Colorful Lupines by the Lake Tekapo

1366879781 10 640x425 Colorful Lupines by the Lake Tekapo
New Zealand Lake Tekapo is the second largest on the Southern island. This place is a photographer’s dream. Snow-capped mountain peaks on the background, the turquoise water of the lake and a tiny church make this place very special.

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Surreal Photos of Dead Valley

1366739225 3 640x540 Surreal Photos of Dead Valley
In the heart of Namib Desert, in a clay plateau Sossuvlei, is located this unique place named Deadvlei, which can be literally translated as Dead Valley; and this name is perfect for this place.

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Fly Geyser in the Black Rock Desert

 Fly Geyser in the Black Rock Desert
The Black Rock Desert is known not only by the fact that on its territory is held one of the most striking festivals on the planet, which is called Burning Man, but also for its unusual relief. In particular, there can be found a very extraordinary geyser.

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Hotel Bikini Berlin

hotel bikini berlin large 650x866 Hotel Bikini Berlin

The 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is as diverse as the big city it is located in and as wild as a jungle. The hotel showcases cosmopolitan Berlin at its location in the listed Bikini-Haus building between the Tiergarten park and Breitscheidplatz with Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The hotel is popular not only among its own guests thanks to the restaurant and bar on the top floor with a 360° rooftop terrace and first-class views of the city and the Tiergarten park.

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The Greenest Street in the World

1363080697 7 640x480 The Greenest Street in the World
The street Rui Goncalo de Carvalho is located in Porto Alegre—the capital of the most southern Brazilian state, Rio Grande do Sul. According to an unverified legend, the trees were planted in 1930.

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River House in Serbia

1362120445 1 640x479 River House in Serbia
This unusual house was built by local kids in the middle of the Serb Drina River about forty-five years ago. The main purpose of the construction was to create a secluded resting spot. And they succeeded at this.

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Travel Company Launches Mile-Low Club with Romantic Submarine Voyage

1148 Travel Company Launches Mile Low Club with Romantic Submarine Voyage
U.K.-based Oliver’s Travels recently announced the latest in aquatic luxury, launched just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This romantic submarine package, using speciality adapted submarines aptly named Lovers Deep, will send couples into secluded isolation below the sea and caters to every romantic whim, according to The Daily Mail.

Passengers can enjoy stunning marine views while cuddling down below, and they can feast on a unique, aphrodisiac tasting menu with dishes like oysters, caviar and a chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate. There is even a petal-scattering service and a champagne breakfast in bed.

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Is Location-Independence for You?

location independence2 Is Location Independence for You?

Thanks to technology, you’re no longer tied to one place geographically. Ever since laptops and tablets were introduced and dial-up internet connections gave way to Wi-Fi, location independence has been possible for everyone with the desire to start their own business or work from home.

Of course, this sort of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, though most people only figure this out when they try it for themselves. This is a particularly troubling thought as you would need to quit your job to do so.

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Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

1360054123 0 640x425 Hill of Crosses in Lithuania
Twelve kilometers from the Lithuanian city of Siauliai is located an unusual hill dotted with crosses of different shapes and different materials.

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Lost City Shicheng Found Underwater in China

Qiandao Lake (Chinese: 千島湖, lit. Thousand Island Lake), a man-made lake located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang, China, formed after the completion of the Xin’an River hydroelectric station in 1959. 1,078 large islands dot the lake and a few thousand smaller ones are scattered across it. The lake covers an area of 573 km² and has a storage capacity of 17.8 km³. The islands in the lake cover about 86 km²

159 Lost City Shicheng Found Underwater in China

The first underwater exploration attempt of the drowned city was in 2001 when it was discovered there were 265 arches in the preserved ruins. Lion City is about the size of 62 football fields.

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Rawhyde Offroad Adventures

rawhyde adventures large 650x761 Rawhyde Offroad Adventures

RawHyde Adventures has something fun and exhilarating for any Adventure Rider. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran; our training programs, rallies and special events truly provide the definition of adventure.

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wavegarden large 650x674 Wavegarden

Wavegarden surfing lagoon generates perfectly formed tubing waves that peel for more than 220 m without losing power or shape. It is the longest artificial surfing wave in existence, and the wave quality, shape, and speed, are suitable for the highest levels of performance surfing.

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Amazing Street Art of the Doomed Village of Doel

1358069768 22 640x421 Amazing Street Art of the Doomed Village of Doel

The history of this village, situated on the banks of the Scheldt River, lasted for more than seven centuries. However, even in our modern world, are times when historical places are doomed to disappearance. The reason for this is more than banal…

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Maeklong Railway Market

1356897242 6 640x437 Maeklong Railway Market

This unusual market, placed right next to the railroad tracks, is located in Samut Songkhram, in the heart of Thailand. Extreme sellers and buyers; that’s interesting.

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Sleep In A Pod with the Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya

Box 1 Sleep In A Pod with the Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya
Located in Moscow, Russia, the Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya is a collection of sleep pods that are not only stylish, but comfortable as well. Not to mention they are surprisingly spacious. The hotel was designed by the team at Arch Group.

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