Astonished by this print quality!

FInally I got my piece from Rocco Malatesta.


Oldschool type jailbreak | ArtWall at Playrum Official Cyprus

Vintage Art | Extravagant clothing style | Handmade Artworks | WE DID IT | RUN SLOW

Art Revival
Decoration matters. You have to change your attitude. Your mood is our priority. You need some fresh air. It is important for you to laugh again. You desire to enter a new world. Walk. When, it is time for new things, constructions, colours, art, you have to make a contact. Creativity and inspiration is what we offer. Old modern, retro design walls, futureretro paintings, handmade artworks. We remake. We rebuild. We think different. Change the place. Change the space. Never be complete. Enough is nothing. Impossible is nothing. Believe it. We introduce you a whole new experience, a new way of design. Feel better.

WAKE “Art Windows” Oldfashioned Video Games

WE DID IT | Run Slow

It is possible to have fun even with the most classic games again and again.
The big T is of course for tetris. Video games come back to life.
Art Windows and happy faces are back too.
Outside a big super modern communication brand.

WAKE for cinema | Midnight in Paris premiere in Vienna

WAKE Cinema Project

WAKE for Cinema
Outside a cinema in Vienna. After the film premiere of Midnight in Paris.
An art trip through Cinema’s eyes. Poetry in Paris. Culture in Rome. Elegance in New York. Retro Style in UK.

WAKE Social Message | Hardworker SpaceMonkey

A really great inspiration on Tyler Dyrden’s speech of wisdom.
Of course, you are not the content of your wallet.
And for sure, you are not your jobs.
You are not your khakis.
Space Monkeys ready to be sacrificed for the good of humanity.
No specific reason. A recruit.
Think twice, doubt, change, this is your life and it should not end one minute at a time.
WAKE is the artist. Man at his best. Enjoy.

“Melancholia is Art” WE DID IT | WAKE

WE DID IT | Run Slow

WE DID IT Official Store UK
If this is not futuretro minimal art, then what is it?
Street art is an urban way to express your feelings and escape from the isolation that modern cities put you in. Wake creates a melancholic wall, we just have to listen to the music. Open your mind. Feel free. This little creature, a real dark figure is not just a pianist, is an artist, denied to share his art. We have to go deeper and deeper in order to discover the culture. We strictly suggest, do not think. Let your heart be the guide. Let your senses explore a new land of art. Dreams start from nothing.

JLB ATHLETICS – Interview with (British Record Holder) Montell Douglas

An interview with Montell Douglas
100m British Record Holder
Twitter : @MontyTrackStar

Follow JLB On Twitter: @jeffrey_lb . Also Check Out For All The Latest Updates on Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun Athletics.

Filmed with a Panasonic GH1 / Edited on the 27″ iMac using adobe premiere pro and after effects CS5.5. You can find me on twitter @Phillyatchi & Facebook


Enjoy this cool #267 Saturday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Please take the stairs

Street Art piece of the Day.

More infos here.

Daily Inspirations no. 398

It’s Friday again and it seems the time is flying. Anyway, as we all love animals … it would be more than appropriate to start with two cool animal photos. The first one is featuring marching elephants. It’s called Masai Mara and it was shot by Marina Cano. The other one is featuring a nice horse silhouette. Unfortunatelly we do not know the author, nor the artwork name. It’s still nice though … and quite inspiring. It’s going to be pretty hard for me to pick something from today’s illustrations as all of them are amazing. I’ll give it a try. My favorite is Victoria by Jennifer Healy and Penny by Robi Pena. And do not argue with me … I know there are many possible favorites :). In the art / digital art section I am pretty confident though with my pick … it’s the Glasstide by Anne Angelshaug. Love pretty much everything … idea, style as well as the colors. How about a cool ad …? Check the England vs France RATP: Frog by Euro RSCG C&O :). Pretty nice. Enjoy the weekend … and be back on Monday again! :)

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Interactive Acoustic Wind Pavilion

In Greek mythology, Aeolus is a god who is recognized as the “Keeper of the Winds.” While this sculptural work, also called Aeolus, isn’t a ruler of air currents, it certainly functions in cooperation with it, producing beautiful windswept harmonies.

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Deer Shaped Hydro Towers by DesignDepot

Check out this cool deer shaped hydro tower concept by DesignDepot.
deer shaped hydro towers
See more pictures of the Deer Shaped Hydro Towers. Via Enpundit.

Beards poster competition

top 10 beards in films

Want to win a poster of the best beards in film created by Raid71 head on over to Live for Films

Waiting for Climate Change

10 Amazing 3D Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

Have a look at this collection of 10 amazing 3D sidewalk chalk drawings.
3d sidewalk chalk art3d sidewalk chalk art
Check out more photos of Awesome 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art. Via Enpundit