Daily Inspirations no. 278

We’ve got some exclusive pieces in today’s collection of creative inspirations. Among them is no doubt the Jungle Theme illustration by Wanchana Intrasombat as well as Fernanda Suarez‘s illustration called You’re the blood in me. For the fans of traditional art, we’ve got a colorful painting by Danielle Champoux. In the typography section don’t you dare to miss Happy Thought by El Yorch :-). If you’re curious how is the advertising done in Brazil, check Refreshingly Brazilian : Bit Copa … can’t go hotter than that :). We didn’t forget to add 10 Pantone swirl vectors … we know you guys love free stuff. Enjoy!

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25 Top Business Apps For The iPad

Check out some cool iPad apps for Business and start planning to own one for your business needs, if you haven’t already.

My Eyes Only

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8 Useful WordPress Tips to Adorn Your Blog

Your blog should not be taken lightly, it must sustain a professional manner. Essentially it shows what kind of person you are. To fully take advantage and let everybody know you mean business, we have listed interesting ways of improving your WordPress blogs. It’s totally up to you how you manage your blogs after following these useful tips:

Readers should feel free to comment

All readers and visitors should be at liberty to submit their comments on your blog. Their comments should be given special significance, and try to post them all after review. If you want them to comment on your blog, then you must install “TDO Mini Forms Plug-in.” It will automatically enable the readers and visitors to comment on the posts at your blog. This system is quite safe and easy, as all comments will be placed in the “draft” and after your approval, they will be published on the surface of your blog.

A user’s comment, whether it’s gentle or a harsh one, has its own importance. These comments show their interest and affiliation with your WordPress blog. Let them say and you should just try making your blog according to their needs and enjoy by keeping an eye on their random posts.

Break the comments, divide on pages

Once you start receiving their comments on your posts, break down these comments into different pages. Why you need to do it? It’s very simple, as it might be possible that some comments are too lengthy and taking enough space. If you break them into other pages, then you can make enough space for new comments.

Similarly, don’t show full comments on the first page, and make their continuation on some other page of your blog. To break down comments, you need to install “Paginated Comments.” It is a special WordPress Plug-in, which is developed to serve you better by optimizing your blog for search engines.

Captions are good; make good captions

You can use some outstanding image captions to give weight age to your WordPress blog. To do this, you can use “Image Caption Plug-in” to add some unique captions or amend the existing ones. Remember that you need to always choose a good caption for your image and it should be self-spoken. Well-attributed images can speak up to thousand words. So, use good captions and communicate through images.

Images vs. text

You can convert images into text. This will dramatically enhance the display of your blog. You can do it easily by using the “FLIR Plug-in” to easily covert your image into text format. By doing this, you don’t need to change the HTML codes. It’s really exciting if you are just a beginner. You can take the advantage of this tool if you are using a browser where “JavaScript” is enabled.

Use copyright protection

Safeguard you posts with copyrighting tool. It’s important to save your entire content from being copied by other bloggers or users. Once your content is protected, then no one can publish it on his blog or website until you permit him to do so. Now, all you have to do is to install “Simple Feed Copyright Plug-in” by uploading specific folder into the plug-in directory. Once it’s done, then you can activate it from the main menu.

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Canon introduces the new EOS 1D X Digital SLR Camera

Read Full Press Release & first images

Canon U.S.A. Introduces The New Canon EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera, Re-Designed From The Inside Out. Featuring a Completely New 61-Point Autofocus, Fast Shooting up to 12 fps, 18-Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor, Full HD Video Recording and Much More.


Enjoy this cool #178 Tuesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks

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The Perks of Silicon Valley

Workers at the top dot-com companies in Silicon Valley are treated to perks and amenities that are rare in traditional industries. via Hungeree.

Incredible Sony commercial: “Two Worlds”

Watch Two Worlds

Raised in Montreal by a family of artists and engineers, Arev Manoukian plays with art and technology to tell stories in ways that challenge his imagination. Ever Meticulous in his work, Arev thrives on being involved in all aspects of filmmaking, from pre-visualizing his concepts, to cinematography and music.


Trip to Cologne

enjoy :)

Daily Inspirations no. 277

Hey there! Hopefully you guys are relaxed after the weekend to digest the latest inspirations from Cruzine magazine. As usual we prepared 36 cool images from different areas of interest. Check out Debris Spray by Tony Foti, March Hare Concept Painting by Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera and Mistress Of The Crows by Toon Hertz. These three are my favorite illustrations published today. From the 3d arts section Nikita Veprikov did a good job with Golem artwork. For the younger audience, there is a nice 3d artwork called label wine by Matt Roussel. For the ones waiting what’s new in the typography World … you surely shouldn’t miss the artwork by Goofy Creative. Of course, there is plenty more … I just feel there is no need to slow you down .. just take a look and get inspired.

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Enjoy this cool #177 Monday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks

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77 Free and Useful iPhone Applications For Your Daily Life

If you own an iPhone you always search for quality and working applications.And of course if they are free then there is no problem.Most of iPhone users don’t want to pay for paid iPhone applications although they are very cheap. Most of the big companies give out their applicatons for free but some apps. developers

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Evolution of The Planet of the Apes

The latest version of the Planet of the Apes doesn’t depart from the franchise’s apocalyptic outlook, but it does make the earlier efforts look technically dated.

Planet of the Apes (1968). The original Planet of the Apes film, starring Charlton Heston as the time-displaced astronaut Taylor, was an immediate box office and critical hit when it was released in February 1968. Based on the French novel, La planete des singes, by Pierre Boulle (who also wrote Bridge over the River Kwai) it tells the story of group of astronauts who crash land on what they think is an alien planet, only to discover it’s a post apocalyptic Earth ruled by apes. The script, originally penned by science fiction legend Rod Serling, underwent many rewrites.

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iTar Guitar Fretboard for iPad

The iPad becomes part of a guitar with the iTar fretboard attachment which allows users to make beautiful music, strum virtual strings, and perform other musically inclined actions that are limited only by the apps available. via Buzzaurus.

United Visual Artists on thisispaper.

High Arctic by United Visual Artists on thisispaper.

high arctic, united visual artists, thisispaper
high arctic, united visual artists, thisispaper

You can watch the video here.