Amateur Food Artist Decorates Smoothie Bowls Using Only Natural Ingredients

Vegetable smoothies are not exactly everyone’s favourite treat, but one amateur artist has come up with a way to make them more appealing – by decorating them with intricate designs, using only natural ingredients. Continue reading »

Taliban Graffiti Decorates a US Marines Battalion Command Headquarters in Afghanistan

Taliban graffiti shows an AK-47 assault rifle and the word ‘Allah’ at left, along with Taliban fighters at right, decorating a wall in the Musa Qala district center and the current Battalion Command Headquarters for the U.S. Marine 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines based out of Camp Lejeune, N.C., Monday, July 25, 2011 in Helmand province, Afghanistan. The district center, once a large opium market under Taliban control also served as sleeping quarters for opium addicts. The graffiti, from that period, depicts Taliban fighters shooting down Russian, American or coalition planes, blowing up their tanks and taking their prisoners. (AP Photo/David Goldman) Continue reading »