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15 Great iPad Apps

Today we are showcasing some important iPad apps that are quite useful yet free. There are over 90k apps designed specially for iPad.

reeder 2hwk5mii8g 15 Great iPad Apps
project magazine r4xa731zk1 15 Great iPad Apps
roambi s9ncqfxqf2 15 Great iPad Apps

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The Expressive Web – Secrets of CSS3 and HTML5

DYT adobe the expressive web 1 The Expressive Web   Secrets of CSS3 and HTML5

We recently launched a beta of new site we have been working on, called This is a project we have put together with the help of Big Spaceship with the goal of creating both a resource and showcase that highlights some of the most creative and expressive features being added to the web today…

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30 Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers : August 2011

iPhone Wallpaper 30 Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers : August 2011
Every month we collect 30 beautiful iPhone wallpapers for you and as a monthly iPhone wallpaper dose here is collection of 30 creative wallpapers for iPhone.

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BXFTYS Showreel 01

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Daily Inspirations no. 222

Today most of us use Internet not only to read the latest news or view the weather forecast, instead we actively interact with the web, commenting the articles, publishing our own posts, liking the pages on Facebook, or twitting something on Twitter. Internet has grown into the full-featured multi-facet environment, where there is always enough place for creativity and inspiration among other. We treat the World Wide Web as the source and as the purpose, from which designers draw their inspiration and ideas, and for which they create their masterpieces, whether it is a WordPress theme, like Evidens, presented below, typography designs, like Speed of Sound x5 or Cheesy Type, or digital illustrations, like those presented in abundance in the following set of inspirational designs at Cruzine magazine.

di222a Daily Inspirations no. 222

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Vehicles by Ryan Schude

Creative and unique cars photography by Ryan Schude from Los Angeles, CA. Enjoy :)

ve3a Vehicles by Ryan Schude

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Cute Robot Seals Comforts Elderly Tsunami Survivors in Japan

15 Cute Robot Seals Comforts Elderly Tsunami Survivors in Japan

Satsuko Yatsuzaka (84) holds a therapeutic robot named Paro at the Suisyoen retirement home. (Reuters)

It’s cuddly, cute and responds to your affection. Following a two-month evacuation from their home, residents are embracing a small white robotic seal. Reuters reports that the furry friends are being treated as pets by the residents, many of whom are dealing with memories of the quake. The residents currently have two Paro seals, which they’ve named “Love” and “Peace.”

Animals are often used for therapy for the elderly, and aside from its anti-bacterial coat the seals give the elderly residents the same companionship that a pet gives.

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Rotary mechancial by Richard Clarkson

A smartphone concept that aims at introducing questions on what gives an electronic device value in modern-day society. The rotary mechanical smartphone is based on the idea of incorporating more feeling and life into our everyday digital objects. In modern times these objects have come to define us, but who and what defines these objects? Are we happy with generic rectangles of a touchscreen or do we want something with more tangibility, something with more life, something with more aura?

rm4a Rotary mechancial by Richard Clarkson

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HTML5 CSS3 Framework Choices: 10 Great Web Frameworks

html5 css3 framework 2 HTML5 CSS3 Framework Choices: 10 Great Web Frameworks

HTML5 and CSS3 are the future of website development, mobile app development and web gaming development. The advantage of having a standardized platform on which to develop is faster development time with cleaner and more efficient code. To help you achieve this, there are now a variety of HTML5 CSS3 framework options available to use.

Here, I’ve selected 10 great web frameworks, consisting of some HTML5 CSS3 framework platforms that are combined, as well as some specific HTML5 frameworks and CSS3 frameworks.

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Daily Inspirations no. 221

If you are tired of reality, if it looks dull and boring to you, if you miss being a child when your imagination could easily revive pictures in the fairy tales book, it is time to make a couple minutes break and dive into the world of fancy illustrations, such as those we have for our readers within our inspirational designs collection. Friendly tigers and cute dragons as well as pretty nasty creatures are here to amuse you, to restart your imagination and remove the stress and burden from the daily routine. Besides, we also have many photographs for you to get the aesthetic satisfaction or just to see the world from a different angle. Anyway, we believe this collection of design works will become a worthy completion of your working week. So, just relax and relish these interesting art and design works we have brought here for you.

di221a Daily Inspirations no. 221

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Daily Inspirations no. 220

They say the more you know the more you understand how little you know. The same seemingly paradoxical situation can be noticed in art as well. No matter how many portraits or landscapes have already been painted or photographed; every new one is always a new discovery and a new masterpiece, if it was created with talent and creativity. Every day Cruzine magazine publishes inspirational images with different landscapes or nature photographs included, and every next day when we return to the same theme, it still looks fresh and offers a lot unique works we have never seen before. Nature is so diverse that photographers like Suren Manvelyan and Jean Slavin will always have enough sources for inspiration and objects for their photography work. Another eternal theme is a portrait and again the interest of wide public and artists to this topic will never fade away. Just have a look at the shots made by Robert Jaso and Andrey Yakovlev and you will understand the secret, which makes portrait art eternal and always timely.

di220a Daily Inspirations no. 220

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Daily Inspirations no. 219

There are so many important, interesting, and noble professions in this world! Being an artist or a designer is not just a profession – it’s a gift, a calling, a mission, and a blessing – all at the same time. This activity is really spiritual, and it is always carried out rather for the sake of our souls than to serve the needs of bodies. It all makes creative arts still more important and necessary for the whole human race. Cruzine magazine team see their calling in making art as close to people as possible. That’s the reason why we start our day and offer you the same opportunity to begin a new day with contemplating the contemporary art pieces gathered in our daily inspirational sets. Here artists play with color and shade, shape and size, space and visual effects. Even if an art piece is meant to look dramatic or even tragic, it still possesses a strong power to raise viewers’ spirits, inspire for action, and increase enthusiasm, confidence and the desire to go on.

di219a Daily Inspirations no. 219

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Aston Martin One-77 Limited Edition

aston martin 77 Aston Martin One 77 Limited Edition

Imagine only a limited 77 Aston-Martin One-77 supercars will be built for the market where some of these cars will exist only as cherished museum pieces…

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Best iPhone Themes: 50 Top Free iPhone Themes

best iphone themes 11 Best iPhone Themes: 50 Top Free iPhone Themes

Free iPhone themes are a great way to customize your iPhone and turn the visuals into something more interesting, or a better reflection of yourself, just like a wallpaper. Installing iPhone themes is very easy, and there are tons of top iPhone themes to choose from all across the web. All you have to do is choose some of the best iPhone themes, download them and install them and you’ll be up and running.

In this post, CreativeFan has gathered up the 50 best iPhone themes that are free for you to download and enjoy. If you’re looking for cool iPhone themes, look no further than this collection of free iPhone themes.

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