“After Hours In Hamburg”: Urban Nightscape Photography By Mark Broyer

Mark Broyer is a talented photographer, art director and designer currently based in Hamburg, Germany. Mark focuses on urban, he shoots stunning nightscapes, landscape, cityscapes and street photography. Continue reading »

Zombies Descend On Hamburg To Protest Against Two-Day Meeting Of ‘Political Elite’

Lukas Barth-Tuttas/DPA/Alamy Live News

A thousand “zombie” protesters have descended on Hamburg in protest against the two-day G20 summit between the “political elite” to be held in the northern German city. Continue reading »

Giant Mermaid on the Alster River in Hamburg

After it was installed on Monday, a boat passes asculpture of a giant mermaid designed by German artist Oliver Voss on the river Alster in Hamburg, Germany. The sculpture, made of styrofoam and steel, will be on exhibit for ten days. (AFP/Getty Images, DAPD) Continue reading »