Winter Freeze, Summer Solstice – A Combination Photos Taken In The Same Place But Different Seasons

A combination picture shows crews removing snow around an empty gate at Logan Airport following a winter blizzard in Boston, Massachusetts, United States January 28, 2015 (top), and an American Airlines plane pulling up to a gate June 13, 2015. Outdoor scenes in Boston show local residents enjoying balmy weather amid lush greenery as the summer solstice approaches on 21 June. The very same locations suffered heavy snowstorms last winter, with snow ploughs, skiers and snowboarders battling the drifts. Boston got 275.8 cm of snow over the winter, the most since 1872, when records began. A few months after the snowstorms, Brian Snyder revisited the same places and shot pictures at exactly the same locations. (Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters)
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Surreal Metal Sculptures Of Shark-Shaped Guns Make For An Epic Combination


Shark Guns is a surreal sculpture series by artist Christopher Schulz that’s exactly what you’d expect—guns shaped like sharks. Two offensive beasts in one metallic body! Continue reading »