Female Bodyguards Accept Brutal Training in China

Security Academy offers rigorous training course which includes aquatic training, martial arts, vehicle safety training and other necessary skills. With the rise of Chinese multi-millionaires, there are a sharp demand for the service of bodyguards. Whether the need is for safety purpose or as a status symbol, no one really cares. Many are lured into becoming bodyguards because of the high income. Even women are attracted to join the trainings since there are also demand for female bodyguards. The whole rigorous training covers a period of 13 days.

Photos: Female and male trainees run during a bodyguard training program at the boot camp of Genghis Security Academy in Beijing, China. (Photo by ImagineChina/The Grosby Group) Continue reading »

Hot Female Bodyguards: Chinese Firm Conducts First Open Training Session

A firm in China is readying a new batch of women bodyguards to service its clients. The candidates have to undergo rigorous training for 8-10 months before they assume their responsibilities. They are expected to guard wealthy, high-class women seeking protection.

Nearly 20 young women participated in the training session organised by Tianjiao Special Guard/Security Consultant Ltd, based in Sanya in the country’s Hainan province. The session, in fact, marked the first open group training for female bodyguards in China.

A trainee dressed in swimming suit steps on stomachs of other trainees with the help of a trainer during training session in Sanya. (Reuters) Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Chinese Bodyguards

Trainees dressed in swimming suits follow the instructions of the instructor in session in Sanya, China. 20 women, mostly college graduates, participated in the training session to become bodyguards. (China Daily/Reuters) Click image to zoom.