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Animated Movie Quotes by Fabio Arnold.

UNICEF Tap Project: Beat your cellphone addiction & donate water!

The longer you can resist playing around with your smartphone, the more water can be donated. Just head on over to to start your challenge…

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Radugadesign Showreel 2013-2014

New showreel 2013-2014 from Radugadesign – Russian Media Design Studio

Silvan – The Great Magician

Nobody knows a magician’s secrets, but everybody knows Silvan.

Wecrosstheline meets one of the greatest international masters of illusion: the man who has enchanted millions of Italians with his unique blend of style and skill, illusion and elegance.

Voted Magician of the Year twice, in 1990 and 1999 – the only artist outside America to have received this prestigious award – the great Silvan welcomes us into his home in Rome where we become the witnesses to a magical existence as he reveals the secrets of his legendary life.

Music video puts double exposure photography in motion

The new music video for The Peach King’s “Be Around” emulates the effect of double exposure photography in moving images. The results are beautiful, psychedelic and at times haunting.

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Artistic Documentary on Breakdancing / Ancient Japanese Ball n’ Cup Performer

Hey guys!

Just wanted to show you guys this documentary on a break dancing/ball n’ cup performer from Japan. I think you guys will enjoy not only the performance, but the visual work too.


Singing snowman

20-22 december 2013 at the Troyka Fair Russian media design studio Radugadesign has created installation named as “singing snowman”.

Technologies: Generative + motion.
Soundtrack by DZA.

HBO’s “True Detective” Stunning Double-exposure Title Sequence

HBO's "True Detective" Title Sequence
HBO’s “True Detective” Title Sequence starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey was designed and directed by Antibody Creative Director Patrick Clair. Sex, religion, fire and the petrochemical apocalypse all feature heavily in this rich, symbolic rendering of the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

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How To Animate a Photo – The 2.5D (Parallax) Effect | Video Tutorial


Watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to apply the 2.5D (Parallax) Effect to your own shots. Through a process known as the parallax effect, in which single frame photos are layered to create the illusion of 3D, Joe Fellows is able to turn a static shot into a multidimensional image. Using imaging software to layer stills, Fellows transforms a simple ping pong photo into a 2.5D animation.

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LOVE UNLIMITED – Title sequence

Títulos de crédito para el film de Alejando Ochoa, “LOVE UNLIMITED”, en el cual he tenido el placer de colaborar como Director Creativo, Director de arte, Realizador, Editor y Post-productor.

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Mudasfest 2014 – Non dialogue short film festival – New York

Mudasfest é um festival de curtas metragens sem diálogo.
Mudasfest is a non dialogue short film festival.
2014 edition will happen in New York – Anthology Film Archives, showcasing the best films from Mudasfest previous editions in 2012 and 2013 that happened in Casa das Mudas – Madeira Island, Portugal.

More information here.

Produced by and

Motion Designer x Live Action Director TOM GERAEDTS

Tom Geraedts recently dropped a new compilation showcasing his animation and VFX work. Enjoy the nice little waltz as well.

D&AD taps into creative jealousies as Rankin reveals the work he wishes he’d done

Following the success of the ‘I Wish I’d Done That’ series, D&AD is launching a new set of films showing the work that the world’s top creative people wish they’d done.

First up, legendary photographer Rankin is in the hot seat, discussing a piece of work called ‘Fashion Film’ by Matthew Frost. ‘Fashion Film’ is a rich genre parody of the current crop of mid length fashion commercials, a relatively recent phenomenon that has become a common component of fashion campaigns.

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Documentary Trailer + Poster Artwork

This feature documentary is our diploma project at University of Fine Arts. The 80min film was created in 6 month. We hope you enjoy the trailer. You can find more informations on:

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The Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 : Part I

January is often the favorite time of the year of Weekend’s Lover. It’s time to let go of worries and set aside any endeavor to watch the rest of the movies but to start the year with blood. Some of them will be okay, some bad and some great. This year is full of some of the greatest movies of their time with some new entries.

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