GPS Drawings Made by Riding a Bike

Cyclist Christopher Wallace maps out routes that resemble various characters, and then he rides the routes while tracking his movements using GPS. (more pictures here)

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MAGNOLIUS – Selaron by Nuno Barbosa

TORONTO – Until Nuno Barbosa created the new ‘Selaron’ music video for MAGNOLIUS, famed Brazilian artist Jorge Selaron was unaware that the Toronto based hip-hop duo had written a song about him.

To highlight the song from their award winning sophomore album Mary Musth, MAGNOLIUS held a music video contest and received submissions from around the world, but only one captured the heart of the track.

MAGNOLIUS visited Rio de Janeiro’s Escadaria Selaron (Selaron’s Staircase) while touring in 2008 and found inspiration on the mosaic tiled steps that symbolize harmony and cultural independence. A global destination where countries are marked by their own vibrant patch of stone, the iconic hand-made stairway by Jorge Selaron is also featured in Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful” and U2’s “Walk On” music videos.

A graphic artist with Dreamlab, Nuno Barbosa is based in Aveiro, Portugual, where he was moved by the song’s lyrics and jazz-infused beat. “This music video was a pleasure to make,” says Barbosa. “When I found out the song was inspired by Jorge Selaron, I thought of the Gaudi-like style that he used in creating the ever-evolving masterpiece. I looked for places that were grey or dismal so that I could bring them to life.”

By chance, Barbosa contacted his friend J. Goncalves who was visiting Rio de Janeiro. Goncalves in turn reached out to Selaron and met with him on the famous steps, camera in hand, bringing the song around the world and back to the spot where it all began.

Watch the video for ‘Selaron’ by Nuno Barbosa here: MAGNOLIUS – Selaron

MAGNOLIUS will be embarking on their second U.S. tour this summer promoting their upcoming album The Chosen Ones.

SCARFACE (Variant) – Rocco Malatesta

Up for sale Scarface variant by Rocco Malatesta:


Enjoy this cool #271 Wednesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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The Shining Print by @needledesign

Photo reportage from FuoriSalone 2012

A photo reportage of over 300 images from FuoriSalone – Zona Tortona in Milan.

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Daily Inspirations no. 409

Let’s start with some love :) … check the kangaroo hug photo in the very first section. Seems like they’re seeing each other after quite a while. The ones looking for quality illustrations … make sure not to miss the Strangers in a strange land by Slide, which is my personal favorite at least. Amazing, isn’t it? There are some nice pieces in the art / digital art section as well. My picks are two paintings … seems I’m inclined to traditional art today .). To be concrete it’s Polain by Cristian Blanxer and the one right below called Poppies in the mist by Valerie Anne Kelly. You may guess which ad made me laugh the most … you’re right, it’s the very first one called Oreo: Basic instinct by Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, South Korea. Oreo does have some creative ads … let me tell ya. At the bottom, you’ll find a nice freebie … it’s another set of icons. Enjoy!

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David Shillinglaw

Great street art and illustration work by English artist David Shillinglaw. Much more on collabcubed.

Daily Inspirations no. 408

Hi guys! It’s Monday and if you didn’t party too hard you should be relaxed and ready for new set of quality design inspirations I am about to present. As usual we’ll be starting with several nice photos … is a hard choice to pick one or two of them, as every single one deserves to be featured. Anyway, make sure to check the amazing ice cold nature photo called Transmission by Karsten Wrobel. The other one I like a lot is the girl with freckles … unfortunately we couldn’t find the author, but I am sure you’ll forgive us :). We got some cool illustrations right below as well. I’ll pick just one of them .. simply because it’s very unique, and that’s what counts when speaking of inspiration. The artwork is called Unwritten by Jacques Marcotte. I bet you like it! My favorite section, typography brought us three cool artworks. The middle one is my favorite. At the very end, make sure to check today’s freebie … a nice party flyer. Enjoy!

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A Bronx Tale, Kill Bill, Cape Fear – Posters by Rocco Malatesta

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Art of Herakut

Herakut is a German artist duo formed by Jamin aka Hera and Falk aka Akut. They realize characters on different media combining codes from traditional painting to those of street art.

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XCIA: Street Illegal

Hank O’Neal’s street art project spans four decades of dazzling­—mostly illicit—street art. Over the next 35 years, the 71-year old photographer (whose street moniker is XCIA) snapped more than 20,000 pictures of New York City’s vibrant street art, capturing luminaries from Haring and Basquiat to Banksy and J.R. along with thousands of other talented artists.

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Enjoy this cool #270 Monday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Reverse Art Made By Pressure Washing The Street

A beautiful mural made by using pressurized water on a mossy wall. (more photos here)

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