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Boxing Before and After by Howard Schatz

1395 Boxing Before and After by Howard Schatz
Cecilio Santos, Super Featherweight

Boxing is a sport more often associated with brute violence than with aesthetics. But photographer Howard Schatz has turned thuggish fighters into the subjects of extraordinary portraits showing the beautiful side of pugilism. The stunning pictures, collected in a new book, took six years to capture as Mr Schatz sought to investigate every aspect of the controversial sport.

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Pole Dancing in the Snow

040 Pole Dancing in the Snow
Those pictures were taken on December 17, 2013 shows a pole dancers practising after it snowed in Tianjin during a promotional event by members of China’s national pole dancing team and students of the sport. (Photos by AFP Photo)

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The 5th annual Santa Run in Michendorf, Germany

1167 The 5th annual Santa Run in Michendorf, Germany
Photos from the 5th annual Michendorf Santa Run (Michendorfer Nikolauslauf) on Sunday, December 8, 2013 in Michendorf, Germany. Over 900 people took part in this year’s races. Photos by Adam Berry/Getty Images.

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Weird Sports Pictures of November 2013

1143 Weird Sports Pictures of November 2013
West Bromwich Albion’s Saido Berahino (front) is challenged by Manchester City’s Fernandinho during their English Premier League soccer match at The Hawthorns in West Bromwich, central England December 4, 2013. (Photo by Eddie Keogh/Reuters)

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Killspencer Athletics Collection

killspencer athletics collection large 650x444 Killspencer Athletics Collection

Killspencer have presented their “Athletics Collection”, a line of vintage inspired sports products, icncluding baseball bats, footballs, boxing gear and soccer balls.

full collection at

Miss Pole Dance South America 2013

1256 Miss Pole Dance South America 2013
A Chilean participant in the Miss Pole Dance South America 2013 competition performs in in front of the obelisk in Republica Square in downtown Buenos Aires on November 22, 2013 ahead of the contest to be held on November 23 and 25 in the city. (Photo by Juan Mabromata/AFP Photo)

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Surf’s UP: A Film About Surfers From NYC

SurfNewYork 1 Surf’s UP: A Film About Surfers From NYC

Mikey DeTemple takes you on a trip from New York City to Montauk – packed with some surfboards, camera gear, a few friends and an E-Class. Enjoy the ride!

SurfNewYork 2 Surf’s UP: A Film About Surfers From NYC

SurfNewYork 7 Surf’s UP: A Film About Surfers From NYC


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Marseille Zoo episode 3, french skateboarding video.

Filmed and edited by Rémi Luciani.

Here’s the latest episode of Marseille Zoo skate video filmed in Marseille’s streets.(France)

We have spent 3 month of straight shooting, directly after receiving the new VX camcorder, we tried to give a real street looking to the video, by skating on new spots and unknown places.

We wanted to expose everyone how Marseille is such a beautiful and unique city by making a skateboarding video in its streets.

Our goal is to show everyone what skateboarding means to us by showing everyone our audiovisual project.

Click on any of these two images to watch the video on Youtube.

Antoine Riviere – Crooked grind

Marseille zoo ep3 VX.Image fixe020 650x520 Marseille Zoo episode 3, french skateboarding video.

Yensi Lama, pushing down the streets:

Marseille zoo ep3 VX.Image fixe0091 650x520 Marseille Zoo episode 3, french skateboarding video.

PILLOWS OF ROCK (Surfing Clip)

PillowofRock 02 PILLOWS OF ROCK (Surfing Clip)

Big Wave Chargers Shane Dorian, Ian Walsh, Mark Healey, Isaac Stant tackling the first swell of the season at Jaws aka Peahi on the North Shore of Maui – not suitable for imitation!


Spotted at WhUDAT

The BMC Alpenchallenge AC01

bmc alpenchallenge ac01 2 650x433 The BMC Alpenchallenge AC01
Just say yes to faster. Mark their words “the fastest bike” a signature by Switzerland’s BMC alpenchallenge AC01. Bragging as the best of any model seen yet on the BMC track, it offers faster looks, feels, turns, climbs, and adaptability.

More info here:

Top 10 amazing adventures around the world

If you are a person that like adventure, and like to travel around the world looking for new adventures,here you´ll find  some amazing activities to experiment in your life. From extreme sports, coming face to face with sharks and lions, these adventures activities will be sure to appeal the adrenaline junky in you.
1. Safari in Kenya, Africa
If you´re passionate about wildlife, travel to Kenya is a unique experience that you can´t miss. In this country, one of the best adventures that you can have, is to do a safari and have the possibility of contact with wildlife.
FIRST PHOTO Wildebeest and Zebra on the Serengeti2 Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
2. Swimming with sharks, South Africa
Travel to Cape Town, and dive into the ocean next to one of the most dangerous animals in the world – white shark  -
isn´t for all persons, but it´s certainly an exciting adventure.
Swim With Great White Sharks 171 Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
3. White water rafting in Alaska, USA
This outdoor adventure, combines aventure with awe-inspiring nature.
rafting chile 6483 600x4501 Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
4. Paragliding in Mendonza, Argentina
Paragliding is a activity that you can do almost anywhere in the world, where you can find a mountain. But in Mendonza, the best thing of paragliding is the mountains view.
activity imgs 6790db60afa0fdbcbc00b978b8f97dbe main Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
5. Zorbing in Rotorua, New Zealand
This is an activity that has grown around the world. This activity is to climb a mountain, and rolling down the hill inside a large plastic ball.
Zorb Rotorua1 Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
6. Skiing or Snowboarding in Whistler, Canada
For lovers of snow sports – ski or snowboard – Whistler Blackcomb in Canada, is one of the best places to do it.
backcountry snowboarding Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
7. Surfing in Bondi, Australia
Surfing, is another amazing activities that you can try around the world. One of the best countries for do it, is in Bondi,Australia. Learning to surf on Bondi Beach means to learn from the experts.
Surfing Shipstern Bluff Tasmania Australia Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
8. Bridge climbing in Sydney, Australia
Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of those activities that you must do. You will be rewarded with the most spectacular views across one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Bridge Climb1 Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
9. Bungee jumping in Quenstown, New Zealand
In Quenstown, the Bungee Jumping  is a popular adventure.
ajhl710250073728 Top 10 amazing adventures around the world
10. Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland
 The last adventure that you can´t miss is this. Jump from a plane and enjoy the scenery of the Swiss Alps
scenic air ag 141 Top 10 amazing adventures around the world

Bowboard Scooter

Bowboard Scooter 650x433 Bowboard Scooter BOWBOARD™ propels you using gravity, your body and its patented technology. When you step down on the bow, it drives you forward.
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EvoGrips1 650x433 EvoGripsEveryday gym grip attachments to Improve Comfort, Increase Grip Strength, and Activate Neglected Muscles.. The improved grip shape and position promotes an increase in arm muscle activation while decreasing user discomfort.

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Leikr GPS Sports Watch

leikr 2 770x500 650x422 Leikr GPS Sports Watch
In a nutshell, Leikr is a cutting-edge training device that aims to do nothing less than revolutionize the way people train. Leikr is made up of a group of former Nokia engineers. They are also passionate runners, bikers, triathletes, swimmers, marathoners, and active athletes. During their training the group of friends tried different GPS watches and were never completely satisfied with them: too bulky, too difficult to operate, slow in getting the GPS signal, small screens and little. Click here to watch a video demo as well as view more images of the Leikr GPS Sports Watch.

Source: REIGN23

Indigo 180° Visor

1400414 680941458606423 106772463 o 650x444 Indigo 180° Visor

The INDIGO 180° VISOR is the first detachable lens for snow sports helmets. The combination between the INDIGO ski helmet and visor replaces classic ski goggles. The innovative visor fits comfortably over a pair of glasses and is therefore the ultimate solution for spectacle wearers. The design, reduced to the bare essentials, provides a 180° panorama view. The specially shaped high-tech lens has protective edging and is extremely flexible. The anti-fog coating and three layers of foam padding around the frame ensure draught-free ventilation, and thus provide the best prevention against fogging.

More details at