Revolights an interesting concept for bike lights. Well who better to tell us what the Revolights are and how they work then the guys behind this unique biking accessory. Read more about them here

tumblr lpcim3YYwJ1ql5kun Revolights
tumblr lpcilh1N1I1ql5kun Revolights

Google+ Viability

The viability of Google+ Google+ Viability
Google+ now has become a new social media tools, and the service has been designed with such an eye for user friendliness that comparable social media titans like Facebook seem clunky by comparison. Don’t worry if you’re new to Google+ or if you’re on the fence about starting your profile; here are some tips to familiarize yourself with what may be the next big thing in online social media.

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Freebies from Daily Inspirations no. 2

Every designer needs two fundamental things for his work: an idea, which is often called inspiration, and an instrument or a material to turn that idea into some physical real-life object: a sculpture, a picture, an illustration, etc. While inspiration is often universal, instruments and materials are usually very specific and refer to particular field of art or design work. Our major interest, as the online magazine, is about digital forms of art, such as web design, digital art, typography, and video. Thus, the tools here are also of digital nature: fonts, digital shapes and brushes, stock images, templates, themes, etc. Offering both inspiration and freebies to its readers, corner of art builds kind of full support environment for digital designers and artists – environment, where inspiration is shared as well as useful tools and resources are distributed for free.

Cloud Brushes by Javier Larios

032 daily inspirations 2 Freebies from Daily Inspirations no. 2
Download Shapes

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25 free flat textures by croaky d38juo9 e1314913439519 FREE FLAT SURFACE TEXTURES 1


This texture pack is a collection of 25 LARGE FLAT TEXTURES. Mainly stone, concrete and metal; a mix of clean, grunge, light perspective, and decorated surfaces.

All photos are large and range from roughly 2000×2500 to 2400×3200 pixel in size (72-90 DPI, as a standard digital cam). The size makes this quite heavy to download but if you are into print-making you know big is always better in the long run!

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Garia 2+2

114 Garia 2+2

European manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars, Garia, has now launched a new model with seating capacity for four passengers. The new model is called the Garia 2+2 and it is fitted with a rear seat with space for two more passengers.

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A.N.D / Worldwide Interactive Design Guide

Driven by the significance of networking, A.N.D is a worldwide interactive guide to design and design-related events. We are here to showcase the excellence of many fields but also to provide a space for conversation and engagement for all those interested. Our aim is to foster further knowledge through event attendance and by highlighting the success of creative professionals.

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55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

It’s been quite sometime since our last Creative Photography roundup, Jun 10, 2011 to exact. If you did not know by now, this is a common series of roundups that we usually do monthly. This collection is mixed with a variety of creative photos and photo manipulations. We spend a large amount of time searching the web, and hand picking the most creative photographs. What we love most about each and every one of these photos, is that they have a hidden meaning that you have to see/figure out. I love photographs that tell a story, and the following achieve that task perfectly. We hope that you will appreciate this form of art, and get inspired to create your own!

nuts about nutella l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

changing views l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

ocyale guttata l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

mekanism l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

like underthewater l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

jump l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

klone retribution l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

grenade l1 55 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #6

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Ford Evos-The Social-Networking Vehicle Of The Future

tumblr lquisqw0za1qjtvg7o1 500 Ford Evos The Social Networking Vehicle Of The Future
tumblr lquisqw0za1qjtvg7o2 500 Ford Evos The Social Networking Vehicle Of The Future

The ultimate expression of Ford’s design and technology vision. Ford Evos Concept introduces a new design direction for Ford, as the momentum of the company’s global product plan continues to build. This dramatic fastback concept signals a significant transformation of the Ford brand.Ford says the dramatic four-door, four-seat plug-in hybrid fastback showcases the company’s “first truly global design language and a new vision for customer-focused and intuitive technologies”.

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The Jacket

jacketBlog The Jacket

iPhone case. [click image]

Daily Inspirations no. 244

Today the whole world is worried about the climate change and global warming; so are the artists. Designers and architects in particular are also searching for the ways to improve the climate and find the ways for humans to survive in the worst case scenario. One of the multiple proposals and ideas generated to date is an artificial island skyscraper, designed by Aleksander Krasinski; you can find this futuristic design among other inspirational projects, collected today at Cruzine. Another interesting architecture design is for Stockholm Public Library, prepared by Budi Pradono Architects, which also reflects the futuristic and functional approach to architecture design. Other examples of industrial design, featured in this set of inspirations, include vehicle and computer keyboard designs. Of course, many inspiring photographs and illustrations as well as digital paintings and font designs are also here for our readers to enjoy.

di244a Daily Inspirations no. 244

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Enjoy this cool #141 Thursday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.


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World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat

tumblr lqth6ujchm1qjtvg7o1 500 World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat
tumblr lqth6ujchm1qjtvg7o2 500 World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat
tumblr lqth6ujchm1qjtvg7o3 500 World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat
tumblr lqth6ujchm1qjtvg7o6 r1 500 World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat

With this project, the PlanetSolar team has two objectives. Firstly, to show that current technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency are reliable and effective, and secondly to advance scientific research in the field of renewable energy. PlanetSolar has already made technological developments possible in many fields, such as the production of composite materials and structures, and also the production and storage of solar energy (or electricity). Each stage in the project and each day that PlanetSolar sails will enable science to progress. Conserving our planet by promoting solar energy, energy efficiency and eco-mobility is at the heart of this project. This is a great opportunity to advance our knowledge. Our initiative will also inform the general public and make them aware of the importance of renewable energy.

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The MTV Batteries

Leo Burnett Iberia developed a new product for MTV Portugal. The MTV Batteries.
Just follow the instructions, and you’re guaranteed to get the best shows on TV, 24/7.

MTV Batteries The MTV Batteries

Daily Inspirations no. 243

When an artist sees a chipping wall of a shabby old house, a piece of rock in the middle of the ocean, or just a girl, running in the field, he perceives the reality in a bit specific way, which differs from the perception of an average man. Actually, an artist is capable to see a bit more than just a reality – his imagination and abstract thinking help him to see the rich and bright history such an old house have witnessed, an eternal struggle between such elements as rock and water, or the ultimate genius and the wisdom of the humans’ Creator. Photographers and painters, definitely, belong to such kind of artists. Their skill to recognize the art in the most usual and unusual places is unique, and their works are always full of inspiration for other artists and true artistic value for satisfying the tastes and demands of the general audience.

di243a Daily Inspirations no. 243

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Street Art Inspiration


unnamed a82y7ty507 Street Art Inspiration

unnamed berkf007nb Street Art Inspiration

unnamed enkibfz3kf Street Art Inspiration

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