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Megapolis Tokyo

Martin Stavars was born in 1981 in Czestochowa, Poland. He studied economics, computer science and photography, ultimately focusing on the latter. He specializes in black and white cityscapes, landscapes and night photography. He and his camera have visited more than 20 countries, with Asia holding the key spot with the most visits and inspirations.

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China Photos

China is a country of contrast; and the way foreigners perceive China also varies greatly. On one hand, China is the country where the high technology industry flourishes with hundreds of world’s top companies’ production facilities located there. On the other hand, the label “Made in China” is often treated as the synonym of poor quality. Such contrast is also vividly illustrated on the images, presented below. The unique landscapes and sceneries of divine Nature interweave with the pictures of overcrowded and industrialized cities. Ancient wisdom and unique culture, cherished by many generations, is now under the powerful influence of globalization. Today, the face of China may transform, trying to adapt to the global challenges, but, hopefully, modern China will succeed in preserving and multiplying the great legacy, once generated by one of the world’s richest cultures.

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Beautiful Villa of Lombok Island, Indonesia

Hugging the hillside above Lombok’s dramatic, virtually untouched western coastline, “Malimbu Cliff Villa” combines modern luxury with breathtaking panoramas to create an exotic island retreat. This stylish, contemporary and ultra chic villa, with four bedrooms plus a kids bunk room and 18-metre infinity pool, has been designed for total rest and relaxation. [Watch the Complete Gallery]

Kamppi Chapel

This striking wooden tub-like structure in Helsinki is the quiet and peaceful Kamppi Chapel of Silence. More on collabcubed.

Japan Photos

Natural beauty. Wisdom of the generations. Progress through following the traditions. Short phrases, obviously, work best for describing Japan-featuring photographs. Just the way the Japanese haiku reflect best the wisdom of Japanese culture, where the whole quintessence of meaning is enclosed into a simple form and concentrated in the small details. Photographs, featuring Japan, attract and amaze with the depth of artistic design, variety of colors and forms. Many of them show the unique way of coexistence between ancient traditions and the most progressive achievements of the modern technology. Looking at the below photographs, one can feel some meditating tranquility and special harmony between nature and human creations. Soothing landscapes and sceneries, specific Japanese characters and vibrant modern cities – this photography showcase magnifies the true appearance of Japan, its cultural heritage, and modern community.

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Alila Villas Soori – Bali

This is how to really experience Bali: Start at Alila Villas Soori for three nights to rest off your jetlag and get used to being relaxed. Then head to Central Bali’s Ubud and stay three nights at Four Seasons Sayan – Ubud. A few days’ stay at Ubud is a must for the bike tours, monkey forest and rafting experiences. Then continue your blissful vegging for another three or four nights at Alila Villas Uluwatu.

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Vintage photography #2

Some amazing vintage photography in this showcase. Enjoy ;)

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Moods of a Brand by Michael Schickinger

Comercial Photo Shoot for Kuoni Travel AG by Michael Schickinger from Berlin, Germany. Enjoy :)

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Vintage London photography by Charles W. Cushman from 1961. Enjoy :)

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Perth, Australia – travel through a local lens

Perth, Australia: Travel through a local lens. Read the full interview/travel guide at Global Yodel.

Ann Arbor, Michigan – travel through a local lens

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY – Ann Arbor, Michigan by local photographer Colin Blakely, featured at Global Yodel.

Solar concept, opera house and igloo designs with Don’t Panic’s Really Cool Tents

Oddly shaped, overly luxurious and downright bizarre – Don’t Panic takes a look at the coolest tents around to help you pull off that festival chic in style. Camping’s never been so glamorous.

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India Photos

Here you will be able to see the best author’s photographs, showing multiple aspects of India – from its legendary architectural monument Taj Mahal to the striking reality of the modern life in India. Indian photographs, collected here, gain special value thanks to those people featured on the images. Indeed, Indian people are filled with secrets for a Western man. These often barefooted people are the true symbols of some eternal wisdom, inconceivable for the representatives of the other nationalities. Distraction from triviality, denial of all the material welfare – Indians often seem to be just preparing for the transition into some higher level of existence. Look deeply into the eyes of people illustrated on the photographs below, and you will see the bottomless source of true human emotions and thoughts, free from any social prejudices or cliché.

The Indian by Leo

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Cassiano Rosário graphic artist and photographer

Graham Coxon

Cassiano Rosário, aka “cassijones”, is a graphic artist and photographer from Curitiba, Brazil. He loves to travel around the world, take some portraits and play with his lomo.

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