New Trending Summer Fun – A Pink Coffin Pool Float With Lid

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, the beach is awesome, but what if it had more death?” If yes, then oh boy, we have a treat for you. This is the pink coffin pool float (complete with lid) created by Canadian designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton. Continue reading »

Giant Cockroach Float: Is That A Cockroach In The Pool?


Nothing quite beats the cool water of a refreshing dip in a pool. That is unless you have to deal with the crowds at a community pool. Don’t get me wrong, I love community pools…l just do not like the crowds! There are many things you can do to clear the crowds out of a community pool. There is always the classic prank of dropping a Baby Ruth candy bar and watching people run to their cars! However, I always like to take things in a subtle way and avoid overall panic. Continue reading »

A Collection Of Images Where Bicyclists Float Along City Streets With Invisible Bikes


China-born artist Zhao Huasen created this fun collection of images where bicyclists float along city streets, pedaling and steering invisible bikes. For the project, entitled ‘Floating’, the artist captured hundreds of cyclists going about their every day lives and he then digitally removed the bicycles from the images. The bicycle seats, position of the riders, and the shadows on the streets remain intact, allowing viewers to easily access the story of the picture. The photographs have a playful character, adding humor to an otherwise common scene. Continue reading »