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Font – 10 Bold typography to download for free

I made you a selection of 10 fonts Bold, recent and free.

DYT selection 10 typo bold 1 Font   10 Bold typography to download for free

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Pan-Lapse : Revolution Cafe

Oval – Ah!


Enjoy this cool #115 Tuesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.


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38 websites coded in HTML5 for your inspiration

Tron Legacy 2011 07 12 03 42 42 38 websites coded in HTML5 for your inspiration

With the latest update to the HTML family, the HTML5 brings a breath of fresh air to the front end developing scene. “The flash killer”, “the new Big thing”, “the future of web design” this are the names HTML5 has been named, but to the web designer it is just an awesome tool that makes things fun to play with.

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20 Inspirational and Well Constructed Subnavigation Examples in Web Design

unnamed m7kcotb9t 20 Inspirational and Well Constructed Subnavigation Examples in Web Design
There are many important elements in web design and navigation menu is one of them.So creating a navigation menu is a very important task for web designers.The site navigation must be easy to use and very well constructed so that the visitors can find what they are looking for easily.
unnamed rc5b1euwi3 20 Inspirational and Well Constructed Subnavigation Examples in Web Design
More Websites

Daily Inspirations no. 207

A daily set of inspirational creative arts images at Cruzine has probably become practically an inherent part of a day for many of us, just like a cup of invigorating coffee in the morning. The diverse images collected here help brace everyone who visits our resource and stimulate not just the physical powers, but the topical flight as well. Even if your work has nothing to do with design and art, it is certainly pleasant and soothing to contemplate the artistic works of the gifted contemporary designers and absorb the unique perception of the world by these uncommon artists. These images are not just about aesthetics and beauty – they are also the dreams of the future; they are the visual representation of emotions; they are the mirrors reflecting the controversial and sometimes incomprehensible world around us.

di207a Daily Inspirations no. 207

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Agency Webdesign Inspiration

wd inspi Agency Webdesign Inspiration

A selection of beautiful web design !

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What’s new for web designers – July 2011

wdd6 What’s new for web designers – July 2011
This month’s edition of what’s new out there for web designers and developers includes a number of new smartphone apps (for both iOS and Android), as well as a few great web apps and some desktop apps.
There are also new tools and resources for web design and development, and twenty great new free and paid fonts.

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35 Creative Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

Lately there have been a ton of photos popping up all over the web of people dominating nature – for example, those rather popular photo techniques of showing someone holding the sun, or having some other kind of direct interaction with it. This has also been done with animals, clouds, mountains, famous landmarks and a number of other objects.

If you have been curious about what this fashionable photography process is, it is called “Forced Perspective”. This is a way of changing the size of an object, the location or the context of an environment by utilizing perspective and optical illusion tricks. Using angle, proximity, position and props, you can set up a very interesting, inspiring and often humorous looking picture that will be sure to grab a lot of attention.

Five Examples of Forced Perspective at Its Best

1. Gravity Fools

forced perspective 03 35 Creative Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

This is perhaps one of my all time favorite forced perspective photos. At first glance your mind might have some trouble working out what is going on. You have one man sitting on the ground, his back against the wall. Another is seemingly running forward to aid a third, who is hanging from a protrusion in the wall between them. But upon further inspection (and with a tilt of the head) you realize that all three are actually laying on the ground. The protrusion is a fire hydrant and a car going by in the far side of the picture turns the whole image around. Simple, brilliant and well made.

2. Desert View

forced perspective 04 35 Creative Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

This one shows how you can give the impression of infinite distance with a few people and a flat background. The desert setting is barren and fascinating, and the colors of the ground meeting the gorgeous blue of the sky clear to the horizon is breathtaking. But the focal point of the picture is a set of seven people evenly spaced into the distance. Each is striking the same pose. The way that they are set up makes it look like the chain of people could be going on for miles. In reality, they are placed a few feet from one another all the way back.

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Inspiration – MOSAIC

If NASA needs money….

tumblr lo4psyOQrI1qiqf01o1 500 If NASA needs money....

If NASA needs money…..


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Responsive Web Design: A Quick Guide and Creative Examples

The devices and browsers are increasing day by day that need to work with your website. It’s not enought to just have a mobile version and a browser version and we really can’t create each version for iPad, iPhone, Android mobiles, tablets, television, netbooks, desktops with high and low resolution screens. Our website design should not only be more flexible, but more adaptive to the media that renders them.

Designers should create designs that adjust to the needs of each browswer, regardless of the device. The time is to think how we can make web design process which work for decade and it’s possible only with Responsive Web Design. Lets take a look in key feature element of Responsive Web Design.

1 Simon Collison Responsive Web Design: A Quick Guide and Creative Examples

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Inspiration – MOSAIC