Photoshop’s Eraser Tool in the Streets of London

British duo of street artists Tayfun Sarier and Guus ter Beek, representing the independent studio of advertising Wieden+Kennedy, launched on the streets of London an original project called Street Eraser.

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Bicycle Street Art by Mart

Argentinian street artist known under the pseudonym Mart started drawing bike frescoes at a pretty young age. He created his first work when he was only 12 years old.

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Projeto Giganto: Portraits on the Streets of Sao Paulo

In the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo appear more and more large-scale portraits on walls and bridge abutments. The people depicted in these images live far away from the city and it’s very improbable that they would ever come here. The person behind the Projeto Giganto is artist Raquel Brust.

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Playful Street Art by Fra.Binacoshock

Milan based Italian street artist who calls himself Fra.Biancoshock makes passersby smile and often participate in his works.

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New Mural by Dale Grimshaw in Camden


Dale Grimshaw recently spent a few days working on this new piece somewhere on the streets of London, UK. The image is his usual Tribes People that the artist has been using in all of his recent murals.

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Colorful Street Art by Eduardo Kobra


Eduardo Kobra is a famous Brazilian street artist. His works can be found in many cities, and he has his own recognizable style.

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ROA New Pieces in Djerba // Tunisia


While he’s currently painting a massive piece in Sweden, ROA recently stopped by North Africa to paint for the Djerbahood project in Djerba, Tunisia.

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Original Street Art on Utility Boxes by Paul Walsh

New Zealand based self-taught artist Paul Walsh works in several fields. He paints, created original prints for t-shirts, and in spare time draws on the streets of his native Oakland.

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Cheerful Street Art by Pizza and Pixels

Aiden Glynn is a talented Canadian street artist, who is better known by his pseudonym Pizza and Pixels. He works as a designer and animator, but this does not prevent him to express himself on the city streets.

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30 Pieces of Banksy Street Art


Banksy is not only a street artist. He is a visual activist, a fighter for human rights, a director. He is an institution, while his true identity remains unknown. His clever visual puns are today the key ingredient of the graffiti art scene, while stirring up a lot of controversy. They stand for the truth, freedom and equality, but they are sold as one of the most coveted commodities on the art market. The discussion on whether Banksy is a vandal or not is still on, but his art has definitely made the pages of art history.

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Owl ” Fatcaps – graffiti artist

owl graffiti

OWL is a graffiti artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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“We Own The Future” – New Mural by Shepard “Obey” Fairey in Chicago


With The Provocateurs set open on July 31st at Block 37 in Chicago, some of the street artists involved have been hard at work getting up around town, not the least of which was Shepard Fairey, who curated the massive group exhibition. Placed on Wabash & 9th on one of Columbia College’s buildings and entitled We Own The Future, the mural will be a welcome addition to Chi-town’s cityscape.

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Polish Artist Covers City Streets In Intricate Lace Patterns


Just because street art is a relatively modern development doesn’t mean that it should only feature modern artistic styles. NeSpoon, a street artist in Poland, creates beautiful pieces of street art that imitate intricate traditional lacework.

Nespoon doesn’t limit herself to just spray paint and stencils, either (as fantastic as they are). For some pieces, she has filled sidewalk cracks with cement that she then decorated with her elegant designs. For others, she has created webs of actual crocheted lace doilies in public spaces. Her art is proof that almost any sort of artistic medium can be brought into public spaces through street art.

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Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique Mural In NYC by Danielle Mastrion


Brooklyn artist Danielle Mastrion created a mural honoring the 25th anniversary of the Beasties’ sophomore LP, Paul’s Boutique, at the very location shown on the album cover, in the LES.

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Downtown Los Angeles – L.A. Architecture and Streetart from Above


Above the grit and noise of the street, downtown Los Angeles quietly provides some of the most amazing visual detail in its buildings and public art works. This is a selection of those buildings and public arts filmed across some 50 different locations in the immediate downtown area and the arts district.

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