10 Great Websites to Learn Web Development

You should consider yourself lucky. Learning to program in not so distant past was more difficult than many care to think. You had to purchase heavy, large programming books for any language that you wanted to learn, and most of the time – you also had to join a social circle to progress further.

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15 Ecommerce Blogs You Should Be Following

A while ago, we aggregated our favorite marketing blogs in 25 Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following. It was rather popular, getting over 1,000 shares. So we thought we’d do the same for Ecommerce Blogs, too. Here we go:

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25 Free Useful Flat HTML Templates

Flat Design become very popular in web design and mobile apps interface. The term Flat Design has been used in the community by taking away textures, gradients and drop shadows leaving just solid color. If you want your website to have a clean flat design, in today’s collection we’ve gathered 25 Free Useful Flat HTML Templates these free flat website templates come with great color schemes, navigation, typography and content.

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B Yoga Website Design


Easy and comfortable yoga mats, that’s reflected in this layered website design and development for B Yoga. The idea of layering images throughout the site design is a clever connection with the thin colourful mats used. The layered content shows a more in-depth look to the product, with more space to cram imagery into the page.

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15 Website for Free Design Resources

Everyone loves free design resources as it gives us a chance to explore through a designers work and it will inspire us to create new designs. In this post we make list 15 best website that provide free design resources. These website offers something that designers would love to see and have. Better still, it offers all this absolutely free of charge. UI kits, icons, templates, backgrounds and fonts are all up for grabs via these websites.

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Top 50 Joomla & WordPress templates for a restaurant business

In the food and restaurant business the thing that matters most is the taste of served dishes. It’s not a secret that taste refers not only to gustatory sensations, but is actually a combination of taste, smell, sight and even touch.

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Social Sidebar


Set of commonly used social icons that transition using CSS ease. This set is super lightweight and could easily be integrated into any website.

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30 tools to have in mind before starting a new project

Hi there. Web developers need to be constantly aware of what’s coming next, and in order to give you a hand with your next site’s appearance or extra features, this list contains 30 great quality resources that have been released recently. Hope you’ll find at least a few tools you need inside this list. Feel free to leave links to other resources in the comments.

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Parallax Scrolling Websites You Can Create Without Coding!

The static website is yesterday! If you’re a savvy web enthusiast, you’ve noticed more animated gifs and parallax scrolling on websites and story images. Why? Because people love movement. It excites the eye and drives excitement in the brain. Certainly that’s a great way to entice the casual surfer to explore your site. The good news is, now designers who don’t know how to code (or don’t like coding) and prefer to focus on what’s important for them — the creative aspect of web building can create incredible parallax scrolling websites for their clients.

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Winning Back Customers You Lost Before


Every business organisation, no matter how successful, has lost customers in the past. This could be due to any of a myriad of reasons, from a poor customer service experience that’s left the customer disenchanted, to discovering they’ve been paying more than they should have for the products and/or services they’ve purchased.

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9 Free Tools To Help Get Newbie Freelancers Started

If you don’t already do freelance work, chances are you will within the next few years. Full-time jobs are on the decline. Companies have laid of millions of employees and have no plans to re-hire for those positions. When they need work done, they’ll hire freelancers.

This can be both a blessing and a curse for people seeking worse. Freelance opportunities and wages are increasing, so people who seek work can certainly find it. At the same time, it’s difficult to get started. Becoming a freelancer is akin to starting a new business. You need to spend money up front for the proper tools. But how can you spend money that you don’t have? It’s not as though a bank will give you a loan to start a freelance career.

(Nor should you ask the bank for money in this situation, but that’s a topic for an entirely different post.)

The best solution is to take advantage of the best free tools the web has to offer. Many of these are not your best solution in the long run. But they will provide you with adequate services in the short term. Try these nine free tools to get a jump start on your career without going into debt.

Project Management: Workflowy


Everyone has a favorite to-do list. The problem: to-do lists don’t work. You feel a sense of accomplishment merely for typing out the list. This sense of satisfaction can decrease your motivation to actually check off the items on the list. Then, later in the day, when you haven’t accomplished anything, you feel a sense of shame. How in the world is this productive?

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Skyes – Multiporpose Retina HTML5 Template


Skyes focus on One-Page Responsive Multipurpose Template that can use all kind of Business sites.

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20 Best Free jQuery Plugins

Collection of the latest jQuery plugins that are excellent to be used in a variety of designs. Their code is flawless and can be easily manipulated to suite your own project so that it becomes a powerful site.


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jQuery Scrollbar


Fully customizable jQuery Scrollbar Plugin which made to simplify your work and save you time in developing any kind of web template or application. It can be easily inserted in any context and has a wide range of parameters that can make your scrolling unique.

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Flex Carousel Responsive jQuery Plugin


Flex Carousel is a jQuery plugin with rich set of features. It is responsive, touch-enabled, fast and smooth. It can be easily integrated into your own web projects. You can customize the visual appearance of the plugin by creating your own skin or using built-in skins/templates.

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