Offscreen Colonies


Video recording of “Offscreen Colonies”, a 64 kilobyte realtime demo that features a vast array of surreal and futuristic sights and sounds by Conspiracy, an Hungarian group of multimedia artists.

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Star Wars | The Digital Movie Collection


Star Wars is available now for the first time ever on Digital HD! your now able to enjoy the Star Wars saga on their digital devices wherever they go…

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I Love Douro

Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 5.47.48 PM

A gorgeous promotional film by Damnworks entitled “I Love Douro” to capture all the touristic values of the São João da Pesqueira region and the Douro Valley, in Portugal. “Douro is a Portuguese wine region centered on the Douro River in the Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro region. It is sometimes referred to as the Alto Douro (upper Douro), as it is located some distance upstream from Porto, sheltered by mountain ranges from coastal influence.”

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Fantastic Package of Bumpers

Paris-based Naked created this fantastic package of bumpers.

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SCHOOL FOR BIRDS – 10,000 Things

Official music video for School For Birds Silver Scroll nominated 10,000 Things.

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Clap Clap Riot – So You Say

My first project back after a well deserved summer holiday was my second music video for Clap Clap Riot and the first single of their new album, So You Say.

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New Video Ends With Unique Art Form

This minimalist story about two men seeking emotional solace from their difficult lives ends with a surprising new approach to art. For behind-the-scenes, credits, and more, visit the film website.

Lone Wolf

A short documentary about loneliness and depression.

Signal. Radugadesign

For Moscow international festival “Circle of Light” 2014 Radugadesign presented work “Signal”.

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Motion Design McDonad’s

Here’s a jingle that I created for a call for tender of the 2014 year-end General Meeting of McDonald’s.

The Million Ways I Love You

For this I give thanks to our Father from above
for the best gift He has ever given me was this abundant love

I never want to lose this, with love I take this leap
Because this love is meant for you and not for me to keep

Heather Hansen’s Bodily Art


Artist and dancer Heather Hansen creates art, giant paper as canvas, and her body and pieces of charcoal as the paintbrush. What results from it are a series of free-flowing, abstract pieces, on top of which, performance art which she displays her graceful movements that uses the giant canvas as a recording of her ensemble.

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Tiny Boston for New York City Drone Film Festival / From @AboveSummit

A tilt-shift hyperlapse aerial video filmed in our home town, Boston.
Be sure to watch in HD and full screen.

The 25th anniversary of STS Media TV-Holding

On the 30th of October in Academical hall of Russian Academy of Sciences took place the event: “The 25th anniversary of STS Media TV-Holding – Presentation of the holding’s television channels’ new season.” For the first time within the limits of one event all holding’s TV-channels were presented.

Radugadesign designed 180 degrees videomapping projection for the event. The 10-minute show with projection and artists had been produced involving 11 projectors, sliding mapping-decorations and LED screens.

Director of the show Kirill Serebrennikov.

Watch People Get Slow-mo Smacked in the Face With Snowballs

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone take a snowball right square in the jaw. Unless of course, it’s a whole crew of folks getting smacked with snow right in the face, like in this seasonal supercut. ‘Tis the season!

The video comes to us by way of Exit10, who decided to make a holiday video card that consisted of a smacking each other in the face with little balls of frozen water. It was shot in slow-mo using a Phantom camera. Really, nothing spells holidays cheer than some frozen precipitation straight to the noggin.

Hat tip to Gizmodo