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Travel into layers of 11 photography by Dave Hill

Big L’EGO by Ivan Puig

Inspiration on MOSAIC

Big blue ball machine

30 portfolios that show of creativity

A portfolio is one of the last strongholds of creativity in webdesign. A collection of creativity for your inspiration.

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Page Layers app

Page Layers converts your web site in Photoshop layers. It is a tool for graphic artists and web developers who are redesigning web pages or want to create mockups based on existing pages.

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Inspectlet Web Analytics Visitor Tracking for 3 Months – only $12

Do you ever wonder what visitors are actually doing on your website? Which sections attract them to click? How far do they scroll down the page? Are they seeing the entire page or just the first half? Inspectlet is an analytics application that lets you go far beyond what regular site analytics does.

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fun badges for facebook and twitter (Fr)

Free Premium Google+ WordPress Theme

The theme is inspired by the new giant in social media Google Plus. This is a minimalist 3 column theme, which loads amazingly fast, has jQuery powered read more pagination and is Valid Xhtml, and Valid CSS.

Best Google  WordPress Theme

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40 Beautiful Harry Potter Art and Illustration Tributes

All good thing must come to an end. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 is finally in theaters, and is the last film we will ever see. J.K. Rowling’s fantasy series has played a huge role in peoples lives. Adulthood of childhood, Harry appealed to the masses. With a great story line and a never ending action, this phenomenon will be strongly missed. In order to tribute the series we have collected some incredible fan based artworks.

Most of the following pieces were collected from Gallery Nucleus. For the last 2 years, the works were collected from fan submission on their Harry Potter blog. Here’s what the blog’s intro states: “Although the movies have done a tremendous job in the manner of visual depiction, many artists and readers alike, have had their own vision of the Harry Potter world. This Blog hopes to be a platform for those visions as well as new concepts that further builds upon that world while paying homage through illustration to the epic tale that has touched the imaginations of so many readers.” The fan base Harry Potter has attributed is massive, and is apparently very creative. Check out the following fantastic fan art!

Note: Every single author is credited for their work. We do not take credit for any of the following works.

© All Rights Reserved by Tony John Tibbott

© All Rights Reserved by Tony Rocky Horror

© All Rights Reserved by Becky Dreistadt

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Short movie – Tooth Fairy Affair

Bnp VS Ubisoft french post-it battle

Stop motion Google News