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Artist Spent 116 Hours In Total To Create All These Drawings Of His Childhood Objects From The Nineties


According to Bert Musketon (previously featured): “I grew up in the nineties and I love to draw. The combination of those two led me to draw all my favorite childhood objects. From a Gameboy to a Casio watch. Continue reading »

Artist Makes Super Awkward Flyers And Hang Them In The Streets


According to Bert Musketon: “Hello, I am Bert Musketon and I am a visual artist based in Belgium. I love awkward stuff or situations, so I came up with the concept of Awkward Flyers. I try to communicate a random joke in one image. I put in a lot of time and effort, to be honest. Coming up with ideas, printing the flyer, going out, and pasting them on the streets. But, it’s super fun!” Continue reading »