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The Luxury JR East Cruise Train by Ferrari Designer

train 1 650x433 The Luxury JR East Cruise Train by Ferrari Designer
Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama has ventured off onto a new solo project, designing this beautiful $50 million JR East Cruise Train.

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Cheval Blanc Randheli | Maldives

cheval blanc randheli maldives large 650x741 Cheval Blanc Randheli | Maldives

In the northwest of the Maldives archipelago, Noonu atoll reveals a preserved and exclusive exotic oasis. The islands blend elongated palm trees, tropical flowers, white sand banks, pristine turquoise water and fringing reef. The atoll waters house a dazzling sampling of multicolour fish, rays and sea turtles.

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Colorful umbrellas on the streets of Portugal

colorful umbrellas 1 Colorful umbrellas on the streets of Portugal

Extravaganza of colors, hovering over the heads of passers-by in the form of colorful domes of different sizes and colors, can be called a festival of Portuguese umbrellas, but art project is known under the romantic and gentle name of a Umbrella Sky.

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World’s Biggest Ship Graveyard – Where Huge tankers are Scrapped on the Shorefront

shipcemetery01 650x420 World’s Biggest Ship Graveyard – Where Huge tankers are Scrapped on the Shorefront

This is the biggest ship graveyard in the world – where huge tankers and cruise liners are scrapped on the shorefront by teams of labourers using little more than hand tools. Ships, like people, have their own lifetime. However, disposal of obsolete ships – the problem is very complicated and expensive.

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The Most Beautiful US National Parks

parks 1 The Most Beautiful US National Parks
There’s nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors during the summer season, and what better way to do that than exploring national parks. We’ve toured the country, and rounded up the 15 best national parks for you.

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Hellenikon – Athens’ Ghost Airport

“It’s been over a decade since Athens’ Hellenikon airport closed down after around 60 years of duty as the only airport serving the Greek capital. In 2001, just three years before Athens hosted the Olympic Games, Hellenikon was abandoned in favour of the glitzy new Eleftherios Venizelos airport, constructed to the east of the city. What has happened to Hellenikon since then? Well, the glory days of the airport are long gone. Nothing has been done with the property aside from using part of the land to construct a few secondary sports facilities for use during the 2004 Olympics. In turn, these too now stand abandoned. The former airport is now surrounded by a wire fence and weeds have taken over wherever they can. One terminal was burnt out by a fire and now sits in ruins – nobody cleaned it up after the incident. Despite a private security service operating in the area, the building shows evidence of trespassing and looting. Boxes filled with anything from travel tags to piles of boarding passes and other documents are strewn on the floor amidst other debris and garbage.

The sad spectacle continues, following me with every step as I make my way through the deserted complex. I see ghostly halls, smashed windows, broken doors. Stray dogs bark at me, reminding me that this is their territory. It’s hard to imagine how the international airport of a European capital ended up in this state. But everything may change soon. A private development group wants to turn the old airport into a seaside resort and build a huge park, hotels, and residential buildings. But the project has already run into opposition from those angered about the land’s privatisation. The left-wing political party Syriza wants to see the site turned into a massive free public park instead. Controversy over the future of the site seems strange in view that no one seemed to care that it stood abandoned for so long. Meanwhile, as the discussion continues, Hellenikon still stands a sad derelict shell on the outskirts of Athens. Visiting it left a bitter taste in my mouth”. – Yorgos Karahalis via Reuters

1133 Hellenikon – Athens’ Ghost Airport
An auxiliary control tower stands in front of the east terminal of the former Athens International airport, Hellenikon June 16, 2014. For about six decades Hellenikon was Athens’ only airport but it closed down in 2001 to make way for a newer, more modern airport before the city hosted the 2004 Olympic Games. After languishing for years as a wasteland of crumbling terminals, Hellenikon is set for resurrection as a glitzy coastal resort. Lamda Development, controlled by Greece’s powerful Latsis family and leading a consortium of Chinese and Abu-Dhabi based companies, has big dreams for the area since signing a 915 million euro deal for a 99-year lease in March 2014. (Photo by Yorgos Karahalis/Reuters)

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On the Sidelines of the Brazil World Cup

As national soccer teams and the photographers who have been covering them start to trickle home from the Brazil World Cup, it’s time to revisit the “On the Sidelines” project. This Reuters Pictures project was billed as a chance for photographers to share “their own quirky and creative view of the World Cup”.

180 On the Sidelines of the Brazil World Cup
The media bus driver is reflected in a mirror during the trip away from the Pernambuco arena in the rain in Recife June 28, 2014. In a project called “On The Sidelines” Reuters photographers share pictures showing their own quirky and creative view of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. (Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters)

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Amazing Scenery of “Rotten Sea”

143 Amazing Scenery of Rotten Sea
Photographer Sergey Anashkevych captures the incredible images of salt flats in Crimea. Lake Sivash is also known as the “Rotten Sea”, it’s unique dazzling red colours caused by rapid propagation of Dunaliella algae in an abandoned mine.

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Travel Photography by Giulia Bellato

Giulia Bellato 650x427 Travel Photography by Giulia Bellato

Giulia Bellato is a talented Italian semi-professional photographer currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Giulia takes photos to tell stories, she shoot also lifestyle and wedding photography.

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Traveling, Food and Women: Adventurous Eating for the Gentleman

Rare Photos of Angola’s Tribal People

1289 Rare Photos of Angolas Tribal People
Photographer Eric Lafforgue travelled to Angola and met some of the fascinating tribal peoples living there.

Men, by contrast, leave jewellery and elaborate hairstyles to the women, instead choosing to wear a simple loin cloth paired with a dagger or, in some cases, old 1990s football jerseys. The jerseys are a symbol of changing times in Angola; a country where huge oil wealth is concentrated in the hands of a privileged few while the rest of the country struggles to come to terms with the aftermath of the Angolan Civil War – a conflict that lasted for more than 30 years and left the countryside littered with landmines.

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World Cup Spikes Amazon Tribal Tourism

1278 World Cup Spikes Amazon Tribal Tourism
A tourist dances with members of the Amazonian Tatuyo tribe in their village in the Rio Negro (Black River) near Manaus city, a World Cup host city, June 23, 2014. Because of their proximity to host city Manaus and their warm welcome, the Tatuyo have enjoyed three weeks of brisk business thanks to the World Cup. Usually, they host between 10 and 30 tourists a day. During the World Cup, this number has rocketed to 250 a day, They have become richer and other communities now come to them to sell them juices and fishes. (Photo by Andres Stapff/Reuters)

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The Swing at the End of the World

1387388219 1 640x478 The Swing at the End of the World
The Swing at the end of the world is an entertainment only the most courageous adventurers will be able to experience.

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“Wei Sang” – A Traditional Praying Festival in Tibet

1264 Wei Sang   A Traditional Praying Festival in Tibet
Photo: Reuters

Tibetans throw praying papers as they gather for a traditional praying festival called “Wei Sang”, in Hongyuan county of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province. The festival is usually held in every May or June, when Tibetans burn tree branches to create smoke and throw praying papers to wish for good fortunes and a better pasture season.

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Giant Underground Trampolines Tipped as Next Big Tourist Attraction in Wales

1259 Giant Underground Trampolines Tipped as Next Big Tourist Attraction in Wales
Photograph: B White

Blaenau Ffestiniog’s slate mine has been turned into a trampoline theme park for the summer. It’s a marvellous installation – and a long way from your average cave tour.

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