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Embrace Spring With Pictures Of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms


About a month before sakura season in Japan, the pink flowers started to bloom in a small town about three hours from Tokyo. Kawazu, located in Izu Peninsula, is home a to unique variety of sakura that blooms in the beginning of February. The cherry blossoms, called Kawazuzakura, last for about a month, compared to the usual sakura that blooms and wilts within one to two weeks. Continue reading »

Cherry Blossoms Paint A Lake Purple Making Tokyo Look Like A Fairytale


Tokyo-based photographer Danilo Dungo uses drones to take stunning pictures of Japanese cherry blossoms. Every spring, he goes to the Inokashira Park to admire the blossoms, and while regular photography capture the park’s beauty, the drones reveal something else altogether. Continue reading »

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

A couple walks together at Sankeien Park in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, to have their wedding pictures taken as cherry blossoms are in full bloom Sunday, March 29, 2015. (Photo by Shuji Kajiyama/AP Photo)
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