ROBERT MOSES STATE PARK, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK – travel through a local lens

Travel through a local lens. Robert Moses State Park, in Long Island, New York, through the lens of local photographer Laina Briedis. Check out the full interview/travel insight at Global Yodel.

Alila Villas Uluwatu – Bali

Eco luxury does not get any better than this. The Singapore based Alila brand has a firm grasp of what it takes to do it right. It is a brand to watch in the coming years with 20 new properties launching in Asia as well as Portugal.

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New York Photography Showcase

Below we offer a collection of stunning photographs of New York to present this city to you from as many angles as possible. Buildings are, definitely, among the most prominent representations of New York, forming its unique architectural style. You will find many professional New York buildings photographs in the gallery. Furthermore, the city is also known for its traffic and this will also be illustrated below. Finally, New York is definitely about its inhabitants. People of New York have almost formed a particular nationality with the proud name “New Yorkers”, distinctive local color, and inimitable ethnic flavor. Truly, New York is a magnificent city in many aspects. Thomas Wolfe was definitely right saying that one belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years…

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Amazing vintage New York photography showcase by Ernst Haas. Enjoy ;)

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The Future is Ours

Here is a short but inspirational video about tomorrow…

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Facebook’s Most Social Landmarks By City

People everywhere use Facebook to check into places to and share what they’re doing with friends. Based on this activity, here are the top five landmarks in eight of the world’s most social cities.

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VENICE, CALIFORNIA – travel through a local lens

Travel through a local lens. Venice, California through the lens of local photographer Armin Adams. Read the full interview/travel insight at Global Yodel.

MICHAEL JACKSON MEMORIAL – Los Angeles, California

Travel through a local lens. The Michael Jackson memorial in Los Angeles, California through the lens of Darren Ankenman. Check out the full series and LA insight at Global Yodel.

Loving Istanbul

Short view of this beautiful and turbulent city!! from portuguese director Angelo Silva

80+ USA Early 20th Century Photographs

80+ USA Early 20th Century Photographs

Today we are going to show you the USA early 20th century photographs for your computer desktop and these are available in high quality. So here is a collection of USA Early 20th Century Photographs.

80+ USA Early 20th Century Photographs

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The SeaOrbiter – The Future of Ocean Exploration

The SeaOrbiter is a futuristic marine research vessel with a mission to explore the world’s oceans and the interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere. It will begin construction later this year.

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Featured Artist By Mikko Lagerstedt


Mikko Lagerstedt is a very talented photographer and digital artist from Finland. In his own words he struggle to view the world in new and interesting ways, and this really shows in his work.



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Travel Photography by Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is an American photojournalist best known for his photograph, “Afghan Girl” that originally appeared in National Geographic magazine. Steve McCurry was born on April 23, 1950 in Philadelphia, attended Penn State University. by Creative Photography.

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Showcase of interesting photography of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Hong Kong. Enjoy!

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