Carlo Monopoli

Alétheia: artwork by Carlo Monopoli

Carlo Monopoli’s life remembers the wandering existence of Renaissance painters, they wandered through the various courts of Europe leaving behind of themselves an inestimable patrimony of beauty. More info on

So Kanno + Takahiro Yamaguchi on thisispaper.

Sensless Drawin Bot by So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi on thisispaper.

Sensless Drawin Bot, So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi, thisispaper
Sensless Drawin Bot, So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi, thisispaper

You can watch the video here.

LEGO-Mindstorms Digital Clock

Time Twister consists of two LEGO Mindstorms bricks communicating via Bluetooth. The master brick keeps track of the time and handles the minute digits. The slave brick handles the hour digits and the second indicator. Each digit is made up of five layers with black and white tiles layed out in different patterns. Spotted at WHUDAT (join whudat on facebook!).

The space shot from ron garan

This is the collection of amazing and very wonderful picture for the earth on the space by Ron Garan
It is extremely rare.

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The Other Me

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro (right) sits next to the Geminoid HI-2 robot, a tele-operated robot that looks exactly like himself in Kyoto, Japan. Ishiguro is director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University. (Barcroft Media)

Daily Inspirations no. 285

Designers, what’s the best way to start a day? After having a cup of good coffee or tea … you can’t go wrong with checking what’s new in the World of design. For this purpose, we publish every day set of creative inspirations. There are several cool artworks available today … guys shouldn’t miss the photo by colorsandiacom – something like that is always good for the eyes. When interested in illustrations, check AlMaNeGrA by Martin de Diego Sádaba or Phobos_2.0 by Andreas Zafiratos. The artwork by Debbie Smyth combines typography with modern art .. pretty creative – great choice of colors. Every section has something special … got to slow down in the ad section though … simply love the ad by Nexus BBDO (Pizza Planet: California Meat). After all that inspiration … don’t forget to download 15 amazing brushes for Photoshop. Enjoy!

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AeroShot Pure Energydelivers an airborne shot of instant energy. Each cartridge contains 100 mg. of caffeine, 6 to 8 puffs of fine powder that dissolves instantly in your mouth. It provides as much caffeine in one shot as a large cup of strong coffee! A quick hit of caffeine that’s ready anytime, anyplace……..


“Framed” – An iPhone 4S Shortfilm

Story: A photograph walks around the woods to take some pictures, when something unexpected happens. Entirely shot on iPhone4S. Editing: Final Cut Pro 7. Spotted at WHUDAT (join WHUDAT on facebook!).

Amazing Bathroom Designs

If you’re after exclusive bathroom accessories or just love modern and contemporary bathroom design … this collection was made exactly for you. I love interior design myself and a cool bathroom is just a part of it. If you’ll scroll through, you may see the best from the World of designer hot tubs, showers, sinks and other bathroom accessories currently available. Enjoy!

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Sagemcom presents its new, but highly reminiscent, phone: The Sixty. A perfect inclusion for your home with a touch of creativity, the Sixty brings together a truly retro design look with the latest DECT cordless phone technology. A true decorative piece, the Sixty consists of a base containing a touch dial placed around a reverse video Dot matrix screen (white on black background) and a wireless handset with a 10 hour communication standby battery life, and with a radio range of up to 300 m indoor.


Daily Inspirations no. 284

We’re starting today with our cool inspirations series. Let’s get into the right mood with several hot photos, such as the ones by Stanislav Istratov (Floral Countess), Matteo Zanvettor and Manuela Kulpa. From our illustrations section my today’s pick would be The Three Musketeers by Whisnu Sutawijaya Kusumah … seems like a good t-shirt theme :). In our 3d section you’ll find an interesting doggy puppet artwork called simply Doggie by Andy Runyon … love the whole composition. If you’re into modern art, I am sure you’ll like the egg artwork by Yuki Matsueda … how cool is that? My today’s favorite gotta be the Silhouettes Of Life by Wojciech Pijecki though … Which one is yours? Hard choice … so many hot artworks to get inspired from :).

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Creating Dramatic Type in Illustrator — Tools for Different Situations

Two type tools of interest when designing in Illustrator include the Area Type Tool and Masks (clipping or opacity). This article walks you through each of the options that make conforming type to your every desire possible. Read more…

Remembering the Inimitable Steve Jobs

Whether or not you are a fan of anything Apple, Steve Jobs represented the best of what it means to be a human trying to make a difference. Read more…

Apple Devices Free PSD

Today, we’ve got some freebie that will surely speed up your work in many cases. We’ve gathered some of apple devices like apple monitor, Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone 4 in one PSD file. All the elements are either vector layers ready to be resized or large normal layers that you can scale down to your liking. You can use those elements to create some cool setups that are especially useful in case of slides or presentations of your products, websites, illustrations, photos or other work.

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Enjoy this cool #182 Wednesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks

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