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Grandpa’s Life: Cozy and Melancholic Paintings by Gary Bunt


Gary Bunt is a British artist who paints the life of a simple English grandfather. This grandfather works on a farm, takes walks, and occasionally picks at the garage – that’s how he lives.

Bunt’s paintings are cozy, though somewhat sad – a kind of nostalgia for something unfulfilled. Continue reading »

This Is Not Your Granddad’s Creepy Brother: An Artist Makes Unbelievable Pro Silicone Masks


This artist started making Pro Silicone masks late in his career, and, clearly, found his calling. They’re all super realistic, except with a tinge of crazy. He works out of the back of a friend’s business who generously donated the space to help him develop his craft. After playing with a silicone formula for months to make the masks lightweight, durable, textured for paint and hair, he hit a sweet-spot and has been making them since. Each mask is unique, hand painted, and each hair inserted with needle. They’re creepy, they’re imaginitive, holloween themed, and just flat out amazing. Continue reading »