28 New Cinemagraphs Worth Staring At – The Sequel!!


Enjoy this cool #173 Wednesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks

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Apple MacBook Pro Gets a Gold and Diamond Makeover

Perhaps your Apple MacBook Pro is already the envy of your friends but there’s still another thing you can do to make them die with envy! That is, if you have the cash you can get it blinged up with 24k gold and diamonds!

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Bentley x Liney

Bentley x Liney

Bentley x Liney

Bentley appeared to have already reached a high level of refinement and sophistication with its models Mulsanne and Flying Spurs, but this was not counting the arriving of this collaboration with the renowned designer and woodworker: Liney. Come here !

40 Creative Examples of Facebook Timeline Designs

Recently at the F8 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a massive redesign to our favorite* social media website. Honestly The new updates are understandable and from their point of view provide a better experience for the end user. From personal point of view, each time they implement a change I get more confused while being forced to learn the new layout. When will they leave it alone? I have no idea. Twitter had a major redesign a couple of months ago, and that was easy to learn. Enough ranting, let’s talk about the new Timeline feature.

1. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

2. Mathew Barker

3. Maggie Lin

4. Andrew Grojean

5. Lawson Hembree V

6. Mohammad L. Azzam

7. Rodney Hess

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Logo Design #40

Cool logos for your inspiration.

Via Zeemp.

Daily Inspirations no. 273

My fellow designers … we’ve got several cool art pieces in our collection today. I would like to start with the Photo by Jonathan Waiter – I like the historic feeling. From our illustrations I would like to recommend the Cool Dog by Wanchana Intrasombat as well as the lady with parrot. In the art section you may check how the dogs’ heaven may look like :) .. the artwork is called Bathtub to be exact and Sebastian Tan did no doubt a good job up there. Check Vladimir Ryabchikov‘s and John Aslarona‘s paintings … both of them are magnificent. Guys when moving lower down I have to say, today’s set of inspirations is just exceptional … probably the best we had so far … go and scroll through all these beautiful artworks. You won’t be disappointed .. my promise :).

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Spray Can Light Halo by Aïssa Logerot

You must know light painting, how it’s said it’s to do painting with lights. But it’s often with LED light and no shape. Halo change it

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Glow-in-the-Dark Dress

Models display creations by Indian designer Pankaj and Nidhi at the 18th edition of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 in New Delhi. (Associated Press, AFP/Getty Images)

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Enjoy this cool #172 Tuesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks

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Wifi Dowsing Rod

Today’s technology advances at such a speed that consumers are often left in awe of it all. The high tech terminology, the ultra small, ultra portable, metallic or white devices we carry around with us are, to the vast amount of consumers, simply baffling. The Wifi Dowsing Rod aims to work against this. By basing the design for a wireless Internet detector on century’s old technology, the user feels immediately at home with the product, whilst feeling less intimidated by the simple shape and natural materials. Project by Mike Thompson.

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Shocking Video From Steve Jobs’ Last Business Meeting

The video that surfaced in the Internet shows that Jobs was having a business meeting with his colleagues. Suddenly, in the middle of a conversation, Jobs becomes silent, hangs his head low and slips down from his chair, triggering panic in the room. The video suggested that Jobs’ last moment was approaching soon.

Some people, especially whose who love Jobs, found both the video and the timing of its release to be disrespectful. Instead of speculating on the last moment of Jobs’ life, they said we should pay rich tribute to Apple’s co-founder for making our lives more comfortable.

Some also felt the video is fake, for “Steve died peacefully today surrounded by his family,” according to a statement issued by Jobs’ family.

10 Ideas Smartly Expressed by Awesome Typography Art

There has been a literal revolution in the world of design in recent years. While there were only a few who honestly seemed to believe that design staples could be considered art form – with many others believing it to be more of a corporate game – that opinion has been changing. In fact, there are several genres within the niche that are considered stand alone art pieces now by a large majority. Of all of those many graphic art forms, typography is perhaps one of the best received. Taking a great deal of creativity and focus, there are beautiful examples of how text can become a fully focused graphic masterpiece.

If you don’t believe me, you should check out these amazing pieces that express more complex concepts through visual, typographical respresentations. You might find that they provide more depth than you would expect!

1. The Person You Love is 72.8 Percent Water by Teagan White

The Person You Love is 72.8 Percent Water by Teagan White

This impressive piece is from “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher. Fletcher is a notable designer and art director. The book itself has been quoted as an extraordinary “guide to visual awareness.” Notice how each letter is illustrated with images associated with the human anatomy.

2. I Hate 2-D Posters by Ersinhan Ersin

I Hate 2-D Posters by Ersinhan Ersin

This piece is a product of award-winning designer Ersinhan Ersin. Ersin was born in Turkey and currently resides in London. He has had a number of exhibits in Italy, Holland, Belgium, China and the United States. With a degree in visual communication design, Ersin is famous for his visual installations and performance work as well. How imposing do you think is the masterpiece below?

3. No Lies Just Love by Jordan Metcalf

No Lies Just Love by Jordan Metcalf

The astounding artwork below is an “experimental type design” and is actually from a song by Bright Eyes. Jordan Metcalf is from South Africa and describes himself as having “a love for typography, black and white, things made out of wood and folk music.”

4. You Blow Me Away by Craig Ward

You Blow Me Away by Craig Ward

Craig Ward started in London as a designer where he founded his own studio, Words Are Pictures. His work has been internationally recognized as his techniques boast of exceptionality. He has a wide clientele, including major brands like Nike, BMW and The New York Times.

5. Germs by ume7

Germs by ume7

Nikki Hampson (aka Ume7) came up with this brilliant artwork while sick at home with strep throat. Described as merely a typography experiment, it is a superb illustration of how feelings can be expressed by type.

6. Work + Play by Alex Beltechi

Work + Play by Alex Beltechi

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Daily Inspirations no. 272

Weekend is over, and we’re starting the new week as usual with 36 quality inspirations. Plenty of creative photos in today’s set, but these 3 got to be something special: profile photography by Felicia Simion, creative model photo by Marc Philbert and the last one which I especially like is the two foxes by Haw-lin. I am skipping illustrations and moving lower down to the Jester by Raphael Boyon, located in the 3d artworks section. Few spots lower, there is an awesome pencil artwork by David Poppie. Typography fans .. or the ones loving meat :) shouldn’t miss Meat America by Dominic Episcopo … that one is very creative. Of course, we didn’t forget to add few freebies … Enjoy!

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Steve Jobs – Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

What more can be said of his spirit than the ever hungry adventurous drive for distilling the complex into the simple and creating solutions that work. Every letter of this article is being typed on a MacBook Pro that serves as my digital fortress; a reservoir for every creation that has escaped the depths of my mind, a forge where I create images of allure and words of wisdom. While everone on the Interwebs are talking about Steve, I’m going to focus instead on what he created and the products that help us artists and designer create. Apple products are for people who don’t care what the computer does, but care about what they can do with the computer. The premise is that people who use Apple computers are different, and that Apple makes computers for those creative people who believe that one person can change the world.

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