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Daily Inspirations no. 423

Good morning ladies and genglemen! Let’s start right away with couple of cool photos. There is actually plenty of them. If you love the nature, mountains and let’s say risky behaviour, make sure to check the Geological Photography – Trolltunga by T1ll. I am not so sure I would have the guts doing stuff like the guy is doing on the photo :). Female beauty is celebrated right below in Itsaso by TOMAAS. The two very last photos got to be highlighted as well. You may see our nature’s beauty in Daisies by Mandy Disher and Bamburgh Beach by Best Light Images. Nice start, right?! My picks from today’s illustrations is the Numbers artwork by Eva Galesloot and Dante by Talexi. Was Talexi inspired by the Axe commercial? :) Another artwork, this time traditional one that caught my attention was Priest by Feline Zegers. There are couple of nice pieces in the advertising section as well .. make sure to check the South African Airlines ad :) Click the link to see more of these .. they are simply amazing! For all the freebie lovers out there, there is a nice underground flyer template. Better get it bro .). Enjoy the rest!

i1a79 Daily Inspirations no. 423

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Shark Filled Atrium at Miami Science Museum

Grimshaw Architects have designed the new $275 million Miami Science Museum.
shark filled atrium 1 Shark Filled Atrium at Miami Science Museum
Check out more pictures of the Shark Filled Atrium at Miami Science Museum. Via Enpundit

Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort

Banyan Tree Seychelles 15 Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort

Located in the middle of nature this stunning resort in Seychelles is unique by it’s design. Inspired by local architecture the 60 beautiful villas, the botanical garden and the pools of the resort are absolutely amazing. Want to see more? Click here for the rest of the pictures.

Daily Inspirations no. 422

Just insane how the times flies … we got Friday again. I know you all are already looking forward the weekend and you won’t get too busy today … so why not using the time doing something you like while still getting inspired. Let’s check what’s new out there .). I’ll start in the photography section although the photo I am gonna highlight could be in the architecture / design section as well. Anyway, check Jumeirah Abu Dhabi by Victor Romero. You gotta love the smooth curves .. amazing. The ones checking us regularly already know what’s next … right, we’ll check the illustrations. There are several pieces I love. Make sure to check Kinnaree by NeoArtCore and Plester The Elephant by Drew Hill Studio. For all the banana milk lovers, there is a nice ad called Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Farm by Cheil Worldwide in the ad section. Fans of photography and mainly cameras shouldn’t miss the Mammoth fisheye lens from the 1970s by Nikkor. At the very end my friends, there is a nice got-to-have flyer available in the freebie section. Enjoy!

i1a70 Daily Inspirations no. 422

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mt.tabor1 .web 1 750x591 PORTLAND, OREGON   BY ROBERT WARREN
Check out photographer Robert Warren’s Portland travel guide/interview at Global Yodel.

Top 10 Best Universities In The World

To get education from the best university is the aim of every person. Here we are giving the list of top 10 best universities of the world. Which is evaluated by times higher education world university ranking 2010-2011. Which is compiled with the help of 13,000 academics from all around the world. It gathers opinion on research and teaching and factual data from the universities themselves. Top 10 best universities in the world are listed below.
10.Yale University USA
7efgj34mjx8m t Top 10 Best Universities In The World
(Score 89.5)
Another university of USA is included in top ten best universities list that is Yale University. It is private research university located in New Haven. It gained the score 89.5 and became the world’s 10th best university. Yale contain more than 1100 teaching faculty for teaching the 5300 undergraduates and 6100 graduates. The libraries of Yale contain 12.5 million volumes. It is the 3rd oldest institution of higher education in USA.
9.Imperial College London UK




This is Professional design portfilio for Hugo Ceneviva.
He is have amazing lighting and shadows techniques and photo-manipulations design.
A few months ago he is published the portfolio of Hugo Ceneviva. Today I have a selection with new works by Hugo.
We give him and give you chance to share your work with the world.


Read and See more high resolution design


Do you know DANBO!?

Untitled 1 DANBO!

The name Danbo is a pun on the Japanese word for corrugated cardboard “danboru” (ダンボー). There’s also a company in Japan which makes cardboard boxes which has Danbooru in its name.

There have been a few variations on this name in the west, based on different translations from the original manga. Danbo was the original name used in the Yotsuba&! manga, and has also been used in the most recent translated versions for western markets.

The original western translations used the name Cardbo instead, as a literal play on words of the western word “cardboard”, but the “correct” name in the eyes of purists is Danbo, keeping the original Japanese pun intact.


Click here to see more

Virgin Atlantic’s Luxury Bar and Cabin – Virtual Tour

Virgin Atlantics New Upper Class Bar And Cabin 1 Virgin Atlantics Luxury Bar and Cabin   Virtual Tour

Virgin Atlantic’s New Upper Class Bar And Cabin is a mixture of creativity, futuristic design and technology. Take the virtual tour and your tastes will absolutely reach another level. For more pictures click here.

Sunrise House, West Indies

Sunrise House 1 Sunrise House, West Indies

Perched on a hillside a short stroll from the famous Macaroni Beach and the beautiful, wild Pasture Bay, Sunrise House combines exclusive elegance with a relaxed charm.

Spectacular, far reaching views of the coconut groves and Caribbean Sea make it an idyllic location. Sunrise has exquisite tropical gardens and is one of the few houses on the island to have its own secluded white sand beach and its natural beauty attracts a variety of fascinating island wildlife. Watch full gallery at BonjourLife

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Underwater Dining – Eat among the fish!

Friday love! Check out this wonderful restaurant at the hotel Kihavah in the Maldives, I could definitely see myself eating here. Seems so peaceful to sit here and enjoy a nice meal. More info and pictures!

137 750x750 Underwater Dining   Eat among the fish!

More info and pictures!

A look at Salford, Manchester, England, through the lens of local photographer Jordan Carroll. Read the full interview/travel guide here.


creative facebook timeline cover photos 19 28 CREATIVE FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER PHOTOS

With the onset of Facebook’s Timeline, many users have come up with some pretty creative timeline cover photos. Have a look at the 27 funniest and most creative ones we could find.

creative facebook timeline cover photos 7 28 CREATIVE FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER PHOTOS

creative facebook timeline cover photos 1 28 CREATIVE FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER PHOTOS


Alila Villas Soori by SCDA Architects

Check out this wonderful place! Alila Villas Soori on the southwest coast of Bali might just be the very definition of paradise. More info and pictures!

1 11 750x333 Alila Villas Soori by SCDA Architects

10 11 750x333 Alila Villas Soori by SCDA Architects

More info and pictures!

Camel jumping.

tumblr m3t8zdh44P1rse1ipo2 500 Camel jumping.
tumblr m3t8zdh44P1rse1ipo1 500 Camel jumping.
After more than a year covering the Arab Spring — struggling with intransigent bureaucracies, governments hostile to journalists and people who didn’t want to be photographed — Ed Ou was relieved to encounter a subject where images came easily…Camel-jumping. Via New York Times.

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