McDonald’s Introduces Chocolate-Covered French Fries To Japan

Photo: Brian Ashcraft / Kotaku

McDonald’s is attempting to reverse its sagging fortunes in Japan with the launch this week of a new menu item: french fries smothered in chocolate sauce. Continue reading »

Frietmuseum: The World’s First Museum Dedicated to Fries

The humble potato is getting some major respect at the Frietmuseum in the medieval city of Bruges, Belgium.

Created by the families Cedric and Eddy Van Belle, the Frietmuseum is an educational museum that explains the history of the potato from its humble beginnings in South America to the fry we know today. Though we typically know them as French fries, the museum’s creators prefer we used the name Belgian potato fry.

A visitor views exhibits during a visit to the Frietmuseum in Bruges September 27, 2011. The museum, the first of its kind in the world dedicated entirely to research and information on potato fries, traces the history of the snack and offers advice on how to cook them. (REUTERS / Thierry Roge) Continue reading »