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Spectacular Illustrations, Covers and Editorials by Klaus Kremmerz

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Klaus Kremmerz enjoys working remotely on his laptop, iPad, or cintiq Wacom. Continue reading »

“Traveling Through the Seasons”: A Series of Beautiful Illustrations by Oamul Lu


Oamul Lu , an illustration artist based in China specializing in painting, digital painting and animation. Continue reading »

The Artistic Alchemy of Gilles Warmoes: Merging Vintage Inspiration with Modern World


Paris-based illustrator Gilles Warmoes creates stunning artwork inspired by vintage comic books, architecture, design and animation. Continue reading »

The Super Funny Single-Panel Comics by Navied Mahdavian


If you think you’ve come across this artist’s work before, you’re probably right. Navied Mahdavian’s illustrations have been featured in The New Yorker since 2018, and today, we’re excited to showcase a few that we particularly love. Continue reading »

Shadow and Light: The Minimalist Masterpieces of Matt Chinworth


A few years ago, Matt Chinworth, an artist from Oklahoma, crafted an extraordinary collection of illustrations for the yearly event, Inktober. His artistic expression leaned towards minimalism, cleverly employing a color palette of black, yellow, and white, which conjured an otherworldly ambiance in these conceptual masterpieces. Continue reading »

Beautiful Illustrations and Sketches by Zhijun He


“Hi. My name is Yinko. I am a Chinese visual development artist and illustrator based in NYC. I graduated from School of Visual Arts in 2022, majoring in illustration.” Continue reading »

Alex de Marcos: Mastering the Art of Portraiture Through Skillful Fusion of Pictorial and Digital Techniques


Alex de Marcos is a renowned illustrator from Madrid who has carved out a niche for himself in the Spanish art scene. He specializes in creating portraits with impressive colors, environments, and finishes, by skillfully combining pictorial and digital techniques. Continue reading »

Eastern European Illustrator Daniel Shubin Creates Bold and Eye-catching Artwork


Daniel Shubin, an artist based in Eastern Europe, has made a name for himself as a graphic designer and illustrator who skillfully combines seemingly incompatible elements to create striking artwork. With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, Daniel’s work has been commissioned by major clients such as WWF, Durex, Kaspersky Lab, and Esquire Magazine. Continue reading »

Meet Davi Augusto, A Brazilian Illustrator Blending Hand-Drawn Sketches and Digital Art


Meet Davi Augusto, a Brazilian illustrator with a remarkable portfolio of work that spans across different illustration styles. With his unique style, he blends hand-drawn sketches with digital manipulation in Photoshop, creating vibrant urban illustrations that feature youthful characters in various urban settings. In case you’ve forgotten, we’ve featured him in the past, but he’s so talented that he deserves another shoutout. Continue reading »

Tomi Um: The Illustrator Behind New York City’s Iconic Casper Mattress Ad


Tomi Um is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who has made a name for herself in the advertising industry with her unmistakable illustrations. Her work can be found in some of the most popular ads throughout the New York City subway, including the beloved Casper Mattress ads. Continue reading »