20 Fresh Free jQuery Plugin for September 2014

jQuery is the most popular javaScript library in use today. Today I selected new free jQuery plugins which can help to develop your project must faster and easier. In this post we have showcased 20 fresh jQuery Plugin for September 2014 – So here are some interesting collection of fresh and cool jQuery plugins for designers and developers.

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10 Free HTML Template for September 2014

In this post we have showcased 10 free HTML template for September 2014 that you can download for free. Speed up your design process by taking inspiration from these free responsive HTML templates we gathered from around the web!

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15+ Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates

We have collected a list of 15+ Best Responsive Blogger Templates. There are lots of blogger template over internet but its difficult to find well designed responsive blogger templates. So here we have included best responsive blogger templates with all the type like – Technology, Movies, Reviews, News, Magazine etc. We also included Responsive blogger templates 2014 for latest style and features.


Tech Blog Blogger Template has been specifically designed for ultimate monetization result. Plenty advertisement areas are placed in prominent spots and blended perfectly with the content in a professionally looking online magazine. This theme perfect for Search Engine Optimization, Plus Technology blog, Android, Gadgets, Reviews and News Blog. Its Support multi author options via google plus.

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Retina Icons: 1350+ Vector Icons For iOS 8 & iOS 7


Let’s be real, the last thing you want to be doing when designing your iOS 8 app is creating individual icons, slowing you down and adding valuable time to your development process.

That’s why we’re bringing you 1350+ Retina Icons for iOS 7 & iOS 8. Designed following Apple’s iOS 7 guidelines, they’re ready for Xcode, scalable and easy to work with.

You’ll get 1350+ icons in 26 categories and receive updates until the collection hits 3000 icons.

Must-Have Ecommerce User Experience Features

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there on how to turn your online shop to a sales machine, but today I’ll focus on ecommerce user experience features that are an absolute must-have. No excuses!

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30 new tools & resources for developers (September 2014)

As part of our monthly series aimed at those developers who never have enough cool tools and resources, here are 30 new super fresh goods for the month of September. Hope you find this very useful and keep it for future reference.

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Web’s largest crowdsourced artwork


Internetopia is a massive web based drawing experiment that aimed to create a snapshot of the internet by asking the world what to draw. The idea was simple – reserve space on a drawing by pledging for ‘cubes’ and message the artist with what you would like to have drawn in those cubes.

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New Radugadesign website


We don’t call radugadesign.com a website, we call it digital space. Interactive 3D WebGL graphics and dynamic interface helps us to create environment and involve user to interact with it in the way that is different from the usual website.

Content is made with tag system, because every part of it is connected with each other. Extra work was put on information view, selection, relationships and structure of its subjects. At the time we publish this project WebGL technology was not supported by mobile devaices, although we tried to keep its key features on every platform: all 3d objects will react if you rotate your phone or tablet.

And of course, responsive web design, flat interface and nice colors.

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Ptengine is disrupting website analytics

Website analytics can be very informative, unfortunately though some companies present the data in such a boring way that it almost becomes meaningless. That is what Ptengine wishes to change. The company was founded in 2010 and is currently providing analytical data for more than 6,000 different sites, with some of their biggest clients being Sony Music, SoftBank & Rakuten.

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10 web development tools you’ll love at first sight

Tremendous growth has been seen in the area of web development for enhanced user experience in the past few years so much so that a new generation of web applications and tools have emerged just to cater to those involved in the business of UI/UX development. It’s not surprising therefore to find a plethora of productivity tools released every other day that claim to help developers create richer, more beautiful and complex websites to cater to their clientele. With so many out there, the question that most developers struggle with is, which one?

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Only Best Sellers Mega Bundle! vol.2: hundreds of design goods for 93% off

This 2nd volume of a very popular deal is something really special. Even better & bigger then the 1st one. Highest quality resources and best sellers with retro/vintage feel in one mega bundle! Whether you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your own resources library, this Jumbo Deal is for you! With almost 93% off, and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this mega bundle while you can.

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10 Great Websites to Learn Web Development

You should consider yourself lucky. Learning to program in not so distant past was more difficult than many care to think. You had to purchase heavy, large programming books for any language that you wanted to learn, and most of the time – you also had to join a social circle to progress further.

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15 Ecommerce Blogs You Should Be Following

A while ago, we aggregated our favorite marketing blogs in 25 Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following. It was rather popular, getting over 1,000 shares. So we thought we’d do the same for Ecommerce Blogs, too. Here we go:

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25 Free Useful Flat HTML Templates

Flat Design become very popular in web design and mobile apps interface. The term Flat Design has been used in the community by taking away textures, gradients and drop shadows leaving just solid color. If you want your website to have a clean flat design, in today’s collection we’ve gathered 25 Free Useful Flat HTML Templates these free flat website templates come with great color schemes, navigation, typography and content.

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B Yoga Website Design


Easy and comfortable yoga mats, that’s reflected in this layered website design and development for B Yoga. The idea of layering images throughout the site design is a clever connection with the thin colourful mats used. The layered content shows a more in-depth look to the product, with more space to cram imagery into the page.

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