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March Of Robots: The Artist Creates a Series of Illustrations to Get out Of His Comfort Zone


According to Annada Menon: “I love taking up monthly art challenges from time to time. I wanted to take up something completely out of my comfort zone in 2020. I am not great with drawing machines and this seemed like a fun way to start. My approach for the series was to make the robots cute and friendly. Continue reading »

Quarantine Life With A Cat In Cute Illustration By Annada Menon

Food Baby With Floof Baby

According to Annada: “These were made in the month of February of 2021. Several people during the lockdown were unable to travel back home to their families in 2020. There are people who were/are stuck in the city of their jobs currently working from home. With the current situation of another major lockdown in India, many will relate to these illustrations. Continue reading »