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Hilariously Terrible But Beautiful Hedgehog Cake Fails

It can’t be that difficult to bake a beautiful hedgehog cake… right? Expectations vs. reality, in this case, are two very different things indeed and it frequently turns out like in the pictures featured below. Continue reading »

Scotland’s Fattest Hedgehog Refuses to Go Back to Nature

Edinburgh, Scotland’s fattest hedgehog, has refused to return to the wild because she loves home food so much, May 16. The spiny mammal, seen next to an average sized contemporary, made headlines in July last year after tipping the scales at an astonishing 2.3kgs. (Photo: IC)
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Giant Hedgehog Marks Launch Of Sir David Attenborough Series ‘Natural Curiosities’

The beast emerged from two months of hibernation at a workshop – where a team of sculptors crafted him from 2,000 soft wood spikes and fake fur consisting of a willow and coconut fibre-mix – to help Sir David launch his new 10-part series Natural Curiosities.

Bodhi, three, looks up at a model of a hedgehog, measuring 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 7 feet tall, on Clapham Common in south London to mark the launch of the second series of David AttenboroughÕs Natural Curiosities on UKTVÕs Watch channel. (Photo: PA) Continue reading »