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Chinese Artist Uses Colorful Paper To Warn Of Danger Of Guns

“Ocean of Flowers” by Chinese artist Li Hongbo was recently unveiled at Eight One Art Museum in Beijing. The artwork consists of nearly 2,000 colorful paper sculptures in the shape of different weapons such as pistols, machine guns and bullets. Continue reading »

By The Danger In Her Eyes: The Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits By Elena Sai


Elena Sai (Elena Zaitseva) is a talented digital artist from Kiev, Ukraine. In each portrait Elena combines realism with creepy features and makes a breathtaking disturbing masterpiece. Continue reading »

New Campaign ‘Sexxenger’ Highlights Online Danger For Kids


Innocence in Danger, the charity for the protection of children from abuse and violence, has launched a press and outdoor campaign highlighting the potential dangers that lurk within the internet.

The campaign, created by McCann London, features a seemingly innocent message from an online conversation. However, there is more to this message than would meet a child’s eye, and adults will recognise the phallic shape of the speech bubbles. The campaign shows how sexual predators use social networks and messaging to contact their unsuspecting young victims. Continue reading »

“Danger! Danger! High Collage!”

Here are some visual news regarding young Romanian designer Lana’s collection inspired by one of the most amusing and weirdest places in the world, the Romanian Merry Cemetery. This photo collage series is called “Danger! Danger! High Collage!” and made for Romanian fashion magazine Cockaigne. Continue reading »