Cycling Head And Shoulders Above Havana

Alexandre Meneghini/Reuters

Felix Guirola, 52, rides a homemade bike with an advertising banner in Havana, Cuba, July 20, 2016. Cubans are adept at inventing ways to earn cash but Felix Guirola stands – or rather, cycles – head and shoulders above them. The handyman, who loves heights, provides advertising space for companies on homemade bikes that tower up to 7.5 meters (24.61 ft). Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of Afghanistan’s Women’s National Cycling Team

Masooma Alizada, a member of Afghanistan’s Women’s National Cycling Team is reflected in a mirror at a house in Kabul February 20, 2015. Afghanistan’s Women’s National Cycling Team has been breaking new ground for women’s sports and pushing the boundaries of what is – and is not – acceptable for young women in the conservative Muslim country. Under the Taliban in the 1990s, women in Afghanistan were excluded from public life, banned from going to school or stepping outside their home without a male family member. Women’s rights have made gains since the hardline Islamist group’s ouster in 2001, but observers worry that progress is at risk as gender-based violence persists and women remain under-represented in politics. (Photo by Mohammad Ismail/Reuters)
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Cycling Fan “El Diablo”

German bicycle designer Didi Senft, also known as “El Diablo”, poses with his trident after presenting his new bicycle creation to commemorate the 2014 FIFA World Cup, in the town of Storkow, southeast of Berlin April 18, 2014. Senft, who has had an entry in the Guiness Book of Records for the world’s largest bicycle, worked some 100 hours on this bicycle, he said. (Photo by Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters)
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