Superfast Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot ‘Wins’ Every Time

Superfast Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot 'Wins' Every Time Members of a University of Tokyo team said they developed a robot that wins every game of rock-paper-scissors by employing split-second reflexes.
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Making the all-new Mac Pro

A short film by Apple highlighting the fabrication process for making their newest pro tower.

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The World’s Tallest Slum – Inside Caracas’ Notorious Tower of David

Watch: Inside Caracas’ notorious Tower of David
Watch as Vocativ climbs the tower and gains the rare in-depth access to residents’ daily lives inside this unique and sinister establishment. Few cameras have been allowed into the depths of the tower.

Flexible, High Definition CAAC-OS Display From SEL

Flexible, High Definition CAAC-OS Display From SELAs one way to utilize this flexibility, SEL have produced side-roll and top-roll OLED displays, with the display curving over the edge where a bezel would usually be.
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MOVE – a travel video that is guarenteed to inspire you

I heard a quote this week that I would like to share with you guys. “Don’t take life so seriously, no one gets out alive.” Thought this video would be a good way to end the week. Its a big world out there, lots to explore and so little time! Lets go have some fun. This movie is guaranteed to inspire. Check it out at Global Yodel.

Transparent Machines™

Our society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy. We are “outraged” by the actions of the NSA, yet continue to willfully upload more and more of our personal information to Facebook and Google. This film explores the contradictory nature of our actions and beliefs regarding transparency.

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TimeLapse China in Motion

TimeLapse China in MotionIt took 56 photographers in different locations of China, more than 200,000 photos and an experienced planner (Vincent May) to make this awesome compilation…

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Geology of Shoes

A beautiful project by London-based footwear designer and maker Barbora Veselá.

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Light Iron Case Study: Ender’s Game

Watch: Light Iron Case Study: Ender’s Game
Light Iron takes you step by step through the progressive Data Management and Color Pipeline of Ender’s Game.

Galaxy Movie Titles – AE project for JUST 12$

“Social Network”, a short film by Beomseok Yang

Discover “Social Network”, a short film created by the korean motion designer Beomseok Yang. A dive into the world of social network in augmented reality.

There is still time (Ainda dá Tempo)

Ainda dá Tempo (There is still time) from Ainda da tempo on Vimeo.

In the video we raise an essential question about how people accept pessimism without realizing the consequences to it. Several adults were invited to talk about how they imagined the future of the planet and the result was, as expected, very pessimist. From this moment, the same adults were surprised by a video of their own children talking about what they wanted to be in the future and how this could be possible if the world were that bad. The result of this touching social experiment can be seen in the video called “There is still time”, link: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks!


Who has never dreamed to go on an adventure with its own old van, surf the oceans, meet people, and just chill? Fergus did it and it is told in a beautiful short film awarded at the London Surf Film Festival.
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Behind the Scenes of the Thursday Night Football Open Starring Priyanka

Based in DUMBO on Brooklyn’s waterfront, Juniper Jones is the creative force dedicated to creating custom-tailored solutions. Recently the force was selected by the NFL Network and MAGGIEVISION Productions as their key partner to create the 2013/2014 “Thursday Night Football” broadcast open starring Priyanka Chopra.

The open premiered on Sep. 12 ahead of the season’s first game, and since then, each week’s broadcast has attracted millions and millions of viewers. The custom project toolkit Juniper Jones delivered allows the network to give each host city – and the week’s competing NFL teams – a one-of-a-kind “Thursday Night Football” spotlight featuring Priyanka.

It’s our pleasure to share the debut open ( ), and some of the concept artwork and behind-the-scenes imagery from our work (below). To learn more about Thursday Night Football, please visit

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Dragon Zoo episode 2 French Skateboarding video.

-Yann Lopez, bluntsliding one of the park’s flatbars.


Filmed and edited by Rémi Luciani, somewhere in the south of France.

We wanted our video projects to look more like OG skate videos, that’s why I switched to SD with a Sony VX camcorder and a Century MK1 fisheye lens; this is the most powerful filming set up to capture the real action of skateboarding in my opinion.

I chose to add colorful glitching effects and tape art clips to make the video look  like old OG  vhs skate videos, but in a modern way.

For this video project I just chose to go filmin’ in the city I grew up, where i don’t live anymore, skate, film and spend a good moment with childhood friends I haven’t seen for years!  that’s what happened… enjoy!

(Just click on any image to watch the video on youtube).

-Myself, filming in Marseille’s streets (France) for Marseille Zoo video and La nuit Magazine.