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Tiny Food Jewelry by Candice Ware

Miniature food jewelry 6 650x367 Tiny Food Jewelry by Candice Ware

This miniature food jewelry is the creation of Toronto based artist, Candice Ware. Candice’s love for little things started when she developed a love for small toys as a child, miniature food jewelry just happened to fit her style perfectly! She started making this miniature food jewelry as a hobby for herself but once she realized that others loved them too, she started ramping up production.

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Tensile Connect Tree Tent

Tensile Connect Tree Tent 5 Tensile Connect Tree Tent
The Tentsile Connect is our lighter 2 person tree tent (a.k.a. portable treehouse). With a removable fly sheet, available in a choice of colours it offers you and your partner the chance to connect with nature and with each other. Also connect it to other Tentsile Connect tents to create suspended super-camps of 3 or more tents. This way you can add a sheltered central communal space and conquer the forest canopy. Lighter, cheaper, modular, versatile and truly the best in lightweight arboreal camping at this price. Now you and your friends can all hang out together with no limit to the size of your crew.

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Booq Boa Nerve Stealth

BNL STH2 650x433 Booq Boa Nerve Stealth
Boa nerve is an all-out messenger bag that works hard for you whether you’re a businessman or bike messenger. Designed to be equally tough, sleek and insanely innovative, it comes packed with an abundance of cool functionality. This model features a water-repellent tarpaulin exterior to ensure your gear stays dry.

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Powerlace Auto Lacing Shoes

Powerlace Auto Lacing Shoes 00 Powerlace Auto Lacing Shoes
The new Powerlace auto-lacing system is the most effective means of tying shoelaces the hands-free way. The mere insertion of the foot automatically engages the lacing system’s mechanism. The activation of the small lever found at the lower rear end of the shoe unlocks the power system. It’s really that simple! The total energy required for the lacing system’s mechanism is provided for by the weight of one’s body. The Powerlace shoe has been extensively tested in laboratories and has been subject to the wear and tear conditions when in actual use.

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A Turkish Air Hostess Is Fired for Being too Sexy

1144 A Turkish Air Hostess Is Fired for Being too Sexy
Zuhal Sengul decided to pose for a Gothic Italian magazine but when her employers (a Turkish airline) saw the photos they felt that the pictures were too racy and fired her for being immoral despite the fact that she had worked for the company for six years. Go inside to see her photo shoot.

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Miss Koch Beauty Pageant in Kenya

1132 Miss Koch Beauty Pageant in Kenya
Models pose for a photograph backstage before the Miss Koch beauty pageant, titled “Getting to Zero Teenage Pregnancy”, at the Korogocho slums in Nairobi, December 6, 2014. The winner of the pageant, Miss Koch Kenya, will represent and lead the non-governmental organization to encourage youths in slums to overcome challenges such as poverty, crime, drug and sexual abuse, according to organisers. (Photo by Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

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Möet & Chandon Glamorous Style Guide

Moet 1 650x650 Möet & Chandon Glamorous Style Guide
In celebration of the holiday season and the final months to the year 2014, Moët & Chandon has launched a glamorous A-to-Z style guide to share tips for champagne lovers around the globe. The weekly posted images are a style guide like no other, featuring famous faces such as Roger Federer as well as an array of gorgeous golden interiors shots with lavish amounts of the Moët & Chandon brand styled in a winter-holiday theme.

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Victoria’s Secret Angels in London

119 Victorias Secret Angels in London
Victoria’s Secret Models Adriana Lima (L) and Alessandra Ambrosio pose for a picture before they depart for London for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at JFK Airport on November 30, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret)

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Running of the Brides in Bangkok

1403 Running of the Brides in Bangkok
Brides-to-be get ready for the “Running of the Brides” race in a park in Bangkok November 29, 2014. Seventy-five husbands and wives-to-be wore their wedding dresses and running shoes and competed in an event for a combined prize worth 1 million Thai baht ($30,460). (Photo by Damir Sagolj/Reuters)

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Minimal Wooden Timepieces – Sculptures for Your Wrist

Miss World 2014 Contestants Arrive in London

1376 Miss World 2014 Contestants Arrive in London
Miss World 2013, Megan Young of the Philippines, poses during a publicity launch near to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in central London November 25, 2014. (Photo by Toby Melville/Reuters)

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Mountain Standard Hooded Down Jacket

mountain standard hooded down jacket large 650x1290 Mountain Standard Hooded Down Jacket

Made for when the temps drop but daily life doesn’t. You won’t care how cold it is, this jacket will keep you toasty without weighing you down. For cold chair rides, chilling city winds, or sleeping in the desert, this piece handles changing climate really well…

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Miss BumBum 2014

1302 Miss BumBum 2014
Vogue magazine called 2014 the year of the butt and between J.Lo’s “Booty” and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” we’re inclined to believe them. Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover may have threatened to break the Internet, but Brazil’s Miss BumBum 2014 has the real assets to do some damage. This years winner is 22-year-old Indianara Carvalho, whose bum was making headlines after she tried to take a picture in Paris and was told by local authorities to cover up.

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Pirelli Iconic Calendar 2015 Unveiled

The launch of the 2015 Calendar comes just a few days before the opening of the Forma e Desiderio – The Cal Collezione Pirelli exhibition, which will be held at the Palazzo Reale in Milan from November 21 to February 19, 2015.

1288 Pirelli Iconic Calendar 2015 Unveiled
Above: Candice Huffine poses for Calendar Girls 2015

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Final Stage Cancer Girl Marries Long-Term Boyfriend at China Hospital

The intolerable pain of Fan Huixiang, suffering from terminal cancer, probably decreased as love of her life, Yu Haining hold her hand in such difficult time. Both of them decided to get married. As soon as Yu got the news of Fan being diagnosed with cancer, he left his job and went to the hospital in Zhengzhou to be with his girlfriend. Both of them exchanged rings in the presence of their family and close friends. The ceremony was held in the hospital only. In a relationship from past 5 years, Fan and Yu looked happy and excited ahead of their marriage. They exchanged beautiful vows. The tumor in the spinal cord of Fan which was diagnosed last year is at its last stage. Fan was dressed as a bride and Yu waited for her with a bouquet of flowers. He bent down on his knees as she arrived.

Fan said “Every woman dreams of marriage. Today, looking myself in this wedding gown is the most relieving moment of my life. I don’t know how long can I survive but I want to spend the rest of my life with Yu”. Yu also said his vow “I don’t care what happens in the future. I will be by Fan’s side as long as she survives. I hope our love will give us strength to pass through this difficult phase in our lives”.

1271 Final Stage Cancer Girl Marries Long Term Boyfriend at China Hospital
Bride Fan Huixiang (front R), a 25-year-old cancer patient, receives flowers from nurses on her bed before her wedding ceremony at a hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan province November 17, 2014. Fan was diagnosed with late stage adenocarcinoma, a type of cancerous tumor, at her thoracic vertebra this June. She and her 24-year-old husband Yu Haining held their wedding ceremony at the hospital on Monday after five years of relationship, local media reported. (Photo by Reuters/China Daily)

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