Infographic: The ultimate guide to creating a successful online business

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Creating a successful online business can be a challenge even for an experienced entrepreneur. The number of potential pitfalls multiply as technology becomes increasingly diverse.

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WebHostingBuzz: Hosting You Trust

As you may have noticed, our site loads faster. That’s because we’re now proud to be hosted by one of the most trusted hosting companies in the design niche – WebHostingBuzz – and we’re in great company, among the likes of Designer Daily, Inspired Mag and DIYwpblog.

Every website owner will tell you the most important thing about their website is not the content posted, or the number of visitors they are getting but the fact that they have a web host they can count on. If you have been looking for a hosting service that offers everything you could ever imagine then look no further. These guys offer an amazingly professional service and I can tell from my own experience.

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Quick solution: 15 time saving tools for bloggers

With most skills, there are numerous tips and tools available from experts, professionals and people who practice the craft that can shed light on the some of the challenges with an undertaking. Writing is no exception. There are useful tools, available mostly for free on the Internet that can help any writer become more productive, effective and keep their audience engaged.

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How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Digital Content

If you are a blogger, designer, or budding online entrepreneur, you probably have something to sell. And you might not even know it.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2015

We explored the latest trends and techniques in web design and listed the most interesting ones. There are some web design trends that are coming from the previous year, but will probably be adopted on a larger scale in 2015. Here are the best of them:

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Infographic: Pros & cons of infinite scrolling


One of the hottest topics around is infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling is the style of navigation that loads new content when you reach the bottom, like a Twitter feed, or a Pinterest board.

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Ui Inspiration

As a Ui/Ux designer I often like to keep pieces of design that inspire me. I’m always in search of good UI inspirations and references. So I decided to collect some works I came across in the world wide web!

The first designer I’ll feature, will be Pedro Gaspar, a portuguese designer, he has very nice works in UX/UI field, you can see his portfolio here.

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12 Useful SVG Loading Animation Indicators

Below you’ll find 12 useful SVG loading animation indicators that suitable for your web project. With these SVG loading animation indicators, you can make creativve loader with style without images used, pure svg/css and scaleable. I hope you will like these SVG loading animation indicators.

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30 Amazing Flat Admin Templates

Flat design websites and flat interface design are the most trendy topic in last year. It has been really a huge topic on the Web design and mobile apps design. Flat design focuses on simple two-dimensional appearance, removing the drop shadows, gradients, and textures. In this post, we have selected 30 amazing flat admin templates that can easily adapted to your next web based project. These admin template can be used for web based applications dashboard. Hopefully you will find this collection useful. Enjoy!

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EXR Korea


Casual Sports brand EXR hired famed Art Director Renato Montagner for the 2015 F/W season to add momentum to their existing brand identity. designfever wanted to reestablish the mood of the EXR brand by emphasizing their new brand message created by Renato Montagner. The first step in EXR’s new brand vision was declaring their manifesto, explaining their new hybrid-oriented brand philosophy.

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10 Useful Joomla Pricing Table Extensions

In this post we are showcasing top 10 of Joomla pricing table extensions that can help you make membership websites, web design services, SEO services, or web hosting service. These pricing tables extensions will give your product an outstanding sleek feel and look. Hope one of these extensions to help you in your next web project.

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Twenty : Free Minimal Responsive HTML5 Template

Twenty is a free minimal, multi-page responsive site template. It’s minimally designed, fully responsive, built on HTML5/CSS3/skel. It is a perfect template for business and portfolio sites.

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10 Education Drupal Themes for School or University Website

Drupal is one of most popular cms in the world. Come with powerful features, it will help you make any type of website, including for educational website.In this post, we roundup 10 best education Drupal theme that perfect for your next education related web project. All the templates designed for the educational based website like college, university or school. You can use those Drupal template to make an informative site about your school, containing year calendars, news and educational-specific enrollment policies.

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Retina – Free Responsive HTML5 Template for Business

Retina is a free responsive HTML5 template for business. It a responsive template featuring clean look and great jQuery effects. Responsive templates are the best way to satisfy the needs of all visitors. That’s the only way to be sure that any visitor will be able to access your website no matter of the device he is using. Be sure that by using responsive template your business will get better results!

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Ceevee : One Page Resume and Portfolio Template

Ceevee is a one page resume and portfolio html template that come with modern and clean design. With this template, you can easily introduce yourself and showcase your works to future clients and employers. Also, it is flexible and easy to customize so you even use this template as a creative, business or portfolio site for your company.

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