Surround Video Introduces Rihanna at the AMAs

Surround, led by directing team Brad and Brian Palmer, created the 90-second-long video that honored Rihanna, the recipient of the first-ever Icon Award, for Sunday night’s American Music Awards.

“The video needed to capture the scale of an artist like Rihanna, so this was about designing a lot of information to fit a single frame,” said Brad. “She’s the best-selling digital artist of all time; she has a tremendous presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; her YouTube channel is widely watched. To process all of this, we recreated certain imagery – forming a visual timeline of her career – and collaged the elements.”

Watch here.

British Airways Launches An Innovative Advertisement On Digital Billboard

As an actual plane leaves for its destination, a kid in the billboard points the overhead flying plane along with a message comprised of the flight number and destination and all this happens with integration between flight tracking information data and GPS.
[See Video Here | British Airways Launches An Innovative Advertisement On Digital Billboard]


Social Media is a powerful tool. Check out this creative video made from 852 Instagram stills at Global Yodel.


A tale by Big Lazy Robot in the video represents the technology-centric life of today’s man with over speedy cars, smartphones and leisure pastime on sofa before TVs.

[Watch the Video | iDiots]

Artisan Noodle Makers in Brooklyn, NY

Meet the family behind TMI, an artisan noodle shop in Brooklyn, NY. TMI makes the Udon Noodles that Noodles & Company Restaurants serve across the US in the sweet and savory Japanese Pan Noodles dish.

Screwing in your Booo bulbs with a robot

The most expensive and ridiculous way to screw in your light bulbs, an installation for Booo.

Art made with hundreds of real One Dollar Bills | money is material | money is material | money is material | money is material

Artist Mark Wagner creates rebellious, taboo, and provacative collages made entirely of one dollar bills.

Watch the video:—money-is-material

American Hell – JuntoBox Films

JuntoBox Films

American Hell – JuntoBox Films

After a nation finds themselves glued to live national broadcasts of uncensored terrorism, television networks begin battling over their integrity versus ratings to show more. Click here to read more about the production.

THE MOMENT YOU FALL ASLEEP – a locals guide to Norway

A very short video by filmmaker Karl Erik Brøndbo to mimic the moment you fall asleep and it feels like your falling. Check it out at Global Yodel.

Marseille zoo episode 1 : french amateur skateboarding video

Click on any of these two images to watch the video in HD on youtube.


Mael Traica 360 flip drop in – St Charles railway station.

Notre Dame de la Garde church, one of the most powerful symbols of Marseille.

This was the first episode, filmed with SD and HD cameras featuring Yensi Lama, Mael Traica and friends.

Episode 3 filmed in SD with a crispy Sony VX is coming soon, stay tuned!

Time-lapse foursquare check-ins

Are you a foursquare addict ? Well, we are, and we are not alone. These Awesome Time-Lapse Videos Show a day In in the major cities of the world by Foursquare Check-Ins.
Foursquare user check-ins are divided in :  residence, food, arts & entertainment, nightlife, professional, and other categories over the course of 24 hours.

Play the videos here

Behind the scenes of Killing Kennedy (National Geographic Channel)

Watch: Behind the scenes of Killing Kennedy (Nat Geo Channel)
Go Behind the scenes of “Killing Kennedy” (National Geographic Channel) that drew a record 3.4 million viewers during its premiere on Sunday, November 10, 2013.

Superfast Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot ‘Wins’ Every Time

Superfast Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot 'Wins' Every Time Members of a University of Tokyo team said they developed a robot that wins every game of rock-paper-scissors by employing split-second reflexes.
[Watch The Video Here | Superfast Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot]

Making the all-new Mac Pro

A short film by Apple highlighting the fabrication process for making their newest pro tower.

More info + video here

The World’s Tallest Slum – Inside Caracas’ Notorious Tower of David

Watch: Inside Caracas’ notorious Tower of David
Watch as Vocativ climbs the tower and gains the rare in-depth access to residents’ daily lives inside this unique and sinister establishment. Few cameras have been allowed into the depths of the tower.