French Polynesia – Paradise Destination

french polynesia beach travel guide french polynesia blue beach vacation 75497 French Polynesia – Paradise Destination

French Polynesia is a group of one hundred and thirty small islands at the south area of the Pacific Ocean, bordering South America to the west and Australia to the east. The islands are in form of six separate groupings namely: the Marquesas Islands, the Society Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Gambier Islands, the Austral Islands and the Bass Islands.

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Fallas Festival in Spain

1157 Fallas Festival in Spain
Satirical sculptures burn during the traditional Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain, on March 19, 2014. Every year the city celebrates the ancient “Las Fallas” fiesta, a noisy week that is full of fireworks and processions in honor of Saint Joseph that ends on midnight of March 19, burning large satiric figures displayed around the streets of the city. (Photo by Alberto Saiz/Associated Press)

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China’s Tourist Attraction: an Upside-down House

1155 Chinas Tourist Attraction: an Upside down House
A laborer works at an upside-down house under construction at Fengjing Ancient Town, Jinshan District, south of Shanghai, March 17, 2014. Workers are putting the final touches on this eccentric tourist attraction built at the “China Folk Painting Village”. Furniture will also be placed upside down in the house, which is expected to open the public in April, according to local media. (Photo by Carlos Barria/Reuters)

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7 Essential Items to Bring With You When Going Hiking

There are few things more satisfying than strapping on a big backpack and exploring the great outdoors. Hiking is incredibly fun, yet fairly challenging. It promotes both mental and physical health and gives you a unique opportunity to bond with friends and family. However, if you don’t come prepared you can have a very grueling and infuriating experience. If you want to make the most out of your walk through nature and focus on having fun with friends while exploring the local flora and fauna, then I suggest that you make sure you have these seven items with you before walking out the door.

image1 7 Essential Items to Bring With You When Going Hiking

A good pair of hiking boots

If you’ve ever tried hiking up some rough terrain in your old running shoes, than you will truly understand the meaning of pain. Your feet will blister up and you will feel every little rock beneath them. A good pair of hiking boots may be a bit more expensive, but they have a hard sole and are sturdy enough to keep your feet safe and dry, particularly if you combine them with a pair of gaiters.

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Dettifoss – The Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe

1372701451 1 640x426 Dettifoss   The Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe
Dettifoss is a waterfall on the river Yekulsau-au-Fedlum in Northeast Iceland, and it is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. It is located in the most famous national park of Vatnajökull.

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Sweden’s Majestic Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Lodge 1 650x433 Swedens Majestic Kolarbyn Eco Lodge
When you’re looking for the ultimate way to getaway, while still connecting with nature, few places rival Sweden’s Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge. This beautiful 12-hut resort offers up every outdoor activity you could imagine.

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Asterix Amusement Park in France

 Asterix Amusement Park in France
Besides the well-known Disneyland, near Paris is another, no less interesting, place of entertainment for adults and children. The name suggests that the park is dedicated to two renowned characters from Gaul.

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Chinese Villagers Zip Line

1136 Chinese Villagers Zip Line
This cable ropeway suspended between cliffs is the only access to Yushan village in Hubei Province, Chin, which has a population of just over 200 people. The ropeway was built in 1997; before that villagers faced a walk of several days to get to the next nearest village. The ropeway, which is powered by a diesel engine, is 1,000 metres long and 400 metres above the valley floor. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

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007 Themed Hotel Suite in Paris

007 1 650x433 007 Themed Hotel Suite in Paris
Fan of James Bond will get a kick out of this awesome suite. Located in the Seven Hotel in Paris, this entire room was designed by Agence Bastie to look like it was right off the big screen.

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Sun Cruise Luxury Hotel in South Korea

Korea Hotel 02 650x432 Sun Cruise Luxury Hotel in South Korea
It is worth noting, and scenic views that open up due to the high location of the hotel. Sun Cruise guarantees beautiful views of sea of ​​Japan from its sun deck, and the corresponding time of day and weather sound effects on the viewing platform to help create a relaxed atmosphere.

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“The Door to Hell”

1106 “The Door to Hell”
“These are the astonishing images of the very aptly named door to hell, a fiery crater thats baffled scientist and has been flaming away for more than 40 years. The crater is 230-feet wide and situated near Derweze village in Turkmenistan. It was named the Door to Hell by locals, referring to the endless flames and boiling mud that can be found inside. Originally a level surface, the site was identified by Soviet scientists in 1971 as an area that was believed to house a substantial oil field. A camp and drilling rig were set up nearby, and, after the Soviets were pleased with amount of gas resources that were believed to be at the site, it was agreed that gas from the field would start being stored”. – Caters News. (Photos by William Keeping/Caters News)

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The Crazy Swing At Casa Del Arbol in Ecuador

1101 The Crazy Swing At Casa Del Arbol in Ecuador
Located at La Casa Del Arbol or “The Treehouse” in Baños, Ecuador, this small house was built for the stunning view on the Tungurahua Volcano it offers. But the real attraction is the swing attached to one of the tree’s branches. It is far from your average swing, and it is surnamed the “Swing at the End of the World” for a good reason. Located off a giant cliff at over 8,350 feet above sea level and with absolutely no safety features, this swing promises a serious thrill to whoever is brave enough to ride it.

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Amazing Guest House Built into Switzerland Mountainside

Guest 2 Amazing Guest House Built into Switzerland Mountainside
The Berggasthaus Aescher is a 170 year old guest house that is built right into the mountainside of the Swiss Alps. This beautiful “hotel” features three bedrooms to accommodate a small group of people.

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End Of The World Cinema – Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater in the Desert of Sinai

movie theater desert 01 End Of The World Cinema – Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater in the Desert of Sinai
Somewhere on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, nestled at the foot of a desert mountain range, sits a peculiar sight that is almost completely out of place: hundreds of seats for an outdoor movie theater.

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The Largest Indoor Beach in the World

Beach 1 650x433 The Largest Indoor Beach in the World
It may have closed down just a few years ago, but the Seagaia Ocean Dome in Japan still holds the record of the largest indoor beach in the world. The 1,000 foot dome was nothing short of a modern marvel.

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