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Radius | Minimalist iPhone 6 Case

iphone6 radius case large 650x664 Radius | Minimalist iPhone 6 Case

RADIUS v2 is not a bumper case, nor it is a snap case, it is not your conventional iPhone case. The profile of the case is so slim, it barely extends beyond the sleep and the volume buttons on the sides of the iPhone. It’s very light, thin and, unlike many aluminum bumpers and cases…

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Experience The Detail On An Unbelievable Scale iMac Retina

 Experience The Detail On An Unbelievable Scale iMac Retina

Powerful apps included.

Every new Mac comes with powerful apps so you can be creative with your photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right from the start. You also get great apps for email, surfing the web, sending texts, and making FaceTime calls.

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BLEEN – Technology of Future Entertainment

all bleen 650x433 BLEEN   Technology of Future Entertainment

San Francisco-based Bleen Inc. in collaboration with leading eastern European scientists announce the launch of Bleen, a breakthrough technology that re-imagines the holographic projection system of tomorrow. It enables everyone to watch 3D content in spatial quality and bring it to the market. Since 2011, the team have been working on Bleen Projection System.

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Here Comes World’s Thinnest Tablet iPad Air 2

Here Comes Worlds Thinnest Tablet iPad Air 2 2 Here Comes World’s Thinnest Tablet iPad Air 2

To create the astonishingly thin silhouette of iPad Air 2, we started by redesigning the Retina display, fusing what had been three layers into one. Not only did this make the display thinner, it made it better, with more vivid colors and greater contrast. Then we added an antireflective coating, giving iPad Air 2 the least reflective display of any tablet in the world.

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Bluesmart | Smart Carry-On

bluesmart smart carry on large 650x809 Bluesmart | Smart Carry On

Bluesmart is a high-quality carry-on suitcase that you can control from your phone, like a boss. From the app you can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind and find out more about your travel habits. You can also charge your phone 6 times over with a built-in battery.

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Dyson Humidifier

dyson humidifier large 650x811 Dyson Humidifier

The new Dyson Humidifier promises to kill 99.9% of bacteria! keeping your home nice and hydrated during the drier winter months…

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Swiss Company Turns People’s Ashes into Diamonds

1269 Swiss Company Turns People’s Ashes into Diamonds

Algordanza, a Swiss company, has taken a fascinating and unexpected approach to memorializing our loved ones who have passed.

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The Alien Samurai

1203 The Alien Samurai
Mechanic and welder Sergei Kulagin, 32, strengthens the bracing of a spider sculpture, made by Kulagin, during a demonstration on the wall of an automobile repair workshop in the town of Divnogorsk outside Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, October 15, 2014. Enthusiast Kulagin, who works as a mechanic of an automobile service station, created about 20 sculptures made of used car parts and components during his non-working hours. (Photo by Ilya Naymushin/Reuters)

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Marshall Phone Case

marshall phone case large 650x836 Marshall Phone Case

Protect your phone with the classic look and feel of Marshall amplifiers. Black soft-coated case and vinyl wrapping holds your phone in a vice-like grip, protecting it from any obstacles you may encounter on the road.

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Pickup Power

pickup power large 650x761 Pickup Power

Pickup Power is a desktop power strip with three AC outlets and 1080 joules of surge protection. But the best part? It’s got a portable battery you can pop out and take with you in a pinch. Snag it with a 4000 or 6000mAH battery to charge e-readers, tablets, phones, cameras, and more from anywhere.

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Core Wireless Speaker System

core wireless speaker system large 650x862 Core Wireless Speaker System

The Core is the most advanced wireless speaker system ever develope! A small, portable and elegant speaker system that sounds like two widely separated full size HiFi speakers with smooth highs, crystal clear midrange and bone shaking bass.

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A NASA Engineer Builds A Better Halloween Costume

Two years ago, Mark Rober was an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, part of a team that worked on the Curiosity rover. For Halloween, he strapped an iPad to his chest and another to his back. Then he turned them on and used the devices’ cameras and screens to make it appear as if he had a gaping hole in the middle of his torso.

In 2012, Rober and a few friends launched Digital Dudz in their spare time, creating a free smartphone app and selling $29 T-shirts to people who liked Rober’s original idea but didn’t want to shell out for two iPads.

Customers got instructions on duct-taping their mobile devices to the inside of their Digital Dudz shirts and cutting holes to reveal video of a beating human heart. It might not seem like the kind of product that took a rocket scientist to build.

8 Best Gadgets for Guys This Holiday

8 Best Gadgets for Guys This Holiday 1 8 Best Gadgets for Guys This Holiday

As the warmth of the summer sun fades and the days get shorter, the change of seasons reminds us that the holidays will soon be upon us. If you’re looking for some great tech gifts for the man in your life this holiday season, here are 8 gadgets he’ll love.

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HIVE | Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

hive free unlimited cloud storage large 650x859 HIVE | Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

Hive is the first free unlimited cloud service in the world. Hive handles all your docs, infinite photos, massive music collections and huge video libraries with ease. Upload from your device or paste a web link and Hive will grab the file for you.

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LG UltraWide Curved Monitor

lg ultrawide monitor large LG UltraWide Curved Monitor

A designer/photographer´s dream! 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD (3440*1440) display offers visual comfort with 2.4 times more visual information at one time than a Full HD monitor. The IPS ’s 178’ wide viewing angles, close to 180’, allow you to view the screen clearly without distortion. Also, the Curved IPS provides an immersive viewing angle covering the entire viewing angle around your range of vision…

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