips and guidance you’ll perfect your foot plant, strike point and follow throught, so your long ball finds its mark every time.

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What a Bunch of Bright Sparks

A group of skydivers have taken their hobby to an extreme level by setting off fireworks as they leap from planes.

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Swamp Soccer

Players battle for the ball during their match at the swamp soccer China tournament in Beijing, June 26, 2014. The 32 teams from across the country participated in the soccer event to celebrate the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. (Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters)

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Cliff Slip and Slide in 50 Feet filmed with Hi-Tech Cameras


Outfitted with an impressive repertoire of camera tech, from stabilizers to super powerful 4K-capable digital cameras, Devon Graham’s crew can shoot in 1000 frames per second, the secret behind their wonderfully crisp slow-motion shots.

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Surf The Sky With The Rocky Mountain Flyboard


You can welcome the summer of 2014 by trying out the hottest new extreme water sport to hit the oceans – flyboarding. It looks magnificent even when not in use, but imagine seeing somebody hurtling through the air with a trail of saltwater behind them, bathed in sunlight and foam. Now that’s something worth saving up for.

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Atlas Fitness Identifies And Tracks Your Workout

The Atlas fitness tracker identifies your individual exercises, counts your reps and sets, calculates the calories you burn, measures your heart rate and evaluates your form, all while giving live feedback and looking extremely badass on your wrist. Quantify your workout in the most precise way available, with this wearable device that measures your success – your only responsibility is to do your workout.

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World Cup Jerseys for Flight Attendants in China

Flight attendants wearing Brazil soccer team jerseys walk along the aisle on an airplane travelling from Kunming to Hangzhou June 23, 2014. A Chinese airline company renovated the cabin of one of its flights then dressed the flight attendants with soccer jerseys as a way to celebrate the 2014 Brazil World Cup and hoping to attract more customers, local media reported. (Photo by Wong Campion/Reuters)

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Painted Fans of the Brazil World Cup 2014

A USA soccer fan waits for their team’s game against Portugal at the FIFA Fan Fest on Copacabana beach June 22, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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Pretty Fangirls of the World Cup 2014

A South Korean football fan reacts during a public screening in Seoul of the South Korea vs Russia football match at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, early on June 18, 2014. Giant television screens were erected around Seoul ahead of the country’s first game at the 2014 Brazilian World Cup. South Korea drew with Russia leaving both countries trailing Belgium who head the Group H table after beating Algeria 2-1 earlier. (Photo by Ed Jones/AFP Photo)

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Brazil Soccer Calendar by Tim Tadder

A 2014 Soccer Calendar, inspired by the World Cup, and commissioned by a beer company (we can’t provide client info) featuring women doing the 12 most famous moves in soccer. Tim Tadder traveled around Brazil shooting the backgrounds and collaborated with the talented Mike Campau to blend the scenes together to create a truely unique set of images.

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The Real Life Flying Water Hoverboard

The Real Life Flying Water Hoverboard1 (16)
Back in 2011, French jet ski champion Franky Zapata launched the Flyboard, which sent swimmers skyward propelled by a jet of water. Three years on he’s put a new spin on the idea, revealing the Hoverboard by ZR. This new extreme-sport lives up to its futuristic namesake and offers riders an experience that sits somewhere between surfing and flyboarding.

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