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Internet Trolling

Somtime back, there was a news: The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research. Like him you all must have your own experiences of being trolled some time or the other and some of you might also have gone through the dilemma of quitting social media because of it.

General Definition
Dictionary Meaning
Why Does People Troll?

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All About Helvetica Font

Since its development in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann, The Helvetica font has undoubtedly dominated the Typography world with its different font family. A sans-serif typeface, you can see Helvetica font everywhere from posters to Hoardings, from print to web. Even after being on the board for more than half a century, it is still showing no signs of retiring from Typeface world.

Posters, Helvetica
Helvetica Winter Typography
Sex with helvetica

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What Is Product Design?

Product design is the process by which new products are designed and produced. Here, we describe exactly how this process works.

Ducti Utility Lap Top Bag
Monster Laptop Sleeves

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Girls They Just Wanna Have Fun — 29

Girls They Just Wanna Have Fun comes only twice a month, and it’s sim­ply a com­pi­la­tion of some of the hottest pic­tures we at Shock​Blast​.net was able to find around the world wide web. So Sit back and enjoy. More pic­tures after the jump.

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Daily Inspirations no. 211

We have already addressed the theme of beauty in art for hundreds of time here on Cruzine. However, we still have great passion about beauty and we keep looking for multiple forms of beauty in photographs, illustrations, architecture, font designs, etc. For example, today we are ready to feed up your inspiration with the portraits of human beauty by Jesus Alonso, Roberto Cristaudo and Trish Carney offer us the snapshots of beauty of the wild nature, and a photographer with the nickname INTOtheRFD is here to show us the beauty of nature in its most extreme conditions. So, get yourself comfortable and enjoy today’s collection of inspirational art works from Cruzine magazine.

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Resources – 5 Free PSD Button Google +

Inspiration – MOSAIC

Painting Reality

Amazing Ipad App – Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Frozen Wave in Madrid


Enjoy this cool #118 Friday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Daily Inspirations no. 210

It goes without saying that a person does his work better if he likes it, if he is properly rewarded for it, and if he is in good mood. To improve the last aspect, we would like to offer you our today set of inspirational images. Photography, digital art, illustrations, all the possible creative design works – they all make the entity we call art, the importance of which for us is really hard to overestimate. And the most interesting thing about artistic works is that they often affect us differently, depending on what we really need at this or that moment. If we are anxious, they can soothe our jangled nerves; if we are tired, they can give us the powerful energy charge; if we are upset, they are definitely capable of raising our spirits… No matter what you need right at this moment, we hope you can find it in our daily inspirational set.

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20 full-time design jobs at Sequoia Capital portfolio companies


Sequoia invites graphic designers to submit their work for a chance at 1 of up to 20 full-time, permanent positions at one of their portfolio companies in the fields of consumer Internet and mobile solutions. Sequoia Capital is a leading private equity and venture capital firm who has invested in companies including Apple, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Electronic Arts, Cisco, Tumblr and more.

This is a chance to get your work in front of some of the hottest companies and get to work in Silicon Valley.

Up to 20 designers will be selected to be placed on Sequoia Capital’s shortlist and shared with their portfolio companies.The final talent selection and details of each permanent full-time position, including compensation, will take place between the selected designers and respective companies.

Sequoia will choose the winners from all qualified submissions with special consideration for the top voted entries and for those with user interface experience.

6 Months of All-in-One Project Management for the Price of One

Mavenlink is an all in one custom-branded web-application where you can manage projects, share files, track time, invoice clients and receive PayPal payments for your invoices.
As a top-5 all-time application in the Google Apps Marketplace, Mavenlink integrates with your email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts as well. You can manage your business, collaborate on documents, and work efficiently from anywhere in the world.

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