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Undulatus Asperatus: An Epic And Rare Cloud Formation


Undulatus asperatus (or alternately, asperatus) is a cloud formation, proposed in 2009 as a separate cloud classification by the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. If successful it will be the first cloud formation added since cirrus intortus in 1951 to the International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization. The name translates approximately as “roughened or agitated waves”. Continue reading »

Stunning Milky Way Formation Above the Isle of Wight


“Stunning Milky Way formation above the Isle of Wight : The Milky Way shines in mesmerising colourful patterns above the Isle of Wight in these stunning photographs. Photographer Chad Powell used a DSLR camera to capture images of the spectacular constellation above the familiar beach scenes of England’s largest island. The 22-year-old, who shot the pictures over a year of stargazing on the island, often stayed up until dawn to catch the most dramatic sky-scapes. Continue reading »