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Indonesia’s Medical Mannequin Industry

1164 Indonesias Medical Mannequin Industry
A craftsman works on making human anatomy mannequins on April 23, 2014 in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. The mannequins are made from fiberglass and will be used in schools, hospitals and laboratories. (Photo by Nurcholis Anhari Lubis/Getty Images)

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What the World Eats By Peter Menzel And Faith D’Aluisio

A stunning photographic collection featuring portraits of people from 30 countries and the food they eat in one day. In this fascinating study of people and their diets, 80 profiles are organized by the total number of calories each person puts away in a day. Featuring a Japanese sumo wrestler, a Massai herdswoman, world-renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adria, an American competitive eater, and more, these compulsively readable personal stories also include demographic particulars, including age, activity level, height, and weight. Essays from Harvard primatologist Richard Wrangham, journalist Michael Pollan, and others discuss the implications of our modern diets for our health and for the planet. This compelling blend of photography and investigative reportage expands our understanding of the complex relationships among individuals, culture, and food.

1160 What the World Eats By Peter Menzel And Faith DAluisio
Oswaldo Gutierrez, Chief of the PDVSA Oil Platform GP 19 in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela with his typical day’s worth of food. (From the book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.) The caloric value of his day’s worth of food on a day in December was 6000 kcals. He is 52 years of age; 5 feet, 7 inches tall; and 220 pounds. Gutierrez works on the platform for seven days then is off at home for seven days. While on the platform he jogs on its helipad, practices karate, lifts weights, and jumps rope to keep fit. His food for the seven days comes from the platform cafeteria which, though plagued with cockroaches, turns out food choices that run from healthful to greasy-fried. Fresh squeezed orange juice is on the menu as well and Gutierrez drinks three liters of it a day himself. His diet changed about ten years ago when he decided that he’d rather be more fit than fat like many of his platform colleagues. PDVSA is the state oil company of Venezuela.

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Silent Hill

Jonny Joo, 23, visits derelict malls, stations, towers and other places because they remind him of Silent Hill – a psychological horror video game which was made into a film. “When I first started exploring places, so many would remind me of the game. It was a world I was kind of obsessed with because of how dark and eerie it looked”, Joo said. His book, titled “Empty Spaces”, will feature 116 images and is being released this week.

1155 Silent Hill
An abandoned old grain silo, described by the photographer as “peaceful”. (Photo by Jonny Joo/Barcroft Media)

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The World’s Most Beautiful Hotel Swimming Pools

Pools 1 The Worlds Most Beautiful Hotel Swimming Pools
With the summer season right around the corner, it’s time for you to start mapping out your dream vacation destinations. We’ve helped to get things jump started by rounding up the 20 best hotel swimming pools on the planet.

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Famous Landmarks zoomed out to tell the larger Picture

zoomed out landmarks 01 Famous Landmarks zoomed out to tell the larger Picture

As Instagram proves, it’s pretty easy for certain aspects of people’s lives to be cut out, leaving a picture that looks all but perfect. The same thing happens when tourists photograph a country’s famous sights, focussing on the awe-inspiring monument or landscape but leaving out the surrounding environment.

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Four Seasons Private Jet Around the World Tour

four seasons around the world tour large 650x562 Four Seasons Private Jet Around the World Tour

Aboard a luxuriously appointed private jet, take a 24-day exclusive around the world tour and stay at nine of Four Seasons Hotels spread across the world, including exotic stops at Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Thailand and India.

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Boardman Tree Farm in Oregon, US

1379438287 1 640x423 Boardman Tree Farm in Oregon, US
This tree farm is located in the town of Moro, Oregon, US, and has more than 10,000 hectares of hybrid varieties of trees. Tourists come here to see the geometric wonders of nature.

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Ancient Traditional Honey Hunters Of Nepal

1109 Ancient Traditional Honey Hunters Of Nepal
Andrew Newey, an award-winning UK-based travel photographer, has captured gripping photographs of central Nepalese Gurung tribe members engaged in a dangerous and ancient tradition – honey hunting.

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Eagle Huntress

These stunning photographs show the changing face of a majestic centuries old Kazakh pastime tradition that still lives in the lands of mongolia – eagle hunters. The pictures focus on 13-year-old Irka Bolen – who is being trained to work with these birds of prey (golden eagles). Set in the beautifully mountains of Bayan-Ulgii province, in the far west of the open steppes of Mongolia, the photographer centres on Irkas power over the bird. Tradition-wise, only when a boy turns 13, and he’s strong enough to carry the weight of a grown eagle, his father starts training him in the ancient hunting technique. They say, that in the Kazakh tradition, there’s over a thousand ways of training and hunting using the eagle, and each family masters their own special technique.

1106 Eagle Huntress
Photographer Asher Svidensky, holding the camera, taking a shot of a one of the Eagle hunters fathers whilst on horseback, proudly displaying his eagle on his arm. (Photo by Asher Svidensky/Caters News)

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Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver, British Columbia

1104 Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver, British Columbia
The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current bridge is 140 metres (460 ft) long and 70 metres (230 ft) above the river. It is part of a private facility, with an admission fee, and draws over 800,000 visitors a year.

The bridge was originally built in 1889 by George Grant Mackay, a Scottish civil engineer and park commissioner for Vancouver. It was originally made of hemp ropes with a deck of cedar planks, and was replaced with a wire cable bridge in 1903. In 1910 Edward Mahon purchased the Capilano Suspension Bridge. “Mac” MacEachran purchased the Bridge from Mahon in 1935 and invited local natives to place their totem poles in the park, adding a native theme. In 1945, he sold the bridge to Henri Aubeneau.

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Viceroy Bali – A Luxury Hotel in Bali

Viceroy Bali Resort 01 1 Viceroy Bali – A Luxury Hotel in Bali

The Viceroy Bali’s magnificent valley place is highly appreciated for its warm light and serenity with nature, its sights and its quiet and calm environment. Here are situated some beautiful villas, which are waiting to be visited by tourists from all around the world. The Viceroy Villa is frequently referred to by visitors as the resort’s Presidential Villa. This stylish place has two large bedrooms, each with high-thatched roofs and spacious luxury bathrooms.

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White Sand Beaches Meet Turquoise Waters: Constance Halaveli Resort

Constance Halaveli Resort 5 White Sand Beaches Meet Turquoise Waters: Constance Halaveli Resort

Constance Halaveli Resort is a luxurious retreat in Maldivian Paradise, a place where pure white sand beaches and turquoise waters introduce you in a dream world. Sun terraces and plunge pools, a stunning connection to wild nature and beautiful villas make a mixture of natural and man-made in perfect equilibrium.

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Luxury Tropical Island Yacht Concept

tropical island yacht1 Luxury Tropical Island Yacht Concept

The UK company, Yacht Island Design, put fantasy into a long dreamed of project. What makes it so special and unique is the combination of a personal luxurious over sized yacht in a private tropical island, made out of steel and with measurements of 90 meters long, more than enough space for decorating a floating heaven.

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The Beer Moth

the beer moth large 650x911 The Beer Moth

The Beer Moth, a 1954 Commer fire Service lorry converted into luxurious camping for two. It is equipped with a victorian double bed, a woodburner and a parquet floor. It is cosy and comfortable until you open up the sides and it becomes an alfresco home on wheels.

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Top 5 Best Backpacks for Traveling

Red Oxx Sky Train

sky train1 Top 5 Best Backpacks for Traveling

This backpack is 38 liters, so you have more than plenty of space for your possessions. It offers tie down straps for your clothing so you won’t have to deal with crumpled and gross looking clothes. It also has a great variety of ways to carry it. It can be rolled like a suitcase, carried like a messenger bag or held on tight like a backpack so you’ll be able to use your hands while you’re on the go. The best part about this bag is that it’s completely handmade, which means you know it’s high quality.

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