Interactive fireplaces in TROYKA Multispace

Throughout 2013 at Troyka Multispace by Radugadesign created two installations with two antique fireplaces.
1. Interactive projection on fireplaces, controlled using Ipad application. In addition to changing the generative and video content was created by the control mode light source and the projection of 3D scene in real time.
2. Installation called Multipainting. Anyone could paint with their hands fireplace. Drawings can be saved and viewed directly on the fireplace using the touchscreen. During the installation was created more than 120 unique “paintings” fireplace!

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Nike wanted to utilise its rich brand and product heritage to bring life to the company’s London headquarters. This is the result.

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The 10 Most Popular Timelapse Videos on Vimeo (2013)

Momentum Best of the year: A special report about the most popular timelapse videos uploaded on Vimeo between January 2013 and December 2013 according to play counts, likes, comments & reactions.

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The first trailer for the Wachowskis’ “Jupiter Ascending” has hit the web (video)

Watch: Jupiter Ascending Official Trailer
Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first trailer for Andy and Lana Wachowski’s “Jupiter Ascending”, starring Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth, Tuppence Middleton, Doona Bae, James D’Arcy, Tim Pigott-Smith and Bae Doo Na.

Cancer Patients React to Hilariously Awful Makeovers

Cancer patients react to hilariously awful makeovers. A beautiful collaboration between the Mimi Foundation and Leo Burnett France. Check out the full feature and heartwarming video at Global Yodel!

Journey Part 1 – A Breathtaking Timelapse by Andrew Walker shot in the Western US

Watch: Journey Part 1 Timelapse
4 months after his Pathfinder timelapse in Iceland, Andrew Walker of 599 Productions has released Journey Part 1, a breathtaking timelapse shot at the western half of the United States.

Silk-Screen Print Love

Futscher Films and grotesque teamed up to get you a look behind the scenes of how every product is made with love at their secret silk-screen print workshop. The movie expresses the raw handmade love creating unique pieces for the futscher films x grotesque collabo.

Acura — Human Race

The imagery is beautiful, and it really captured my imagination. The narration is very appropriate to the imagery.

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Hyper-Matrix is a kinetic landscape installation created for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion in Korea, the 2012 Yeosu EXPO site. The installation consists of a specially made huge steel construction to support thousands of stepper motors that control 320x320mm cubes that project out of the internal facade of the building. The foam cubes are mounted to actuators that move them forward and back by the steppers, creating patterns across the three-sided display. Comprised of what at first appear to be three blank white walls, Hyper-Matrix installation quickly comes to life as thousands of individual cubic units forming a field of pixels begin to move, pulsate, and form dynamic images across the room, creating infinite number of possibilities in the vertical, 180 degree, landscape. In addition, as the boxes are arranged at only 5mm narrow intervals, the wall can also be a nice moving screen for the images projected on to it.

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Agnès Varda asks filmmakers: Success, the pace of editing and bad movies

Watch: Agnès Varda’s Questions for Artists
During AFI FEST 2013, Guest Artistic Director Agnès Varda asked filmmakers about success, the pace of editing, bad movies and alternative careers.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese Reveal Secrets of Making “The Wolf of Wall Street” (video)

Watch: Martin Scorsese & Leo DiCaprio – Making ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’
The star and director, along with Jonah Hill and writer Terence Winter, Reveal Secrets of Making “The Wolf of Wall Street”


Soon every home will have a robot helper.

Don’t worry.

It’s perfectly safe.

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Awesome People

This is CRAZY fast, POV dangerous and 100% Awesome! THESE people are amazing!

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Netflix Unveils “House of Cards” Season 2 Teaser Trailer and Premiere Date (video)

Watch: Netflix “House of Cards” Season 2 Teaser Trailer
Netflix released a teaser trailer for the second season of “House of Cards” and with it a premiere date of Feb. 14, 2014. The trailer is just 30 seconds of Robin Wright smoking.

The sound of All is Lost starring Robert Redford

Watch: The Sound of All is Lost
SoundWorks Collection explore Director J.C. Chandor’s new film, All is Lost. This film features only one character and contains almost no dialogue yet is brought to life by the talented sound and music team including Re-recording Mixer and Sound Designers Steve Boeddeker and Brandon Proctor and Supervising Sound Editor Richard Hymns of Skywalker Sound and Music Composer Alex Ebert.